May 31, 2006

Midwest Blog Meet

I was going to post this earlier and got sidetracked.

Og is trying to set up a Midwest blogmeet. If you're a Midwest blogger or want to head to the Midwest for a big party, click on over here and tell him which weekend is good for you.

He wants 50 votes. Now considering his proximity to the city of Chicago - I must say, go now, vote early and often in the best Chicago tradition.

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Don't Want To Pay For That Sex Change Operation?

Head over here to Massachusetts, commit a crime that will get you life in prison, then have the state pay for the operation.

A convicted killer serving a life sentence for murdering his wife 16 years ago wants the state to pay for his sex change operation.

Yes, you read that right, he killed his wife. He is a murderer.

The court has previously granted the 57-year-old the right to have the state pay for his female hormone treatments and laser hair removal after a judge ruled he's entitled to treatment for a condition called gender identity disorder.

Now, Kosilek wants the commonwealth to pay for a sex change operation to become a woman. Kosilek has already sued the state twice arguing the procedure is a medical necessity.

I am always astounded at what people will claim is a necessity. The only things that are a necessity are food, clothing, and some sort of shelter from the elements. Everything else is just a nice addition to life to make it more comfortable. And some people need various medications to survive the day such as insulin or heart medication. Sorry, but "sex change" does NOT fall into the category of - I'll die if I don't have it.

As for his claim...

His lawyer said that denying him the operation amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

On Tuesday, a psychiatrist testified that Kosilek is likely to commit suicide if he doesn't get the operation.

I think we should let him off himself - then we don't have to pay for the operation OR housing of a murderer. Why is it that criminals who have committed heinous crimes think they are "entitled" to anything? They gave up any sort of "entitlement" when they committed the murder, rape, arson, what have you.

How does a case like this even begin to merit the time and cost of courtroom consideration?

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May 30, 2006

Symantec Patched Up - At Least In English

The other day I blogged here about a hole in Symantec's Antivirus Corporate software. Today they announced that a patch has been released.

The flaw, which affects recent versions of its Client Security and Antivirus Corporate Edition products is considered serious, and could be exploited by hackers to run unauthorized software on unpatched PCs.


The patches are for English language versions of Symantec's products only, and a Symantec spokesman could not say when the complete line of products would be patched.

So, if you use the effected products, you are now free to apply patches.

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Blackfive has the story.

Take 5 robbers (one of whom is carrying a shotgun). Let them take on one former Marine who is walking home from work armed with a pocket knife. Who wins?

Oh c'mon - you know it was no contest. Way to go Autry!

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May 29, 2006

Our Town Celebrates Memorial Day

We don't live in a very large town, so the other day when we received the flyer telling us about the Memorial Day festivities we decided to head over and see what happens out here in Massachusetts on this day. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera, it's fairly warm and I didn't want to be carrying anything. That's too bad because the town really did have a terrific turn out for all the activities.

We missed the first part of the ceremonies. According to the schedule, this included a short speech at the new cemetery and a parade down the main street to the town center. We arrived at the "town square" in time for the main part of the day. We were very surprised to see it filled with several hundred people - in other words it was full. I didn't really expect that kind of turn out for Memorial Day, since many people generally have a party and have friends over.

They started with a prayer for those who had fallen in service to their country. I was surprised to see the turn out of currently serving military there to be part of the ceremony. A Color Guard in full dress uniform with the flags. Then, the Air National Guard Band played the National Anthem. When they finished, the local Army National Guard unit gave a 21 gun salute. There was a Pipe and Drum Corp in full kilt regalia that played. And a wreath ceremony at the main memorial erected in honor of all the soldiers while the trumpeter from the Air National Guard played taps. Last of all a flyover by a WW2 training aircraft.

There were lots of activities for kids, large grill pits cooking up brats and hotdogs. A group in Revolutionary War era dress - I am supposing they marched in the parade. There were high school band students, local Firemen and Policemen in their dress uniforms, and assorted veterans of many ages. The local historical society was open for everyone to walk through with a special display in honor of area soldiers who had died in service to their country.

