September 30, 2005


Let's see

Boston Red Sox 5
New York Yankees 3

To my friend Nell... sorry sweetie. To her husband Mike... WooHoo way to go!

Can there be a Sox-Yankee marriage? My friends above prove it can be done. Hang in there you two the season is almost over...

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The latest arrival... Pixie Dust Productions, Inc whom I shall claim as blog offspring because "I helped" (and if you can say that in your head like the little girl from the Aunt Jamima commercial from years ago...that will work).

Irishpixie is a beautiful smart woman and is heading over to Korea for a year. Yes, she is military, and I will let her tell her own story. She has only just begun tonight so give her a chance to get some posting going. It should be fun.

Welcome to blogging Pixie girl! It's a wonderful group of people - I think you'll love it.

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Searchy Searchy...

Key word searches in the last day...

body parts for rent boob

and this one has turned up before - leaving me wondering....

space monkey strangling

Interesting things people go looking for...

I would think that the first one was Harvey except he knows where my site is at and he doesn't have to go searching for it. Now... could the second one be FrankJ? Enquiring minds want to know!

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September 29, 2005

Um... Sure...

You Are A: Kitten!

kitty catCute as can be, kittens are playful, mischevious, and ever-curious. Like you, kittens hate getting wet. Kittens are often loving, but are known to scratch or bite when annoyed. These adorable animals are the most popular pets in the United States--37% of American households have at least one cat. Whether it is your gentle purr or your disarming appearance, you make a wonderful kitten.

You were almost a: Bear Cub or a Duck
You are least like a: Chipmunk or a PuppyWhat Cute Animal Are You?

Snagged from Tammi.

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We Have A House

Yes, we closed on the house today... We won't be moving in until next week, but we now own a house. I really love it - it's quite beautiful. But it is smaller than the house we just left. Soooo - even though we got rid of stuff before we moved, it will be interesting to see how much of what's left will now fit! Should be fun - stay tuned for complaints about my tremendous lack of decorating skills.

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September 28, 2005

So... Do You Know How To Handle Money?

As I am trying very hard to catch up on my blog reading... I came across a post by Homefront Six that I thought it would be fun to answer.

Unfortunately keeping yourself out of debt means that you generally can't have what you want when you want it. Since few people want to wait and work for something - there are many people living under huge clouds of debt. As usual the solution to money problems is to know what you can afford - and just don't buy more than that.

1. Your credit card bill is paid in full each month with never a penny in interest incurred.
Absolutely - one of my biggest aversions is to pay out interest on just about anything. If I can't pay off the credit card bill each month - I don't buy it! When we didn't have much money - we had one credit card and kept a running tab of how much had been spent each month - on the refrigerator in plain site. When it got to our imposed limit of what we could pay... we didn't use the card until the next billing cycle. In 26 years we have never carried a credit card bill to the next month.

2. You understand that the variable annuity in which your neighbor just invested will prove to be a sad mistake.

3. Despite orchestrated furor by the media, you recognize that the $30 it costs to fill your vehicle’s gas tank is cheaper in today’s dollar that the $15 it cost 20 years ago.
Yes, because I have been filling my gas tank myself since the OPEC Oil Embargo of the 70's - I know the dollars are not comparable!

4. You enjoy financial talk shows for their entertainment value while knowing that 95% of what’s said is nonsense.
Yes, and for the most part I don't even find them entertaining.

5. The only type of life insurance that you’d ever consider purchasing is a term policy.
Yes! Even though I've had numerous people over the years tell me what a good deal they're getting on a Whole Life policy. (the same people who use their taxes as a windfall at the end of the year and think that's a good thing cause now they can pay off bills... sheesh!)

6. You’re not tempted to invest in something because of a hot tip you get from a friend or relative.
Do people really get hot tips from others? I never have.

7. You have serious doubts that the 3-unit course in basic English composition offered at Eleganté University for $900 is any better than a similar course conducted at Midtown Community College for $60.
This can be a bit tricky - because much depends on the school involved on the low end. There are some Community Colleges that are wonderful and others that are awful... so basically you could say that a good Community College English class will be just as good as one at a very expensive university... as long as the Community College is up to standard.

