October 31, 2006

Help A Soldier

And send a smack-down notice to John F. Kerry at the same time.

I assume you've heard what our esteemed Senator from Massachusetts had to say yesterday in California. If not Blackfive has the You Tube showing of his remarks. If you don't have speakers it goes as follows:

You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq.

Yeah, that's how much Mr. Kerry values the American military. Why not go for the gold and call them a huge bunch of low-life losers. They must be in the military because they were too stupid to get by in the "real world". (BTW - check out Blackfive's post above for Kerry's school record)

Also, he considers the rest of us so gullible we'll believe he was really talking about President Bush when he made the comment above... Funny how disparaging the President is supposed to be somehow better. But no matter how I read it, I do not see the insult to the President, I see the enormous insult to our troops.

Therefore, it's time to pull out the big guns - it's time to support our military in the face of John "Genghis Khan" Kerry, once again trying to publicly humiliate them.

It's been a long war. We have injured soldiers coming back to the states and spending long periods of time in military hospitals as they recover from wounds received in service to our country. Many of them are unable to use their hands at all. This means they can't do something as simple as keeping in touch with their friends and family in the outside world.

Project Valor-IT is working to bring these heroes voice activated lap-tops. These laptops don't require them to type or use a mouse - it gives them the freedom to look outside their hospital walls. It gives them the great gift of communication.

If you are able, please consider donating to this wonderful cause. Show Senator Kerry that you believe our troops deserve so very much more than to be insulted for political gain. Hit the link below and donate. (okay, if you'd rather donate through one of the other services rather than Army... I can't believe you'd want to do that, but click here and donate directly at the Project Valor-IT site - they have all the teams listed...)

This site is ARMY STRONG!

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The Sky Is Falling - Give Us Money!

It seems that Al Gore is over in Europe now, hobnobbing with all those elite members of the world who are oh so concerned with the dreaded global warming.

Yesterday, the WSJ had a short editorial (sorry, this one is subsciption only) giving us the results of Al's recent venture to Belgium.

Earlier this month, Mr. Gore spent a day in Brussels to promote his film on global warming. "Our planet has a fever, and the fever has been getting steadily higher," he said in a speech. "It is in fact a full-scale planetary emergency." Within days, Belgian politicians were rewriting their tax laws to do something about this looming calamity.

Yep, you read that right. Al goes to Belgium for ONE DAY, predicts doom and gloom and the great leaders of Belgium see the opportunity and strike "while the iron is hot"... or maybe that's "while the globe is warming".

They're going to have an environmentally friendly tax package... they'll tax more for things like plastic or aluminum and less on supposedly less polluting products like paper. Yet, they still expect a windfall. I'm trying to figure this out. If you tax people so they don't use so much of a product, how do you expect to make X amount of dollars from that same product?... the mind boggles.

"We must take Al Gore's message seriously," Mr. Verhofstadt told parliament the other day. The measure, introduced into the draft 2007 budget, was fast dubbed "the Gore tax."

Yes, Al should be so very proud, they've even named the tax after him.

Then I was over at Denny's and saw his post about Great Britain's veneration of Al Gore.

London —- The British government warned Monday of an economic catastrophe if the United States and other large countries fail to quickly cut emissions of the gases blamed for global warming, and Britain named former U.S. Vice President Al Gore as its adviser on the issue.

Al Gore... advisor... lovely.

I'm trying to figure out why all of these people are so ready to listen to anything this man has to say about a science he has never studied. Is it because he invented the internet? Is it his Baptist preacher style? Just what is the appeal of this man? Why is he considered an ultimate authority? Is it simply because he was Veep to the great Clinton? Or do they think he can introduce them to Monica?

If I thought I could pull it off with a straight face, I'd head to Europe today and tell them to pay me and I'll stop global warming.

What a sweet set up the pols have over there. Especially when you can point to Al Gore as the prophet of doom. When it turns out he's wrong... it's those damned Americans don't you know, they took advantage of us (added bonus, the tax will remain in place)! It's a win-win for the pols in Brussels. They can point to Al and global warming, and all the good people of Belgium willingly shell out cash to be sure they won't die in 10 years.

This would be why I'm not a bazillionaire by now, I wouldn't be able to do this without laughing.

UPDATE: Because I forgot to add... whatever happened to all the dire warnings about using too much paper - deforesting the world - and causing nuclear winter scenarios. So now it's okay to use paper again? Hmmm....

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October 30, 2006


Either post a new post or do a rebuild on your blog indexes!

Because of spam - Pixy had to take some drastic action. And until you do one or the other - your comments will say:

Error 500. Bugger.

This has been a public service announcement to all Munuvians. Thank you.

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No One Tells Me ANYTHING!

Geeze - for the last couple of years I've been part of the Army team to raise funds for Project Valor-IT.

I find out today - they are starting the annual competition... TODAY. So now you get this crappy post because I don't have the time to do something better. Even Tammi knew about it - as she managed to put up a pretty big post before heading out of town.

Well, okay, I'm not the biggest fund raiser in the blogosphere, and maybe the only donation from my site will be my own, but if you have a few extra dollars - to help out a wounded soldier in need of a voice activated computer, please consider donating. Below is a link with a donation button for the Army team. Head over to Blackfive's place if you'd like to donate under one of the other teams or if you need to send it via snail-mail. Of course it's also tax deductible.

