October 30, 2005

Stranger Things Have Happened...

Fellow blogger and all around wonderful guy Donnie Hall is looking for a job. His latest consulting contract just fell through and he is now turning to the blogosphere for a bit of help. He has posted his resume which you can find if you click on over... only the names have been redacted for the internet.

What are the chances that he'll land an income providing job because someone reads about it here? I admit - with my tiny readership - pretty much nil. Yet, not quite. Therefore, I post. If you can't help him, maybe you could pass the info along to someone who can. Many thanks!

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Such Excitement

Want a cure for insomnia? Make a movie of my life right now - I guarantee it will put you directly to sleep.

Friday night I unpacked 12 boxes of books. The boxes were in the basement - the bookshelves were on the second floor. Oh joy - I wonder how many miles of stairs I ran that night. My husband ended up working on a project until 11pm - so I was filling in time. Ah the thrill of it - talking to myself and running up and down 2 flights of stairs. I kept expecting the phone to ring... it didn't (I guess I should add that it didn't ring once all weekend - people staying away... in case the dullness rubs off I guess). I would've gotten in the car and gone somewhere - but I didn't know where to go... I know you can hardly contain your excitement - staggeringly dull isn't it!

Saturday - unpacked 8 more boxes of papers and junk. The true excitement being that I no longer have any cardboard in my bedroom. I felt like popping open champaign but I restrained myself. My husband decided to make himself scarce since he wanted all those papers to stay in the boxes until he got around to them... that wasn't going to happen I didn't want to wait for 2 years.

Today we did the 5 mile walk to the Reservoir AND bought a snow blower - I can see you are all just on the edges of your seats... there was talk of differentials, wheel sizes, cast iron vs aluminum, handle height... riveting isn't it. It gets delivered next Saturday. You see - I had wanted to get out of the house and see something different - I guess that qualifies. (I had in mind a trip over to the ocean or something - but I guess we do need the snowblower and you could say that the Reservoir is water - it's a pretty walk...)

Yeah - that was my weekend. I wonder what kind of excitement is in store for this coming week. Two minute conversations with the barristas at Starbucks... a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on groceries. Can life get any more wild and crazy?

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October 28, 2005

One of Those Days...

Yesterday I read an article in the print version of the WSJ... it was in the Personal Journal section - and it was about families where one of the couple has a job that requires a "short job transfer" - in other words they leave home and go work elsewhere for a short period of time - from a few weeks, up to a year and a half. (apparently companies are doing this to save money on moving employees).

All I could think of, while I was reading this was... Hello!!! US Military!!! Hello - any of you people EVER heard of them?

They had the litany of all the stuff that the spouse remaining at home must do on their own and how difficult it is when the family is reunited. Um - yeah... whatever... all I could think of was - oh please just suck it up and get on with things. At least your spouse isn't headed to a war zone. At least you get to talk to them fairly easily. You can even go visit them and they can make trips home. (Unlike our military who will get 15 days of R&R - ONE TIME during their deployment)

From reading this article you would tend to believe that this is a brand new problem that no one has ever faced before. Give me a break. Oh yeah, and lest you think - "it's easy for you to talk... you don't have to do this"... I beg to differ. Just prior to our big move - my husband was working here for nearly a year before we were able to move. Was it fun? NO! Was it the end of the world? NO! We just did what we had to do.

If companies want to set something up to help the families of people who are doing short term transfers... they should talk to the military and see how they have been working to make a network for families. I'm sure they could take some of the lessons learned and set up something to help families... it's not impossible.

See this is what happens when I have a headache (which I seem to have today for no reason I can think of) I get very snarky.

I believe I nearly bit off the head of some poor teller at the bank too. I had taken some coins in to the bank to get them changed... They don't have a coin counter!!! UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE! She told me I'd have to put them into coin wrappers and bring them back! (I swear I've moved to the backwater of the world!) I said - wow - I can't believe the stuff you guys DON'T have up here! My little local bank (3 whole branches) in the Chicago burbs, had a coin counter and all I had to do was bring the coins in and they could count them and give me bills or deposit it. Even the local grocery stores had coin counters - you could get your coins counted and get the money on a Starbucks card if you were so inclined. And here in the Boston burbs - they want me to roll my coins... I'll have to start paying for stuff with change from now on.

To make life complete - we're supposed to get snow here tomorrow. We still need to get a big snow blower. Our little bitty one will be overwhelmed with this driveway!

Last of all - I was supposed to be somewhere this weekend - with the move and all the stuff going on... I just wasn't able to go - I am REALLY bummed out about it.

Okay - I'm done rambling, complaining, and ranting for now.

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October 26, 2005

Congratulations Chicago White Sox!!!

White Sox sweep the Astros and take the World Series in 4 Straight Games!

Young son will be very happy - he's always been a Sox fan - plus most of the guys he's in the Army with are from Texas... *insert evil grin here*

My blog bro T1G was live blogging the game tonight... excellent job.

I saw the very last out - that's probably why they won - if I'd watched the entire thing they would have lost for sure.

Chicago White Sox... First World Series win since 1917 - Outstanding!

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Cooking for Dummies...

I think I may have just mentioned somewhere in all my blogging about the move, that the house we bought is really quite beautiful. I give the former owners top marks for just about everything they did... with one teeny little complaint... the kitchen.