8. You are sufficiently sophisticated in real estate to know that the worst house in the best neighborhood beats the best house in the worst neighborhood.
Another tricky question. The basic answer is Yes... In other words buy low in a good neighborhood... BUT do realize that a house requiring thousands in work to make it livable will mean your investment in the neighborhood may not pay off as much as you think. (remember "least expensive" is NOT at all comparable to "worst"!!!)

9. You owe nothing on the vehicle you drive.
Currently - no we don't. Although with the prices of vehicles today - it's nearly impossible to buy outright unless you get a piece of junk. So, get the smallest loan time you can get - and pay off as quickly as possible if you are unable to pay outright.

10. You have a pretty good idea by mid-November how much your income tax obligation for the current year will be.
No not really - I don't pay attention too much to that. I realize that I should, but I don't. Some years we pay out other years we get money back. We try to work with the woman who does our taxes to make any paybacks as small as possible. I would rather owe at the end of the year than let the government have my money and give me no interest.

11. When hearing that the S&P 500 Index just hit an all-time high, you are not inclined to call your broker with a buy order.
Don't have a broker - don't want one either... but I still wouldn't do it even if I could - it makes no sense to buy at the all-time high!

12. It’s beyond your comprehension why anyone not certifiably insane would purchase a timeshare property.
Absolutely! I have never ever understood why anyone would buy a timeshare. A money sink if I ever saw it!

13. Your checking account balance never drops below the minimum limit that triggers a monthly service charge.
No - never get that low. Although I don't know that my checking account has a service charge... hmmm. Well, I don't care - if the balance were to get that low - it would be because someone is stealing my money!

14. You’re aware that an option to pay your auto insurance premium in two installments, with a "modest convenience fee" instead of a single payment, probably works out as a loan at about a 25% interest rate.
Well yes - any sort of service charge is "interest" on money. I wonder why there isn't a similar question about ATM charges in this list or right here at this question. How many people will pay a bank $1 to $3 to get hold of $20???

15. Although you thoroughly enjoy the home in which you live, it’s considerably less expensive than you can afford.
We've been home owners for 22 years. We ALWAYS make sure to go well below what anyone would lend us as a mortgage. We would be bankrupt if we had taken the mortgages that were waved in our faces when we were trying to buy!

16. You know practically nothing about the option market—and intend to keep it that way.
Option Market? I know what it is - have zero interest in gambling my money away.

17. You feel instinctively that every dollar you contribute in FICA taxes to the Social Security system is a dollar lost to you forever.
Well, even if I see a tiny bit of that money... it won't be enough to live on. Personally I don't think I'll ever see a dime of it back.

18. Whenever you’re negotiating a purchase and qualify to receive a discount, you do not hesitate to ask for it.
I don't remember the last discount I was eligible to receive, but if it was available I'd ask for it.

19. You entertain no illusions that a financial advisor will provide sound counsel merely because of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation held.
I don't trust many people when it comes to money advice - they'd have to prove to me they aren't just out for a commission...

20. You make the maximum possible contribution to your retirement funds.
Yes - and sometimes I could really have used that money... like when darling daughter was in college!

21. Whether your choice of wristwatch is a top-of-the-line Rolex, a fashionable Cartier, a respectable Bulova, or an economy Timex, you recognize that all are battery-operated, with a similar quartz movement, and none fail to keep excellent time.
This is an affordability issue. I don't wear a watch, but if I wanted to buy one I would buy one I could afford and would like to look at. There is a quality difference in materials between high and low end. I like nice things - so even if a Timex will run as well as a Cartier - if I liked the Cartier and could afford it without going broke - that's what I would get. Wearing something cheap is only necessary when you need to save the money for something else otherwise it's just being cheap.

22. You find it baffling why anyone would buy a lottery ticket.
I will buy them for grins every once in a while - but only $3 - $5 worth tops

23. You cannot remember when you last borrowed money for an unexpected emergency.
We haven't - but that doesn't always make it wrong. Sometimes bad things happen that can't be handled and you need help.

