July 31, 2006

Step Into My Basement

If those are the words spoken by your plastic surgeon of choice when you want to have liposuction... perhaps you should reconsider.

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USA Today - Hezbollah Today

Today's misleading headline award goes to USA Today.

Israeli air force hits Lebanon despite agreement to halt raids for 48 hours

Most people aren't going to read past the headline. After all it's war talk and it's not nice and those Jews over there are just mean and they kill innocent people...

If you actually read the story, you find the following

But Israel left open the option of striking targets to stop imminent attacks or if the military completed its inquiry. After Hezbollah guerrillas hit an Israeli tank near the village of Taibeh with an anti-tank missile, Israel said, the army carried out the airstrikes to protect ground troops.

Then the article degenerates into an Israeli bash fest. Apparently Hezbollah firing rockets is okay, but the Israelis better not defend themselves...

Why don't our news services grow a spine and just say they are mouthpieces for the terrorists because they like them, that they think our country would be better served with the terrorists in charge here, that we don't need this democracy because it just gets George Bush elected. The whole lot of them are disgusting.

The headline should have read...

Hezbollah fires rockets at Israeli troops bringing an end to the cease fire.

But that's too much like... the truth.

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July 29, 2006

I Knew This Would Happen

After yesterday's dentist fun and games - the nerves on the right side of my face are very irritated. Unfortunately they are the same nerves that are painful during my migraines. So, while I don't have a raging headache - I have felt on the verge of one all day. And I have 2 more sessions of teeth fixing coming up. Lucky for me, my dentist is getting married next week - so I get a 3 week reprieve. Not to mention that the next 2 appointments are on Wednesday - so hopefully my weekends won't be totally screwed up.

While I didn't feel like moving about too much today - I spent time surfing the web for stuff. I ran across a place that sells in home repeaters for cell phones. I was reading along with their step by step installation guide and thinking it was pretty good, until I came to the following...

A picture of the unit that says : Plugged in and Powered up
Caption next to the unit says: Power is good. Except in the hands of the Bush Family.

End of my interest in their product. You want to bring politics into your sales pitch - you lose me. I don't care which side of the political spectrum you're on - it kills my belief that you are serious about selling your product because no matter who you think it's funny to slam - you have automatically alienated a bunch of people. This means you really don't care what your prospective customers think of you. Which must really beg the question of whether or not you want to provide decent service to your current customers.

If you're willing to insult people who have nothing at all to do with your product, I can't believe you'd think highly enough of anyone else to give them good service. Just my thoughts as I take my business elsewhere. Anyone else trying to sell a product should remember this when you want to get cute in your sales pitches.

And no I won't give them a link.

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July 28, 2006

Oh Bother...

We really don't need more rain... but here it comes anyway...


As I write - it just started to POUR.

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At Least They Were Smart Robbers

Yes, I'm back from the dentist. It only took 2 and a half shots of novocaine to kill the pain while she drilled away in my mouth. Now oddly enough the entire top right side of my face was numb - including my eyelid and forhead... very strange feeling.

When I got back I ran across this little item...

Dunkin' Donuts Robbery Caught On Tape

Two men wearing ski masks ran across Route 9 toward the store. The clerk was getting ready to close the store when the men entered.

"'Money, money, money.' That's all they said, 'Money, money, money,'" Natick Police Department Lt. Nick Mabardy said.

Officials said that one man grabbed a cash register and another man flashed a handgun, jumped over the counter and forced the clerk to open another register. The clerk fought back and shoved the robber.

Now if they had stolen the DONUTS - they would have everyone in New England after them. These people love their donuts. As it is - they'll only find out if someone rats them out I think.

Most annoying part?

"At the time, I think that the clerk was quite surprised that this was going on. I think he reacted instinctively, but of course, I think he's very lucky that something more serious did not happen," Mabardy said.

Apparently we are supposed to be sheep and not fight back when people try to rob us. Mind you - I don't think he needed to protect the store's money - but who knows what these guys planned on doing after they got the money. If I was the clerk I'd be thinking they might just kill me anyway since they had a gun so what do I have to lose.

Regardless of the outcome - no one should be criticized for fighting back when they are assaulted.

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Happy Birthday Tammi

Today is Tammi's birthday. Being my usual self I completely forgot it. But at least I'm getting this post up today.

She's answering a birthday meme over at her place - so go wish her a happy day.

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Well At Least When I Blog I Don't Have To Talk

It's dentist day. Back later with a numb mouth.

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July 27, 2006

Matt Amorello G.O.D. Steps Down

Today, Matt Amorello, the Chairman of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority resigned. He has been under the gun since a section of one of the Big Dig tunnels collapsed and killed a woman.

He said he had resisted resigning because he didn't want anyone to think the Big Dig problems would go away simply because he had left the post.

"I have stated to all of you that I would not resign because I didn't think it would fix anything or magically make all of the issues associated with the Big Dig go away. I still don't believe it will. But to go into a hearing with a foregone conclusion makes no sense for me, my family, any of those who have taken part in this process, or the public," Amorello said.

