December 31, 2004

Iraq and Disaster...

I wasn't going to post anymore tonight, but in the way of the blogosphere I posted my Happy New Year and then continued to play catch-up with my blog reading. This is where I happened upon a post by 2Slick about the current meme of disaster in Iraq... What Went Wrong?

It is true that we were mislead by the "uberintellectual" Iraqis (Chalabi is the most often cited), but my experience tells me that these people (even Chalabi) were not lying. They actually believed that the Iraqi people would rise up, thank us, take charge, and live happily ever after. This was an elitist view. Most of these "elites" were exiles who could speak freely and give us their honest assessment- some were Iraqi citizens who were using the Internet and communicating their thoughts at great risk to their own lives. In any case, they were all well-educated, but they proved to be pretty out of touch with the less-educated masses.

The thing about the "the Iraq War is a disaster" continuing lament is that - those doing all the yelling never EVER say what that disaster IS - they just yell the word disaster like it's supposed to convey to all exactly what they mean... They don't tell us what is disastrous, they don't elaborate on how they came to this conclusion. Periodically they'll throw out the soldier death toll to get around this, but I've wondered how you can pronounce disaster with only a death toll. (I mean even with the tsunami they also talk about infrastructure damage, loss of houses, businesses, food, water, etc)

Even more annoying. They never present an alternative - we should have done "this" instead of "that"
-if we do "this" now, it will make things better...

Oh no, they offer no alternative, they only criticize continually, over and over and over again. Disaster, Disaster, Disaster!!! Run away Run away! Without an alternative presented it's like yelling "You're Wrong" Nyah,Nyah,Nyah. Cause you know, if something is being done wrong, there must be a right way to do it. And if you accuse someone of being in the wrong, you better be able to tell them what you think is right!

What I really really want to know and no one ever says.... what is the f*&^ing disaster?
* Is it that there are still people from Saddam's side trying to get back into power?
* Is it that everyone in Iraq doesn't love us?
* Is it that we took Saddam out?
* Is it that they are heading towards elections?
* Is it that terrorists still blow things up?

Did they expect that we'd march in and all opposition would roll over and surrender without a fight? Was it only supposed to take a week or two and be done? Were we supposed to change the entire country with the wave of a magic M16? As far as I can tell - from the experience of the history of previous wars - it looks like things are lurching on about as expected. So... Really, I want to know what this "disaster" is... cause I'm just not getting it.

Could things be done better? Of course they could - there is always something that could be done better! Have mistakes been made... Of course they have - there is no such thing as "perfection" outside of Hollywood - or inside Hollywood for that matter even though they want us to think they are all perfect there. Should we have had the perfect plan in place for going into Iraq... what would be the "perfect plan"? How would we know it's perfect? What is entailed in this "perfect plan" and how can it ever stand up to reality?

No, what I see, is a huge undertaking to reform an area. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to do that kind of work. It's not going to spring fully formed onto the world - that's not how life works. No, I see a difficult, dangerous job ahead, but I'm just not seeing the disaster.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, 2004 was not too awfully auspicious. So, I am going to wish everyone a very much Happier, Better, more Enjoyable 2005!

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Carnival of the Recipes

Yes, this week's Recipe Fest is ready for your perusal and Amy is having some real fun with it this week (holiday weeks being notoriously slow for this kind of thing). So, head on over and see what you can do to widen your eating horizons!

I missed last week's Carnival since I was out of town and didn't remember to link it once I got back... if you missed it too, then you have double the fun this week. Head over to Trudy's place and check out those recipes too.

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December 30, 2004

It's A Tremendous Milestone!

The Mudville Gazette will mark it's 1,000,000th visitor in January!!! Congratulations to Greyhawk - for having great things to say and saying them so very well. The number of visitors is a well deserved tribute to his excellent blogging (not to mention setting up Milblogs!).

I think we should throw a party. So keep your eyes on Mudville, when he turns the million mark, it's comment party time (Harvey, leave the Reddi Whip at home - it doesn't go well with sand - just grab that bottle of Champagne *grin*)

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I Think I Know Who Sponsored THIS Study

The NYT has a most hysterically funny article today.

Internet Use Said to Cut Into TV Viewing and Socializing

One assumes that since it was in the NYT, they are serious about it. (whether or not it's true is another matter...).

The survey found that use of the Internet has displaced television watching and a range of other activities. Internet users watch television for one hour and 42 minutes a day, compared with the national average of two hours, said Norman H. Nie, director of the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society, a research group that has been exploring the social consequences of the Internet.

I'm shocked - shocked I tell you! People would rather spend time online than watching such uplifting shows as "Who's Your Daddy"... what's the world coming to? We need to stop this internet thing, it's truly getting out of hand.