24. The newspaper advertisement offering a half-pound silver commemorative medallion from The Perfidious Mint, at the "special advance price of only 139 dollars," forces you to suppress a laugh.
I suppose people must buy that garbage... or they wouldn't still be selling it. But yeah it makes me laugh.

25. You have no confidence in the concept of "Investor Confidence."
I always want to know - who are the "investors" and what is their "confidence" (or lack thereof) in? They never tell you that... plus they always make up bogus statements about why "confidence" is up or down...

Well - there it is. How do you rate on these questions?

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Is It Working?

I think... maybe... my network is finally working properly. It only took about 4 days, many changes and multiple reboots... but my connection has now been active for the ENTIRE morning!!! This is a wonderful thing people. Up until this morning - the connection time would last all of 10 minutes at the most - sometimes as little as 30 seconds.

Well, I guess I should say - the connection I'm talking about is a VPN through the office. I don't run direct to net... so it was really the VPN that kept crashing - not the cable modem. Ah the joy of modern technology. Anyway - trust me on this - I need the VPN up and going to get anything done. The constant reconnects were stopping everything dead in the water.

Now maybe I can actually get some work done! And even some blogging. How exciting is that!

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September 26, 2005

When Internet Connections Refuse to Work

It seems that my internet networking stuff didn't much like the move across country... My network card failed and at the same time my hub failed too. Oh joy! A quick dash to Best Buy (one of the few stores I can find so far!) and I found what I needed... but how very annoying! This would be the problem with moving systems. Things that have been working just fine for YEARS become seriously disturbed and quit working.

Naturally I have missed lots of good blogging. Such as calling Bill O'Reilly a wanker for comparing the slow evac of Houston to 9/11... He considered it a total and complete failure! Amazing - everyone managed to get out even before one drop of rain fell and that is a failure according to good ole Bill. Could things have been done better? Oh of course they could! One must assume that it's been just a few years since Mr. O'Reilly had to spend his time sitting in normal traffic - much less the evacuation of everyone from an entire area!!! Did he think it would have gone 1000% better by just opening the reverse flow earlier? Ah yes... Bill dreams big! He thinks everyone is prepared - the people were only stuck because the government did it all wrong. Ahem... uh, sure Bill.... keep on thinkin' that.

As for the woman I saw on television - giving the reporter a tour of her grandma's condo complex... She stayed behind because her grandma REFUSED to evacuate. Then when the storm got bad... she tried to call the police for help!!! She was astounded that no one answered her call!!! WANKER WANKER WANKER! It was plainly spelled out what the storm was going to be (for that matter the storm was not quite as bad as they were predicting - Cat 3 instead of Cat 5!) I figure if you CHOOSE to stay behind - DO NOT complain when you later get scared and no one is around to help!!!

Then there are the sports guys... I listened to some long dissertation on which Quarterback is the best.... The funniest thing is that Tom Brady, who has led the Patriots to THREE Super Bowls... is not considered the best. Apparently being the QB of a winning team earns you nothing but derision for being too blah.... It would be too funny if he was just blah enough to lead them to yet another Super Bowl.

Oh well, another few weeks of upheaval and things should settle down - or I should say they better settle down! The closing has gone through on the old house - one big thing down! The closing on the new house is upcoming... so we're currently living in a 1 bedroom apartment. It wouldn't be too bad except for all the boxes all over the floor. Another day and I'll have those at least marshalled into the corners... I've been more concerned about my computers up to now.

Now it's time for me to try and get to some of my blog friends... So much reading - so little time.

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September 25, 2005

Chinook Down

I will be blogging some more stuff later. But wanted to let anyone who came across the news this morning know... The Chinook crash in Afghanistan was NOT a Big Windy aircraft.

Once again Calivalleygirl comes to the rescue with the news. Have I mentioned lately what a wonderful person she is!

Please keep the families of the crew in your prayers.

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September 20, 2005

Packing Packing Packing...

Sorry I'm so boringly focused on moving... however that is what's going on right now and it rather overrides... even tramples into the dirt... any other subject.

After tonight I won't be online again until Friday. Hmmmm.... I wonder if it will kill me or if I'll only have DT's! You know there will just be an enormous amount of blog fodder that I won't remember because I won't be able to "blog it now".

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