We walked over to the old cemetery which had a plaque stating that the first burial was in 1745. All of the Veterans in the cemetery had flags next to their headstones with special markers showing the war in which they served. In this cemetery, they all dated back to the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Being from the Midwest, we have seldom run across memorials to veterans dating back so far.

I was able to take a minute to shake hands with the young men from the Army National Guard and thank them before they left. It was an excellent few hours and I'm happy we took the time to go to the ceremony. Next time I'll at least bring my phone camera and take pictures.

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May 28, 2006

Memorial Day

I know all the Milbloggers out there will have posts about those who have given their lives to keep our nation free. Matt has video tribute to the Fallen Soldiers of the 12th Aviation Brigade.

Forever in Flight

Watch it. Remember. Celebrate your freedom.
For they have made this possible.

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Touring the Garden

Being the abysmal photographer that I am, I'm hoping these pictures aren't too awful. We do have beautiful plants in the garden, along with (I'm sure) many weeds that I haven't identified as weeds yet. Here are a few of them.

First we have a couple of beautiful ornamental trees. One is green and one is red, but they are the same type of tree. (Click to enlarge)



Then we have this bush out back, earlier in the spring all of the outside leaves were red while those underneath were green.


Now here are some flowering plants

unknown_flower_2.jpg unknown_flower_6.jpg
unknown_flower_4.jpg unknown_flower_5.jpg

Next we have some green plants that aren't blooming yet

unknown_flower_3.jpg unknown_flower_7.jpg

unknown_flower_1.jpg unknown_plant_1.jpg

Then there is the mystery fernlike plant - with a big knob that might be a flower or might be seeds - I have no idea.


And I will leave you with this lovely flowering bush by the front porch.


There is much much more. I had some pictures that didn't turn out well enough to even post. But that's a bit of my garden.

If you like plants I hope you enjoyed the short tour.

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May 27, 2006

In the 80's!

Not bad for Memorial Day Weekend. I even have shorts on! It's pretty warm, VERY humid, and in the low 80's. We had a thunderstorm this morning and have had clouds rolling through the rest of the day, no more rain yet. We just got back from a 6 mile walk. More like a hike because there are a lot of hills around here, but we never left the roads to wander through the trees, thus it is a walk. How do I know it's 6 miles? I got the car out and drove it and used the trip odometer.

I need to do some weeding out in the garden, but I'm putting it off for tomorrow. I'll be posting some pictures of flowers in my garden, because I'm not sure what they are. The people who owned the house before us were true gardeners and they left us with some lovely plants. I've been letting things grow because I don't know what's a weed and what isn't. I'm pulling dandelions and grass and that's about it.

On Monday our town will have Memorial Day Ceremonies at 2 of the local cemeteries, we plan on attending if the weather isn't an outright downpour. Hope everyone else if having a great weekend.

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May 26, 2006

Are You A Corporate Symantec User?

If Symantec is your provider of choice for Corporate Anti-virus software you have a problem.

Researchers at eEye Digital Security, the company that discovered the flaw, said it could be exploited by remote hackers to take complete control of the target machine "without any user action."


"This is definitely wormable. Once exploited, you get a command shell that gives you complete access to the machine. You can remove, edit or destroy files at will," said eEye Digital Security spokesperson Mike Puterbaugh.

"We have confirmed that an attacker can execute code without the user clicking or opening anything," Puterbaugh said.

I headed over to the Symantec site to see what they had to say.

So far, they are saying this effects their Corporate Customers, not Norton Home Anti-virus customers. If that is the case, it's not as bad as it could have been.

Symantec engineers have verified that this vulnerability exists in the product versions listed above. We are continuing to evaluate other versions of our software. This advisory will be updated when additional information is available.

They have a list of things their clients can do until they come up with a fix. I'm wondering why this went public so quickly. It has been the practice in recent years to give a company time to fix a flaw before reporting it to the general public. Thus having a fix ready for everyone to download when they hear the news. That doesn't seem to be the case this time, so I wonder what's going on. Interesting.

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