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October 28, 2006

Getting Ready

Wednesday is the big start day for National Novel Writing Month. After signing up for this project and checking out the message boards, I found there are local groups all around the country. Some people are even in areas with access to multiple groups. Apparently there are several groups I could join for this, but I don't have enough time, especially if I ever want to get anything written.

The groups give the writers encouragement, help the newbies, brain storm ideas for those who are stuck, that sort of thing. It's a fun idea and naturally, meeting the people involved in my area is always a bonus for me.

Today our local group had it's first get-together. A pre-writing kick off. It was excellent fun.

There were about 10 people at this first meeting. A couple of us were new, one guy had already participated for the last 4 years and managed to win each year, I find that amazing! I got a number of tips, but the biggest one seemed to be... just flat out write! Don't edit, don't worry about sticking to a certain point of view, deviate from the main point, add extra detail, don't worry about pretty - pour out a story.

I think this will be the most difficult part for me. I tend to like things neat and tidy. And even though I know that no one will be reading my story (unless I happen to share it with them), being sloppy may be enough to slow me down. It doesn't look like it most times, but I reread each blog post about a dozen times before posting... and I STILL have errors or things I state badly, which I find later.

My only aim here is to write a story. Just to do it once. I want to see if I can. There are a couple of excellent points in favor of doing it this way - I'm not writing for an audience and I have a deadline - both of which make this easier for me. How easy? We'll see.

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Back When They Made Real Phones

I was over at Instapundit and he linked to a post, by John Bell, extolling the virtues of the old Western Electric phones of yore.

Yes, it is a telephone. More particularly, it is a vintage Western Electric telephone, the kind you used to lease from Ma Bell back in the old monopoly days. It is nearly indestructible, the sound quality is great and it rings.

I'll go him one better. My parents have 2 Western Electric phones in their house. And they are of the dial variety. My father worked for Western Electric until his retirement (although it was called AT&T by then). When they moved into their house - where they still live - they had these 2 phones installed. There are no jacks in the house... these phones are hard wired to the walls. One is a desktop model with a dial the other is a wall mount model also with a dial. When touch tone came out, we begged my dad to get a new phone - as kids we thought it would be so cool. He refused saying that the touch tones weren't built very well and wouldn't last!

I'll give him this - his current phones have lasted 38 years and are still going strong. I don't have pictures right now... if I remember I'll have to take a picture the next time I go see them.

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October 27, 2006

Cardinals Win!


Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals. Especially David Eckstein, World Series MVP, who played just an outstanding series of games. Also, congratulations to Jeff Weaver for pitching a gem of a last game. The story of this series should be Weaver, who was thought to be washed up and pretty much a fill in coming to St. Louis. Is there any better way to show all those sports reporters that they don't know everything - take that you know-it-alls!

Next year, if I decide to watch the Series, I'm going to get the Spanish language station (it's not currently in my package... more's the pity). Unfortunately there is no button to "Mute McCarver". The man just doesn't know when to shut up. He made this series nearly unwatchable - half the time I spent with the sound muted to stop his blathering... but I missed the crowd noise.

Oh yeah... I am SO glad they didn't have to go back to Detroit. Hey Major League Baseball people... how about if we start the baseball year in MARCH so we can end at the end of September like it used to be. If it's cold and crap weather at the beginning of the year, no one cares. It shouldn't be winter when the most important series of games is played! I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has pictures from the (brand new) Busch Stadium - a friend photoblogged the game for him! Even better, the pics were from a Treo 650!

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What Is It With Me and CD Burners?

I hardly ever use them, yet on my other machine the thing just up and died without any reason. One day it was fine... next day it had a big red circle with a line through it - kaput.

Now I'm trying oh so hard to burn a couple of CD's. It's not going too well. I think this new burner requires different CD's than the ones I have on hand. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player doesn't tell me what the problem is... it simply says it can't burn the CD - along with telling me that, it can no longer even see the device. I have to reboot to get the thing back.

I have Roxio on this thing (came with the machine). Took me a while to figure out how to set up a list to burn. Idiot that I am, I figured since I was trying to burn mp3's - that I should go to the menu item under audio called mp3... silly me. Fortunately, Roxio does have a bit more of an error message than WMP - and I don't lose the device when it can't burn the CD.

Guess I have to get some new discs. Now all I have to do is figure out what kind. ho-hum...

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October 25, 2006

Know Your Computers?

Looking for a job? How about the FBI?

Cyber Crime High On FBI Priority List, Help Wanted

These are the requirements...

Mershon said that the FBI requires people to be 23 years old, have a Bachelor's degree and demonstrated work experience "except if they have cyber-skills."...

...A cyber agent who asked not to be named said that people with IT skills still have to pass background checks and fitness requirements.

"If you're not a pothead and you can run, and you have a left foot and a right foot and you can pass the interviews, you can do it," he said

Hmmm... computers, guns, arresting bad people... sounds like fun to me.

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October 24, 2006

Announcing The New Arrival of...

My blog granddaughter GiGi of GiGi's View of the World. In real life, she's the mother of my blog daughter Irish Pixie who is in turn her blog mama... don't think about this too hard or you'll go blind.

So, head on over and say hello. Welcome her to blogging. I think she started this so she can brag about her soon to arrive grandkids. Have fun blogging GiGi. It's a blast once you get the hang of it.

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