March 31, 2005

All Gone? Totally?

What? IMAO is GONE? Harvey has a little more on this truly abrupt departure. I'm still gasping! Wow!

UPDATE: In the extended section... more...

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Pam is posting about the path not taken when she was younger.

Kicking down the door of my first half century in a hormonal rage, it’s only natural to look back and wonder where I went wrong - or right. The glaring wrong way sign comes up right after High School, when I eschewed a higher education on the premise of lack of funds and went right into the work force as manual labor at a nursery - nuturing flowers, not children. I later went to a ‘trade school’ and worked for two years in the ‘trade’, but that was it; took some night classes at what was then North Harris County Community College… fluff.

No matter what we do in life, we always wonder... what if? What if I had gone to college? What if I had not gone to college? What if I had not had kids? What if I had kids earlier? later? What if I had taken that not-so-stable but well paying job? What if... What if... What if...

If you're human you will find a time in your life that causes you to look back and wish you had done something different. That's normal. What you do with those thoughts next... that's the key.

This may be a wake up call for myself, a declaration of how lazy I truly am, or an early warning system for others. Take it with a grain of salt, but what I see is a woman who pissed her future away thinking there was always going to be more of it down the road. And there’s not; our time here is finite. How marketable is someone with little to no direction who hasn’t worked in 8 years? We shall find out.

Yes, it's very easy to talk yourself into feeling like everything you've done until now is a total waste... who would be impressed? I've done nothing "important".


Anything you have managed to learn over your lifetime is never wasted. You may not need those exact skills for a certain job now, but life experience gives you perspective and allows you to see things in a different light than you did when you were a "wet behind the ears" kid. You have probably learned over the years that there's more than one way to solve a problem - and maybe a little thought will lead to a better solution. Whereas before you might've just jumped in and taken the first road open - with only so-so results.

So, in my (not so) infinite wisdom, here are a few of my thoughts for those who think the end of productive time is sneaking up on them...

First - you can always learn - always! As a matter of fact, as you get older, it's better to keep trying to learn - it keeps the brain lively and flexible. It keeps you from going into what I call "stop mode" - the point where people just stop trying because they think it's too much trouble. THAT is when you become OLD - not before.

No matter what your age, if you want to go back to school and get a degree, and you have the means to do it - then for heaven sake DO IT!!! In 5 years you will still be 5 years older. If you also get a degree or part of one in that time, then you've also accomplished something.

Worried about the sweet young things populating classes? Don't be... you'll be amazed at how totally clueless most of them are. You'll also be amazed at how much easier it is to pay attention (you aren't trying to impress the cute guy across the room... or worry about the party tonight... or some other equally inane thing). When you can pay attention - classes make MUCH more sense.

Have you decided you want to go back to school and the people in the admissions office are telling you "that might be too tough for you"?... If YOU know you can do the work - just smile and say - thanks but that's what I want to do. (Just be sure to roll back in the courses far enough to refresh what you might've forgotten since high school - when I went back to college at age 30 - I started my math back at College Algebra and Trig - even though I had taken the classes at 18, because I needed to relearn that stuff again)

Or maybe you don't want to go to school - you need or want to get back in the work force. You may want to go to a temp agency and test for some jobs. This might get you in the door of a place you want to work - and you can work your way up from there. You can set it up with them, so if you're offered a regular job - you aren't penalized for having worked as a temp.

It's pretty scary to put yourself out there. You're open to criticism, open to snubs... All of this makes it so much easier to just not try - to say "I'm too old" or "who would hire ME?" But you're also cutting yourself off from the possibility of some great experiences.

So, if you, like Pam, are feeling like life is over... it's not - it's only just beginning. Take a deep breath and step out into the world. It's a hard place - but it can be a fun, interesting, and challenging place too. Don't give up on it until they really do plant you in the ground.

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March 30, 2005

Dinner With Bloggers... Always An Event

As I mentioned earlier I had a fun filled evening last night. I am noticing a trend though... so far no one has had the energy to blog about it except Grau and considering how far he had to drive to get home and how late (or early depending on your definition) we left... I'm surprised he managed to get a post up so fast!

For people who write to communicate - bloggers can certainly talk up a storm when they get together.

I think Eric should look into becoming a professional story teller. Honestly, the man can spin a tale... There were points where I was laughing so hard I was nearly crying. I don't know about his pool playing, because I don't play - no please don't gasp in horror - I never had access to a pool table growing up, so although I like watching good pool players, I don't care if I play or not. I left it to Tammi and TNT to uphold the honor of women with pool cues. But what can I say - he's such a sweetheart. *grin* He also has the gift of being one of the most relaxed and happy people you could meet.

Of everyone there, I was so happy to finally meet Blackfive. I've been reading and commenting at his blog for such a long time... and he lives right here in town (so to speak). Way back in the beginning of his blog life, he used to blog for himself and say (mostly) what he wanted to say. For those who have only recently stumbled onto his blog - it's difficult to get hold of his personality from his current postings. (now days he's doing lots of copy and paste of things we should know and it leaves almost no time for original content *sigh*) But, I remember the older stuff - and he's just like his blog used to be. Here's hoping I held up my end of the conversation... He's has had a fascinating life with all of his military background and the people he's met. (my thanks to his wife for putting up with all his blogging activity - a very difficult thing to understand when you don't blog yourself!)

At dinner I sat across from Harvey - they put a shrimp thing that dangled from a hook between us, but we managed to be able to talk around it. With him and TNT (his beloved wife) we picked up right about where we left off after the Bad Example family reunion. I like that, it means they're good friends - because that's how it works.

