October 29, 2004

It's Jammy Time Again!

Once again I'm donning my pj's for Harvey's carnival! It's starting to get a bit chilly outside. Time to go for a bit of warmth...

And I'm still not blonde - although I did get highlights in my hair the other day. more...

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Carnival of the Recipes

Yes it's that time of the week! The lovely SarahK of Mountaineer Musings is hosting this week's yummy food fest and she has done a terrific job. There are a huge number of recipes this week. As always I am astounded at the wonderful response. So, head on over and brighten your weekend with some excellent eating!!!

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October 28, 2004

Congratulations Boston Red Sox!

What's it been 86 years? Well done! Y'all should have a talk with the Chicago Cubs about curses and such.

Too bad St. Louis didn't play better baseball. It would've been nice to see a World Series that was at least exciting... That is not to take away from the way Boston played mind you - but a bit of competition for them would have definitely livened things up.

So, will they be able to do it again next year???

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October 26, 2004

Arrogant or Pathetically Stupid?

I've been hearing about the bogus missing explosives story all day - on the radio and on the blogs. Oh the explosives are missing that is not in question. They have been all along and the press knew about it. Embedded reporters were there with the Army when they marched into Iraq - and they were there to report in April of 2003 that the explosives were missing.

This morphed into the "There Are No WMD's in Iraq" story. At the time I thought - Yeah, right, you don't see them sitting right in front of you... and instead of asking "Where the Hell are these weapons we KNEW were there?" you start screaming about an illegitimate war and no WMD's...

Now - NOW today they are saying "Bush screwed up big time! He and the Army LOST all those WMD's". So, a OVER a YEAR after going into Iraq - the press is suddenly hopping up and down and screaming about weapons they have been claiming... NEVER EXISTED!!!

It certainly begs the question - Are they simply so arrogant they don't think anyone will question where they came up with this material all of a sudden? Or are they just so pathetically stupid that they don't even see a contradiction? Or is it both? Do they really expect us to believe that the current Administration is this incredibly stupid? Do they think NO ONE is watching what they are reporting? Do they think NO ONE is remembering what they are reporting? Do they even understand how the internet works and have they ever heard of such stupid little things called transcripts and tapes?

Quite simply I just don't understand them, and as far as I am concerned this makes them mostly irrelevant. Oh - except as blog fodder.

But the most disgusting part of this whole thing is the fact that CBS (wow are we ever surprised or what) was trying to sit on the story and break it on Sunday - just a day before the election. Can they be charged with election tampering for doing this? Oh - yeah - and thanks to McCain-Feingold the Bush camp is not ALLOWED to defend themselves via ads. They have to go make speeches and hope that some how, some of the story gets out to the voters. They have to hope that somebody in the news is interested in hearing AND reporting their side... Can we get CBS news shut down as a big advertisement for the Democratic party??? I thought not. So is McCain a Democrat in disguise? I thought so..

Oh - and don't miss the comment from a soldier who was with the 101st that Michael Totten has posted over at Instapundit. He directly addresses the logistics of moving that much explosive material. (Glenn's guest posters this week have been fabulous so far! Then again they are all terrific bloggers that I should read more often!)

Part of this Via Drudge.

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October 25, 2004

Lileks is in Fine form Today

Wish I could say the same about myself. I currently have a migraine which is distaining my use of medication to get a smidgen of relief. Since this makes coherent thought dicey at best, go read Lileks.

First he skewers the Guardian

Anyway, let’s tote up the number of American “TV writers” who’ve called for the assassination of Tony Blair. None? Of course. We’re too crude for ironic jokes.

And finishes off by taking down Bill Maher

Americans are dumb because Americans believe in God. Canadians are smart because Canadians believe in Canada. Bill Maher believes in Bill Maher. Print this out and put in your wallet for future reference.

Find out what strings these 2 thoughts together and how he rounds it all off so very nicely.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed where I can moan in peace.

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October 24, 2004

What Kind of Blogger Am I?

Too bad they don't let you give multiple answers to questions... I suppose I could do it again and become a completely different kind of blogger.

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

Heh! Snagged from Tammi

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Voter Fraud???

Moi??? The Commissar has conducted a Show Trial and determines that I have committed Voter Fraud... It's a lie I tell you! I'm being framed! Go now and see all the others being innocently brought before the court.

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October 22, 2004

I Hope You're Hungry!

It's week 10 for Carnival of the Recipes being hosted this week by Allan. Ladies and Gentlemen, pre-heat those pots, season those pans, and Begin Cooking!

I figure Allan was up most of the night putting this together because there is so much great food! Expand your world with some new and interesting recipes. Enjoy!

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October 21, 2004


St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox!!! Now THERE'S a World Series worth watching!


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I'm Having A Good Time

I know this will make many people out there cringe or wince or stare slack-jawed in disbelief, but this is the first election cycle, in which I have participated, that I have enjoyed. Yes people up to this point (since I can not foresee the future and therefore make no prediction) this has been an election that has held my interest and hasn't made me want to run screaming through the streets tearing out my hair.

Why is that you ask? It's because of blogging. Simple as that.

You see, in every election - let me repeat that a bit louder - EVERY SINGLE ELECTION - there are certain things that happen without fail.

- There are the completely polarized opposites - those who rabidly support their candidate of choice much like they are a God to be worshiped.
- There is voter fraud
- There is vandalism at various campaign offices
- There are protests, sometimes violent, sometimes peaceful
- There is a leaning toward a certain candidate by the MSM
- There is MUD everywhere
- There are good things and stupid things and bad things said by each candidate

None of this changes - and this year, as we do every 4 years, we will go to the polls and elect the next man to lead this country. The Army will not be called in to stop us, there will not be a "minder" making sure we vote the correct way, and once you are done, you can go home and peacefully watch the returns on your television. It is truly a great country!

But this year, the thing that has made everything so very interesting and worthwhile, is blogging. Yes, I am a tiny little blogger out here in the middle of millions of blogs. There are a certain number of faithful readers stopping in daily. And so I can have my say to the world! At any point in time - anyone, from anywhere can come here and read what I have to say.

Instead of ranting fruitlessly at the television set, with no real ability to have my voice heard, I can now have my turn and it's a tremendous thing! I may influence no one, or maybe only a very few - but it's the small chance to say it to the world, a chance I never had before.

All the rest... we will weather as a country. Things will never be perfect, but blogs and the internet, give us a chance to find out what is happening and a chance to effect change. We can fight voter fraud if we know about it. We can wash off the mud with reason. We can help local campaign offices if we know they've been vandalized. We can organize and participate in protests or support groups because we know they are happening.

Yes, even with all of the rhetoric, this has been an interesting and amusing election cycle. I will be happy when it's over and things settle down, but this time I'm not hiding.

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