But lest you think that only television is involved, oh think again!

According to the study, an hour of time spent using the Internet reduces face-to-face contact with friends, co-workers and family by 23.5 minutes, lowers the amount of time spent watching television by 10 minutes and shortens sleep by 8.5 minutes.

Does this add up to an hour? 23.5 + 10 + 8 = 41.5 (wonder what happened to the other 18.5 minutes...) but I digress. No the truly shocking thing is that 10 minutes of time NOT spent watching TV. Ad revenues will fall, "actor's" salaries might have to be lowered... oops do they pay for those yahoos on reality shows? Producers will make less money - they may have to give up something big... like a car or one of their pool boys or something. This is a CRISIS!!!

The researchers acknowledged that the study data did not answer questions about whether Internet use itself strengthened or weakened social relations with one's friends and family.

Here we come to the crux of the matter... the "socialization" part they claim to be worried about in the title... well, they didn't really study that so it might not be a problem after all! Amazing how that works isn't it!

And it was only a few years ago that people were lamenting the tremendous amount of time being spent in front of the television... it was breaking up families, ruining lives... my how times changed. One has to wonder if a story like this is just the beginning and if it has anything at all to do with blogs fact checking the NYT out the wazoo.

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December 29, 2004

This Just Made My Day MUCH Better

Not too long ago... although it's ages ago in internet time... One of my favorite bloggers kinda fell off the face of the blogosphere. It was very sad. Just tonight I was spending a little bit of time glancing through blogs I thought she might comment at... yeah, I got to 1 whole blog and then had to stop and do a few other things. I was going to get back to it later tonight... but then SHE APPEARED!

Out of the blue and in the comments... If you read her before, you'll know her again. So, my newest addition to the blogroll is "Liv" at A Waste of Biomass! Welcome back Liv - I'm so glad to "see" you again.

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December 28, 2004

People Seem to be Having a Good Time This Week

No - I am not going to blog about the tsunami - many other people are doing a great job on that and nothing I can say would contribute in the least to making anything better. There's even a dedicated blog just for tsunami help.

Since I've been back, I'm still playing catch-up on lots of things, so I for tonight, I'm going to wander about looking for fun things people are doing.

First stop is Jim at Parkway Rest Stop... Now here is a man who knows how to have a great time! He's been visiting... Naturally the Usual Suspects are included and the Traveling Bar. And don't miss the Christmas presents...

Knowing that the Usual Suspects are often easily amused, Stardust bestowed some Christmas gifties on us:

You'll have to click the link to find out about the cool toys bestowed.

OMG - go check out John's Christmas present! Talk about Gun Pr0n... Way to go Beth!!!

The most lovely Cheesemistress is waxing poetic about the fabulous thunderstorms taking place in San Diego. Your quiz question for the day... where does Her Cheesiness like to be when watching those thunderstorms?

Poor Susie has once again been inundated with children who are not claimed by their parents when the movie has ended. In a heroic effort to help Harvey is soliciting signs that she can post in the lobby... suggestions are welcome.

Last of all head over to Tammi's... her day started out in typical funny Tammi fashion, but didn't end up so well. Any prayers, good vibes, well wishes, candles, voo-doo dolls... you get the point - send some of the good stuff out to Momma Vi so she gets well quickly and to Tammi so she can cope with her Momma and her sister.

That's it for tonight - too late for more... and I still am only part way through my reading. Yeesh!

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December 27, 2004

Go Congratulate Drill Sgt Robb!

He made the LIST!

He's been promoted to Sergeant First Class! That is very cool. And you can see how far behind I am in my reading - he posted this on the 17th! Anyhow, take a moment to give him a good word or two. He's been working very hard to turn recruits into soldiers (the hardest job there is I think). This is a well deserved honor.

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Strange Doings on the Stat Counter

Has anyone else seen something similar to this? My Stat Counter has been listing a HUGE number of hits from a Comcast address (WinXP box) in DeKalb, IL. That's the only info I get, no referring link or even what page it loads or anything like that. So far this has been going on for the last 3 days with upwards of 300 hits a day. (makes the stats look good... but I'm hardly that popular!)

Over at Sitemeter - it's showing 56 hits for the day... hmmm. (Yeah this one is WAY more believable) I wonder what's going on. Anyone else run into this?

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Drat! I Missed the Big Announcement

Well - yes I had a good reason... but still... While I was gone, SarahK announced she's on her way to Florida! She and FrankJ will soon be blogging from the same location. This is a good thing because they are just so cute and I hate to see such a happy couple living in 2 different states (and not even within reasonable driving distance at that).

So - Many Congratulations to them both.

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