The problem with this excuse is that, good old Matt has never thought there was anything that needed fixing. Every time an issue arose, he was the first to jump in and say "the tunnels are safe". For that matter, less than 12 hours after Melina Del Valle was killed, Amorello was in front of the microphones and stating categorically that "the tunnels are safe". As in my last post on the subject, I ask, How Does He Know? The answer is, he doesn't.

Logically we must conclude, if Amorello thought the tunnels were safe, then he would do NOTHING to effect any changes. Therefore, he was actually a huge stumbling block for any safety implementation. After all, you don't spend time and money fixing something that's not broken, especially not when everyone is pointing to the bloated pricetag of $12 billion over budget.

The same day that he announced the tunnels were safe, he also announced that the tunnel where the accident occured would reopen the next day at noon! All of this without even knowing exactly why the original collapse happened and if there was any danger of further collapse! It's breathtakingly scary.

Governor Mitt Romney has been, since he took office, trying to oust Amorello. The Chairman was appointed by the preceeding governor just before he left office. The directors of the Toll Authority are appointed for a certain number of years. So Governor Romney had to wait until he was able to appoint his own people to the board when terms started to expire. That was this month - July.

With a new board composition, favoring the governor, Amorello should have been voted out of his position (not off the board, simply out of the Chairman role), but just before that happened, Amorello held a board meeting where he and his majority changed the bylaws of the MTA.

I have heard board members today on the radio talking about that meeting, but I can't find any good news article that has the details. While the article I linked talks about the animosity, it doesn't tell us that...

1)Amorello was given the sole right to call a meeting of the board of directors.
2)Amorello was the only person who could set a meeting agenda.

This meant that the new board members could not convene a meeting nor could they bring a motion to oust him as Chairman! Thus he earns the designation G.O.D. - from that meeting on, he was able to do what ever he wanted whenever he wanted. I'm going to keep looking for a news article with this information, if I find it, I'll post a link. Just as an example, the accident happened on July 10th at 11pm at night, there has not been a board meeting called since that time!

The bylaws of the MTA need to be totally revamped. The Toll Authority needs transparency and it needs oversight. The plight of the Big Dig has come about because politics and money have taken precedence over doing the job well and keeping the public roadways safe.

Will anything really change? We won't know that until we know who the new Chairman will be. Governor Romney is looking, he says, nationwide for a new person. It should be someone from out of state, someone who isn't beholden to any of the local politicians or doesn't have family working here. That's the only way things might - just might - be turned around. Anyone from the state or with family here, can and will be manipulated. I know that just from listening to the one board member I heard on Michael Graham's show today. She was tip toeing around every question Michael asked and being completely non-commital on everything... the perfect Massachusetts politician.

Only someone from outside can change things. Stay tuned. This is certainly not the end of the story.

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And On the 13th Day...

ConEd said... Let there be light!

Michele has power! Praise the Lord and pass the organic vegies.

It's been a very long hard month for her and her son. Between her son's surgery and subsequent complications, her chemotherapy, the black out, and her severe allergic reaction to some food - I think she's due for a break.

Here's hoping she can now have a little time off for good behavior.

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July 26, 2006

Disappearing Time

Computers happen to be large sinkholes for vast amounts of time. I sit down in front of my keyboard and suddenly hours just seem to vanish. I don't get stuff done that needs to be done away from my computer. This is not a good thing.

However, I will now sing the praises of my PDA. I got one a couple of years ago thinking I'd use it to download some books - thus ensuring that I would always have something to read when traveling and sitting in airports. It's small and any number of books can be downloaded to it - one PDA or 4 books... which is easier to carry?

The problem is - I don't like reading electronic media when I'm reading a book. It's just a personal preference. I like to have a book in my hand with real pages. So the PDA went into the closet and was packed into a box when I moved.

Then I was reading my blogsis Michele and she was talking about all the detailed things she put into her Treo. Reminders of things such as checking her emergency supplies for expiration dates, things like that. That's when the thought (that should have been there all along) smacks me upside the head - get out the PDA! I have a Palm Tungsten T3 (like the large screen but the battery life is sucky) and I started entering all the mundane items that fill my day and are generally ignored. Set alarms. Noted reams of trivial stuff.

Guess what... It's working.

Over the last few weeks I've gotten this thing reset. I had lost all the previous information on it due to the battery completely draining. I got some of it back with a hot sync, and added more info. I'm still in the midst of adding things like contact info for people.

The best part is, now I have appointments set up with myself. Tai chi and stretching get their own timeslot so I don't get to 12:30am and suddenly realize that I hadn't done any moving all day long. (I've only missed one day of tai chi since I started this - the day of my dentist appointment) I have task reminders for things like vitamins so I remember to take them every day. The task section gives me the option of writing extra notes so I can make grocery lists and attach it to a "go to the store" task. I even schedule doing the wash... I check off each load as it finishes in the dryer (I am notorious for starting a load of wash and suddenly remembering it's in the washer 2 days later - yuck!)

Thanks to Michele I am actually getting things done that I had been simply forgetting for far too long. I like it! Now if only I could get her electricity back... that might almost be enough of a payback.

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