June 30, 2005

Advocates of Murder

I haven't paid much attention lately to Ward Churchill... then I saw Blackfive's post on the matter of Churchill advocating the "fragging" of military officers.

While some people might suggest a more martial approach to dealing with Churchill, removing his ability to teach young people, earn an income spewing hate, and getting a spotlight because he's "Professor" Ward Churchill, would be the best for all.

I agree - so I went over to the post by Lance at Red State Rant and got the email address for the Chancellor at the University of Colorado. The following is my letter to him.

Dear Mr. DiStefano,

I understand that Ward Churchill is now advocating "fragging" (the murder) of officers in the military. While Mr. Churchill is free to spout whatever nonsense he sees fit, via his First Amendment rights, I wonder if you have thought of the repercussions to the University if he continues on staff.

If Mr. Churchill is successful in prodding someone into committing murder in this way, he would morally (and possibly legally) be an accessory to the crime. If the University is supporting Mr. Churchill in this matter, they then are supporting the endorsement of murder. I didn't think that advocating murder was part of the University curriculum, but maybe I'm wrong.


I am hoping that alumni of the University will be emailing to tell the Chancellor that they will be withholding donations until Mr. Churchill is no longer on staff. Money does talk - especially to Universities. I am not an alum - so I wouldn't be donating in any case. But I urge anyone who does donate to the University - to stop the cash flow until they stop endorsing murder - albeit in a tangential way.

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June 29, 2005

Can't Find 'Em? Why Not?

I was in the car earlier today and tuned in to Rush for a few minutes... This made me laugh... too true!

...Can you give you a theory about weapons of mass destruction? How big is Aruba? Aruba is 184 square miles. I think Aruba is; I think I read that: 184 square miles. Now, we've got a woman that's been missing down there, Natalee Holloway. One-hundred-eighty-four square miles. They can't find her in one month.

One person within 184 square miles, and they can't find her. Maybe she was never there. Maybe Natalee Holloway was never there! Maybe this is all a stunt and a setup. Or maybe the people who say they saw her got it wrong. Maybe their sources are wrong. Maybe the people who said she was there lied. Maybe this is all some sort of scam. My point is, isn't that what they're saying about weapons of mass destruction? "Well, they were never there. They were never there." Well, people saw them. We know they were used. So how do you feel when I say, "Maybe Natalee Holloway was never even there"? They can't find her in a month, and it's only 184 square miles. We haven't been able to find weapons of mass destruction in a huge country, and they're not there?...

There was naturally much more than that - but I found it a very apt comparison. The insistence that it's so easy to find people and things and account for them all. I've been saying all along that - Iraq had documented WMD's - if we can't find them, then people should be very worried - more like very afraid. Because if they aren't found - where did they go? Who has them? They did exist - even the UN inspectors saw them...

Just think... if this was nuclear material that disappeared in the US - the liberals would (quite rightly) be having a massive coronary. But WMD material disappears from Iraq and they start yelling about how it never existed! In fact everyone seems to be so hell bent on denying the existence of that stuff... that's scary in and of itself! Even better yet - if any of it turns up in a WMD used on any population in the world - I can see the libs just screaming bloody murder because we didn't stop a non-existent weapon from being used...

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Cruise the Profound...

I am trying really hard to figure out why the press is hanging on every single word that drops from the lips of Tom Cruise.

Asked in an interview with the tabloid daily Bild if he believed in aliens, Cruise said: "Yes, of course. Are you really so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe?

Is it because he knows all about aliens... after all he's fought them in a movie, so he must be an expert right? HELLO REPORTERS!!! Is anyone home??? Knock Knock! This is a theme that has been around for so long it has gray hair! Couldn't you ask him about oh... maybe the special effects in the movie? I don't know - why do we have to see anything about him at all? Haven't we seen enough about him and Katie Holmes to last us a lifetime? I know I have.

BTW - I just found out today that she is 26 years old... For some reason I thought she was about 18 or maybe 20.... since she's over the age of 21 - if she wants to make an idiot out of herself with Cruise - why do I have to hear about any of it? I know in pictures she may look like she's 13 - but she is an adult - so can we finally can the Cruise chatter?

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June 28, 2005

Because I Think We Need a Laugh

Click the extended entry and take...

The Redneck Engineering Exam more...

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Another One Down

I got the news via email from Calivalleygirl that another Chinook has crashed in Afghanistan. FRG has already informed the Big Windy families that this is not one of ours. Please pray for those who haven't heard yet. Right now they are in just a hellish position.

There is no word yet on any of those aboard.

KABUL (Reuters) - A U.S. military Chinook helicopter capable of carrying more than 30 people crashed on an anti-guerrilla mission in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday but the numbers and fate of those on board were not immediately known.

The cause of the crash was also unknown and a Pentagon official, who asked not to be identified, said: "I wouldn't rule out anything."

The crash occurred west of the city of Asadabad, not far from the border with Pakistan, and the twin-rotor CH-47 was transporting troops into an area in support of U.S. forces, the U.S. military said in a statement.

As usual there is just lots of speculation about this... from the number of people aboard to why it went down... I wish news people would NOT publish statements from "sources" - it makes life so much more difficult.

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More Pictures From the Stan

Young son sends more pictures. He says he wants to take as many pics as he can before the environment ruins the camera...

Once again - they are in the extended entry as a courtesy for those who have dialup only and don't want to wait for upload.

Previously posted pics... here and here. more...

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June 27, 2005

A War With No Front

One of the top articles on my USA Today headline section...

Despite rule, U.S. women on front line in Iraq war

Actually that's the yahoo headline... I am linking directly to USA Today so maybe the article won't disappear after a week.

