May 06, 2009

It's All About ME!

UPDATE: (note to self - always ask Pixy) I may be able to fix the original post so I don't have to redo. Although it's rather late and I think I'll wait until tomorrow or the weekend.  I emailed Pixy the Magnificent and he gave me directions on how to do what I want to do. 


I need to do a new "About Me" entry.  My old one is  dated as most of you know... the bit about Young Son being deployed is no longer right, it should now read that he is a Veteran!  Holy smokes - a Veteran at the ripe old age of 25. 

Unfortunately I have no easy way to go back and redo that post in this blog set up so I'll have to work on a new one.  I wish I had a recent picture of me that wasn't hideous.  Oh well... I shall have to work on it.   (not really sure it's possible)

I'll have to ponder this a while. 

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February 20, 2005

About Me

So, here is an "About Me" which I try to keep up to date. I often forget to change things though. The latest update - 5/9/2009.

So what about me?

I am a geek - yes all who know me will attest to this, I am very happily married, have 2 grown children.

Darling daughter lives in the Chicago area, has a job she enjoys, a very cute condo in a terrific area, and 2 cats.

Young son has just finished his enlistment in the Army, he was a Flight Engineer on a Chinook helicopter. Now he too is living in Chicago and will be headed back to school to get his degree. He has just moved to a new place that I have yet to see. The pics look good though.

After years of residing in the Chicago area, we now live in the outer suburbs of Boston, it's quite beautiful out here! I spend far too much time at my computer. But at least when I look out the window, it's lovely forest view.

When I am not in front of a keyboard, I can be found reading, doing tai chi, at my pilates classes, taking pictures, and walking, among other things.

This was the pic at my very old Typepad site. We were at Fort Eustis for my son's graduation from his AIT - it's the Army Transportation Museum and I am standing next to a LARC.


Harvey said I needed to post a different picture since my hair is darker in the first one. Well, I don't have one with lighter hair (the grayer I am the lighter the hair looks...), but it's the closest I can get. This was taken at my husband's graduation (MBA) May 2004. Hovering over my shoulder, you will see Sydney the attack seagull. I'm training him to go after people who annoy me. So far old Syd isn't too amenable to training - but I'm working on it. I don't have a more recent picture that I like, this is it for now.


And I nearly forgot my email address which is:

technicalities at charter dot net

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