October 31, 2007

Filling Up the Weekend

How do you fill up a weekend if you have a bunch of bloggers and they aren't near a computer?

Well, there is food (mostly grilled), adult beverages (some of a very green color), music (the best kind - homemade), pool (with a cue), local tourism (dairies and corn mazes), campfires... yes many things going on all at once.

If you haven't seen it yet, Bou has the story of the corn maze - of course a picture is worth 1000 words.

Jerry has the story of the hay and straw bales.

The Elderly Brothers never fail to entertain with their excellent and fun music.

I'm still waiting for Erica to emerge from her depression and start telling the stories as she remembers them.

There is always Tennessee football although I find the orange of the uniforms rather disturbing.

I mustn't forget flying monkeys... definitely flying monkeys. 

When bloggers get together, you never know what will happen.  That's why it's so fun.

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This Would Be Worth It

If I made just a bit more money.  I'm not quite in this category when income is taken into consideration... but damn... wouldn't this be a great thing to be able to afford!


Now that's the way to travel.  I need to get working on making more money I think.

Hat Tip: Instapundit

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Want to Protest At Military Funerals?

You may want to take this into consideration first.

Military funeral protesters hit with $2.9M verdict

Good on the jury!  And take THAT you whacked out psycho religionists... you got off easy.

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Travels With The Wiseass Jooette (aka Erica) Part 2

Part 1 is here.

I'm skipping the middle... that will be my next post because I'm waiting for someone else to post one more thing before starting it.  So, you get to wait also. 

As before, the rest below the fold because no one wants to have a book length post to scroll through on the first page.


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October 30, 2007

Long Day

Lots of detaily work - my eyes are crossing and I think I'll just go chill out, drink a glass of wine and not concentrate on anything.

I tried to hit all my blog reading tonight, but it was just "skim and dash on to the next".  I hope to get back to normal stuff by the end of the week. 

But if you came all the way over just to read this post - hit the top post and give  to Project Valor-IT for the Army team! 
Especially as I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out how to post the new widget without having extra characters floating about. 

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Travels With The Wiseass Jooette (aka Erica) - Part 1

The trip to the Straight White house was accomplished in 2 major steps.  First I caught a direct flight to Atlanta.  (from Boston, this is the closest airport with direct flights, thus it was chosen) Second was the drive from Atlanta to Tennessee. It was the second leg of the trip that was by far the most entertaining.

Once again... book length compels me to put the rest below the fold.


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October 29, 2007

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It's Time To Donate Now! Project Valor-IT

This post will remain at the top during the fund raising drive! Scroll down for new posts.

What is Project Valor-IT? I don't think I could explain it any better than Matt of Blackfive. (not to mention, he has a cartoon and everything!)

The annual fund raising competition has begun and we want the Army to win!

Please give what you can to help a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine reconnect with the world. It means so much to them and is the very least we can do for those who have given so much.

Thank You!

Oh yeah, after Pam's comment, I have to say...

Go Army!!!

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You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You

As I mentioned in Thursday's post, I headed down south to yet another Ultimate Blog meet.  Eric  is truly the ambassador of the blog world.  He and his wonderful wife Fiona have, yet again, hosted a bunch of the nicest bloggers out there and made us all feel like part of the family.  They have the gift - indeed they do.

Most of the bloggers I had at least met before, but I do get to add a new blogger to my "bloggers I've met roll.  (YAY!!! I love that!)

Bou, her sister Morrigan, and Stephanie (who has not been blogging lately) all arrived together.  Denny was there and when we start talking, the geekiness level rises considerably. (I can't tell you how fun that is)   Johnny-Oh made it, taking time off from installing elevators to come hang out. He was the only one to camp in Eric's back yard. (Bou mentioned that the contraption he slept in looked like a coffin on wheels when it was all folded up).  Of course Jimbo and Da Bodyguard both arrived in style via the big fat black capitalist car.  Jerry, who I hadn't yet met, made the trip down, along with farmer overalls and bales of hay and straw (more on this later).  It was wonderful to meet him, he is very very funny.  This year I was able to say more than a word or two to Big Stupid Tommy, one of the funniest bloggers out there and a terrific guy.  Non-bloggers who arrived and added to the fun (that I met) Rick & Georgia livened things up on Saturday.  Gary & Connie who I, very sadly, did not get much time to do more than say hi to... maybe next year.  Eric says Joshua and Charlie were there, but somehow I missed them, although it's possible I said hello to them the first night, just as I arrived, dazed and confused. 

Saving the best for last I finally met Erica who gets a post of her own because driving with her is so much fun. 

We left Eric and Fiona ready to collapse after the weekend of reveling and unlike other people, my brain was too fried to post anything until now.

More details are forthcoming - there are stories to tell, especially the bits about those city folk having their first encounters with country living. 

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Red Sox Win!

I'm back, I'm beat.  I watched the Sox win the World Series... WooHoo!!!

Erica (OTOH) is stuck in Charlotte tonight because of connecting plane problems. My bad travel juju has rubbed off!!!

More tomorrow when my eyes might focus.

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