Since this becomes a lengthy meander through my cooking woes... I'm putting it in the extended entry. Feel free to ignore it. more...

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More Pictures...

So, the Nor'easter passed through yesterday. Rain (yeah more rain) and lots of wind. All in all a yucky day. Today the sky was partially clear and since I have no idea how long this state of affairs will last, I decided to retake the pictures I "lost" the other day. Even with all the wind and rain - there are still plenty of leaves on the trees.

Not quite as much sun as Monday, however I did manage to actually save the pictures this time. This is off the back deck to the left and right - directly in the center is a tree that would pretty much take up the entire view... so I skipped it. No back yard, just trees. It's really pretty wonderful. (of course I don't have young kids and that makes a huge difference! this house would be very inconvenient for parents with little ones)

Once again - in the extended entry - for those with dial up who want to skip them. more...

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October 25, 2005

Treating the Symptom Instead of the Cause

Jack's dad is in the hospital. Never great news, but especially difficult when you're not even in the same country! Head over there and send him some good wishes, I know he could use them about now.

There was some better news today in that they found the cause of his illness and are currently treating it. The cause being a medication he was prescribed for pain.

And Jack makes an extremely valid assessment of the situation...

Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital are not looking into the cause of the muscle pain, which started the chain of events leading to the hospitalization.

First let me say that it's possible they are simply leaving that part until later when they get him past the crisis point. There are narcotic type drugs they can use in the hospital that wouldn't be good for long term, but are useful when the person is very ill - especially if they aren't able to eat or drink. I'm quite sure at the moment he's getting any pain meds via shots or IV.

The big question will be - what happens when he's better and is able to go home. Will they look into the cause of the pain or prescribe yet another medication? My bet is on the medication. For doctor and patient it's simple. Doc writes a script - patient pops a pill - everyone is happy... Well, maybe not.

Most elderly people are taking HUGE amounts of medications. They get the first med from the doctor - then when they have some side effect, the doc prescribes another to take care of that... which causes another side effect... continue until you're up to 30 meds a day or so! It's crazy. Most people don't have the severe reaction like Jack's father did - thus they end up never feeling well, and popping pills all day long.

My mother - who is 83 refuses to go to the doctor (I figure at that age she can do what she wants and she will anyway) because she has seen this happen so often to people she knows. My dad who is 82 goes to the doc occasionally - and other than an inhaler (which I'm not sure he uses) he doesn't take any meds either. A couple of years ago, when my dad had an abdominal aneurysm start to split, my mom had to call 911. When the paramedics arrived, the first thing they asked my mom was - what medicines does he take? They could hardly believe it when she said "none".

When it comes to pain - you have a dicey situation. Many chemo drugs cause lasting pain to patients. Or it could be from lesser movement while the person is very sick during chemo. Or it could be a combination of things. It's pretty easy to prescribe a pain med - especially if the pain med works. It's much more difficult all around to try to find out what's causing pain and try to make it stop or go with alternative therapies such as nerve implants that cut off pain impulses.

In the case of Jack's father, once he's past the crisis and they are looking to treat the pain a different way - I would certainly be looking for something that uses physical means, rather than medicine which he may not be able to tolerate now.

For everyone else - if you are prescribed a necessary medication and it causes side effects... try looking into alternative remedies for the side effect, instead of taking yet another medication. It might just keep you healthier, longer! I think I'm done rambling now.

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October 24, 2005

I Must Not Be Paying Attention...

Every once in a while I use a cute little script that closes comments on old posts. Thus I keep the evil spammers - who can still get through MT Blacklist - from leaving their various hideous advertisements. The first time I used the script I found out that it also closes trackbacks to my posts.

I don't know why it does this - but so it is - if anyone links to me - the trackback just doesn't take.

So, what I generally do - about once a month - is to insert the script in my template - do an index rebuild (this closes the old comments) - take the script back out - do another index rebuild.

Thus things stay fairly clean without too much effort.

However, after checking out Laughing Wolf's place and finding that he had actually linked to me - and I didn't receive a trackback... I went "hunting". Sure enough - the last time I used the comment closer - I forgot to remove it from the template...

I wonder if I missed any others... I like to at least stop by and thank someone for linking to me - it's courteous. So, if you did link to me - and your blog does trackbacks - and I didn't stop by and say thank you... please let me know!!!

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I'm So Proud of Them!

Want to know what's been happening with the Pakistan rescue efforts including the Big Windy Chinooks? Firepower Forward does it again - he has the most incredible post of his trip out with a Chinook to bring supplies in and take out the injured. It is a must read! BTW - Hanky Alert... if you're at work, just pretend you're getting a cold.

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Okay So I'm NOT A Photographer!

We have a digital camera which is one of the things we HAVE found amongst all the unpacking. We even found the battery charger and the USB cord so we can actually use the darn thing. Unfortunately - I'm just not the world's greatest photographer. Or maybe it's that I just don't know how to use this camera... or both! Anyhow, I took 4 pictures total and ended up with only 1 of them on the memory stick. I have no idea where the others went.

Therefore (in the extended entry for those who are running on dial up and don't want to wait for the upload) I have the only picture that turned out - my front yard, looking out from my porch. I didn't get much of the leaf color (which was pretty wonderful up until today - who knows what will happen after the storm tomorrow) and no you can't see the road in front of the house because it's down the hill.

I think I need my husband to take the pictures for me - he's VERY good at it. more...

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