There are many things about this article that bother me greatly. So many that I very likely won't be able to get them all in to one post. You have the nearly panting style of the slavering dog going after the military for daring to put women in harms way, then there is the repulsive (yes to me it's repulsive) characterization of Muslim women, then if you read down far enough... you find out that maybe the original screech about women at the front line isn't quite right... I really hate that kind of reporting. It's demeaning to everyone.

Thursday, a suicide car bomber hurtled his vehicle at a convoy carrying members of a search team back to their Marine base near Fallujah. The bomb ignited a colossal blast that killed at least two female Marines and wounded 11 others. (At least one male Marine was killed and two other male servicemembers injured.) Investigators are trying to identify two more bodies.

As you can see from this description - there is no real front on in this war. The only way to keep the little ladies from all harm it would seem... keep them in the states at desk jobs. Honestly, just think about it for a minute. Any man or woman in the mid-east right now is a target. There are rockets, bullets, bombs... and you don't have to be up with the guys breaking down the doors and hauling in terrorists to run across this. What a concept! It's called WAR. I realize this might be a bit difficult to grasp, but in a war there are people who try to kill you. They will continue until they get you - even if you run home and hide under your bed - they will come and you'll be just as dead.

To date I don't believe that anyone has said that checkpoints are safe places. Ever! My heart goes out to the families of these Marines - they were doing their job, on that day, the suicide bomber got through. But this isn't just a war for men (no matter how much the ultra-conservatives want women pulled out of the danger zones). This is a war for all Americans. Women have just as much of a stake - or one could argue - even more of a stake than the men do in this war.

The Marines' "female search force" was tasked with patting down the Iraqi women who came through checkpoints. Not frontline combat action. But a job that has to be handled with sensitivity in Iraq, where many Muslim women cover themselves head to toe and avoid contact with males who aren't close relatives.

Here we have a conundrum. We are bending over backward and tying ourselves into knots so we don't offend the sensibilities of the Muslims anywhere. Thus you MUST have women to search women - there is no way around this. If you must have women search women (and I am certainly not against this as it's better all the way around for the women involved) then you must have women troops at the checkpoints. There is no alternative short of telling women they can't move around the city!

But what really ticks me off about the above paragraph... "...many Muslim women cover themselves head to toe and avoid contact with males who aren't close relatives." They forgot one little thing here... it shouldn't read "many Muslim women cover themselves" it SHOULD say "many Muslim women ARE MADE to cover themselves". Some of them after a lifetime of indoctrination will always completely cover themselves, but many are forced to wear the coverings by the men who control every facet of their lives.

That is why this war is so very important for women of the world to be part of and to be able to fight. The kind of life the radical Muslims want to press upon us here in the Western world is completely unacceptable. Their whole operation is based on women being second class citizens, completely under control of the men. Even to the point of covering themselves head to toe with cloth so that they can't be seen. It's a disgusting practice and the fact that the women's lib gang from the 60's isn't screaming about it in every headline (remember back when they wanted to "liberate" women in the US?) just shows how hypocritical they are when it comes to real women's rights!

This article is another in a series of - do whatever it takes to make people upset that we are at war. It focuses on the ultra-conservative angle - trying to get at people who generally support the war, but want to protect the "little woman".

My feeling about women in the service has always been - if they can physically pass the same tests the men are taking (NOT dumbed down versions... the same tests!) and they can pass the knowledge tests to do their job - they can do the job - period! To do any less means you are doing a disservice to the women serving. Where they are able - they should be allowed to do the job - or you are practicing a form of discrimination that only varies by degree from the discrimination imposed on the Muslim women.

The women of America have a HUGE dog in this fight. We don't want to live as second class citizens - and we should be allowed to take the fight to those who would subjugate us.

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Battling the Spiders...

Well, my basement is officially 90% clean and shiny. The floor (which is tile) was vacuumed, washed, vacuumed, washed (no that is not a mistake on my part - I did everything twice down there). Many spiders were sucked up into their last home... a vacuum bag that is now residing in my outdoor trashcan. Cobwebs were dispensed, trash disposed of, carpet remnants dragged up to the garage where they will be put out in trashcans. (they no longer take extra rolls without charging extra... the wankers!

Believe it or not - it's a finished basement. It's just that I don't get down there much anymore so it doesn't get cleaned often. And since it's below ground level and it has a dropped ceiling... we get spiders. Most of which die because we don't get any other kind of bugs down there - so there's no food... Anyhow, it's done. All except for the unfinished bits... and since beloved husband has his tools and stuff in there - I'm leaving it alone. I don't want to break something (he messes about with old cameras) or lose tools for him by putting them away. I'll let him do it.

And even better - we had some thunderstorms roll through last night. My plants are very happy!

The only remaining question... when I go to put something else in the trashcan tonight, will the spiders rise up and rebel?

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June 23, 2005

Fun With Headlines...

Okay - I saw this and just the headline cracked me up:

Haverhill On Lookout For Loose Moose

Then there was this one...

'...he just did my bust and my nose'

And last of all...

Yahoo shuts chat rooms amid sex concerns

All of which makes me think that there is a loose moose having some sort of very strange sex in yahoo chat rooms... but that's just me.

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56 Years To Go

Congratulations to a Rhode Island couple.

NewsCenter 5's David Boeri reported that John and Emilia Rocchio, of North Providence, have been married for 82 years.

They spend much of their time in rocking chairs looking out the window and holding hands. They're always holding hands.

My husband and I have a long way to go... but I think this is a goal worth going after!

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