One of the people I sat next to at dinner was Grau... but the way the conversation worked, we ended up talking to each other only for a short while in the restaurant. I did get a chance to talk to him more a bit later. As he blogged... Tammi and I escorted him to the area where his car was parked (we didn't want anything to happen to him *grin*). And yes, he was able to find his car AND wake the entire neighborhood... if they even cared - this is the city after all. I still need to go over and do some back reading on his blog... and I need to get him added to my blog roll - for some reason I thought he was on the Bad Example roll... but he's not, so I must do that soon.

(as an aside...What car makers really need to add as a feature... car finder - maybe the car just flashes lights or something when you're looking for it. )

Another person I've wanted to meet forever... Laughing Wolf! I had talked to him on the phone and I've been reading him since I found him at Blackfive's quite a long time ago. He was carrying the only backpack, because he managed to fit in some other stuff while he was up in Chicago. He also had a laptop and was sort of live blogging from the last bar (there was wifi access). I understand, after talking to him today... he plans to have a longer post about the get together soon. (can't wait) Oh yeah, and he also won the Gnome that TNT brought as a party favor. I'd type more on that, but I'm already up to book length...

The last person I hadn't met (cause someone has to finish things up) is That One Guy who is currently computerless and has a blog running amok with Harvey and Eric trashing the place. He was the quiet one of the group. There's usually at least one person... and T1G was it. He was observing us all - maybe taking notes for future posts once he gets back online??? And as usual at these meets - there is always someone you wish you could've talked to a bit more... that's T1G for me. That will be for the next blog meet I think.

And no, I didn't forget Tammi... she was having such a wonderful time. She just glows when she gets together with her friends. It's wonderful to see. (although I don't know if she'll forgive me for NOT letting her do tequila shots just before we were ready to leave and drive back to my place - we were both driving or it wouldn't have mattered *grin*) Yeah, Tammi came and stayed here at my place for the night... it was so much fun. We couldn't really tear ourselves away from the party until about 1:30am which means we got to my place about 2:20am... oh it was late late late!!! Then we did breakfast this morning - I am so not used to eating breakfast - but it was wonderful. Then she had to get going... but I'll see her again soon - not to mention talking to her on the phone tomorrow.

As for phones... I wasn't paying attention to the other side of the table and suddenly cell phones were being passed around. First I talked for about a minute to LeeAnn but it was so loud it was very hard to hear. (I'm sure Tammi got a picture of me with a phone up to one ear and a finger stuck in the other ear). AND I got to talk to Jim of Parkway Rest Stop almost (but not quite) as good as meeting him in person. One day...

Well, for tonight that's all I'm going to say (yes aren't you glad I'm finally going to shut up). As I said in my previous post - blogging this party is hard work - it was too fun to do it justice in a simple post. It was wonderful to meet everyone - can't wait for the next time... AND I can't wait to see the rest of the stories from everyone else. I'm still laughing!

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How Cool is THIS!

Guess who got onto young son's helicopter today....

Just Guess

Just in case the link stops working in the future... the answer is in the extended entry. more...

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Well, yes thinking can be fun... I met a bunch of bloggers last night for dinner. It was fabulous, but I'm having the hardest time coming up with a good post to describe it. The extraordinary group included Blackfive, Eric, Tammi, Laughing Wolf, Harvey, Smiling Dynamite, That One Guy, and Grau.

I must ponder a bit more because it was a wonderful evening and nearly impossible to describe...

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March 28, 2005

This is Just So Bad...

That I shall put it into the extended entry... if you are easily offended, you've been warned... more...

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Tammi Update

I talked to Tammi about an hour ago, she asked me to post an update since she hasn't been able to get online. She's having a few computer issues at her mom's which will hopefully be resolved soon. Anyhow, she made it home just fine and is relaxing a bit today. She wants to thank all of the blog family who called and talked her through the trip. Anyhow, check back periodically with her - she should be posting soon.

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March 27, 2005

The Tax Man Cometh...

Well, this was the weekend... had to buckle down and get the taxes done. *sigh* I have zero idea what we'll end up with - either having to pay massive amounts or maybe getting something back. My husband's job has been in what seems to be perpetual upheaval and I'm leaving it to our wonderful accountant to sort out. (she is just fabulous) She sends this most excellent form for us to fill out with all the lovely numbers and then she does all the rest of the work. I like that. I just hate digging out all the receipts from the previous year. (and yes I try to keep them together - but it's still a pain) We also have to do some extra stuff because I work from my house... And this is the first year of no kid deduction. Since, I haven't got a clue whether I should be apprehensive or supremely happy, I'll just get the stuff to her and not worry about it.

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More Tammi On The Road

Well, I talked to Tammi, out doughty Road Warrior several times today as she was making her way north. She had lunch with Johnny_Oh and I hear tell of a really fabulous picture of our blog bro and Cody the cute pup. Can't wait to see that one. I believe I picked up with Tammi on the phone, right after Johnny had finished talking to her for the last time tonight. We lost our signal about 20 miles from her mom's house. That was about 45 minutes ago. (Well, we lost the signal several times, but I kept calling her back to make sure she wouldn't fall asleep in the run up to the end of the drive) She was supposed to post when she got to her mom's to let us all know she made it... tapping foot... Yeah, I know, she's gotta take care of the puppy first - he needs a back yard romp and some food. Then she has to talk to Momma Vi. Still, I'm waiting to see that post. *grin*

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Since It's Easter...

I just know you'll want to stop by the

Peeps Research Center

If you haven't seen it...Find out about all the scientific studies done on Peeps... *big evil grin*
If you have... Go enjoy it again.

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