February 18, 2014

And speaking of Brian Krebs

I always cringe when people start talking about connecting any of their stuff to the internet through their firewall.  It's just asking for trouble. 

Brian Krebs asks, Is it time to harden your hardware?

If you are lost when reading the opening remarks about the routers, scroll on down to the light switches... then read about the problems with Network Attached Storage (NAS).  These things are becoming very popular. 

Heck I have a hard time making people understand that their Operating Systems need to be kept up to date.  Trying to make them understand that other machines need updating too?  Whew...

The problem with the hardware listed here, it's all being touted as making your life easier.  Plug it in, fire it up, voilĂ   you are online and able to access your house systems from afar. 

Except maybe someone else can do this too... and maybe you don't want them to. 

It's a problem.  How much security are you willing to trade off for the ability to turn your lights on and off when you aren't home? 

OTOH this is probably one of the funniest commercials I've seen with the theme.  I wouldn't use the service, but I giggle whenever I watch it.

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