November 30, 2007

Everyone Knew Who He Was

I saw this headline late today

Evel Knievel Dies at 69

I wasn't a fan, nor did I dislike him.  But one thing that could be said about him, everyone knew who he was.  If you said that name when I was growing up - not one person would've given you a blank stare.  He did some crazy stuff and lived to tell.  Sounds like an okay life to me - although I would never have wanted all the broken bones.

Rest in peace.

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Spouse Buzz Live

I meant to post this yesterday... but there's still time! 

Are you a military spouse?  Then Spouse Buzz live is for you!  Tomorrow is the Fort Bragg edition and if you're a military spouse, you can be in virtual attendance (if you can't make the real thing!)

From Army Wife Toddler Mom:

SpouseBuzz Live 3 is headed to Fort Bragg this December 1st. 

Mission: to connect with other military spouses, normalize the "life" of military spouses in day where many of us are feeling the pressure of so many deployments, and separations.  To join all service branches, and male and female spouses to connect, share stories, resources, and information so we can advocate for one another as a United effort.

I cannot attend this live event, because of my Husbands drill schedule, but we have connected with a company that will make it possible for us ALL to virtually attend and connect. 

Go to SpouseBuzz for more information.  Folks will need to register before the event to virtually attend!

The best thing about the internet, no more isolation, and support for those that need it. 

Pass it on!

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Details, Details

I ran across this tonight...

Feds: Deadly tornado shows need for safer shelters

Okay, so I already knew where the story was headed, but I thought I'd check it out anyway. 

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (AP) — Federal weather officials said a March 1 tornado outbreak that struck Alabama and Georgia, killing eight students huddled inside Enterprise High School in Alabama, showed the need for a "hardened safe room" for use during storms.

In its report Thursday, the National Weather Service said Enterprise school officials and students followed appropriate safety measures before and during the tornado, but the storm demonstrated the need for a safe-room shelter.

The tornado that hit Enterprise was a terrible terrible tragedy.  High school age kids, doing the right thing, should not die because of a storm.  Unfortunately, "should" is the operative word here.  It happened.

But can we stop a moment and just think about this? 

First off, how big is this room going to be?  They say "safe room" in a very glib manner.  Will it be large enough to protect everyone in the school?  Unless Enterprise is a very tiny school, that's a pretty big room. 

Then, who is going to pay for it?  I'm sure that a small school system down in Alabama is not going to have the cash to pony up for specialized architecture and construction.  It all costs money or the school would have been built that way in the first place.

Next, how often does this school get hit by tornados?   I don't think this is a yearly event I was under the impression that this was the first time.  Is it practical to expend that kind of money and effort for a situation that may never happen again?

This is something we see all too often.  A very bad event happens once.  One single time.  It hasn't happened in all the years prior and it may not ever happen again, but people feel compelled to over compensate, "just in case". 

As an aside, the local grade school in the community in the Chicago burbs where I lived had been flattened by a tornado back in the late 1960's.  They rebuilt it... period.  No special tornado rooms - it hasn't been hit again.

That brings me to another point.  Are we going to build these shelters at every school where a tornado might strike?  Alabama does not corner the market on Tornados.  Just cast your eye over a map of the US, look at the midwest, pick a spot, they've likely had a doozy of a tornado at anytime in the last 100 years. Nothing makes them immune from having another any year. For that matter, there have even been a few reports of tornados up here in Massachusetts (and I don't mean Teddy Kennedy giving a speech), shouldn't the schools up here get safe rooms... just in case?

And let's not forget churches, nursery schools, even Wal-marts as there are always a bunch of kids running about within those walls.  Where does it stop?  Or will we try to protect the entire country?

As a feel good measure, the feds are all over this.  As a practical measure, it makes no sense.   Rebuild the school with updated ability to handle stress, that would be a great way to handle this.

If they do manage to insist on the safe room at this school and the feds pay for it, look for every school system in the country to sue the government for their own safe room. 

You know it will happen.

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November 29, 2007

College Sports Has Game

Since the NFL decided to make it's product unavailable to most of the country, beloved husband and I were watching college sports tonight and saw some great games!

Mostly we watched the Kansas State - Oregon basketball game which went down to the wire in overtime - very very exciting.  Congratulations to Oregon for pulling out the win.

Periodically we flipped the channel to the Louisville - Rutgers football game.  It didn't look like much early on - Rutgers was walking away with it.  But while we weren't looking, Louisville made a dramatic comeback.  They ended up kicking the winning field goal with 20 seconds left on the clock!  Their kicker is a senior so this is his last game - he broke a school record for field goals AND he won the game.  Excellent. 


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Fun With Headlines

Okay I haven't done headlines for a while, only I saw this first one today and it made me laugh so hard, I decided I must share...

Huge Stars Seen as Source of Glowing Gas

No explanation needed on that one I think.

Reward for 'boid' with Brooklyn accent

At first I thought they meant Erica, then I saw that they were talking about a parrot.
Woman Forced Off Flight For Refusing To Move A Huge Stuffed Crocodile

If one sees the word Crocodile in a headline, one automatically thinks of  Mr. Parkwayreststop himself. (consider it a blogoversary present - congratulation on 5 years of blogging!)

British Teacher to Be Deported From Sudan After 15 Days in Jail

Naturally I couldn't end without a bow to those Oh so tolerant Muslims in Sudan. Now, all you liberals... let's chat about how downtrodden your free speech is in the United States... Right.

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November 28, 2007

A Watchful Eye...

Is the order of the day.

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November 27, 2007

A Waste of A Few Minutes?

I heard this on the radio this afternoon:

Weather problems silence national anthem in Pittsburgh

Yeah, you read it right - for the first time EVER they did not play the National Anthem before starting the game. 


With the kickoff already delayed 25 minutes by terrible weather, and a stadium filled with rain-drenched fans growing impatient for the opening kickoff, the NFL skipped the national anthem before Monday night’s Dolphins-Steelers game.

Heaven forbid they extend the start time by about 3 minutes or so.  THAT will certainly make every fan in existence turn the channel and watch something else.  And just think how uncomfortable those poor wet fans were... now it wouldn't be nice to make them wait for a few more minutes to pay honor to the country, maybe think for a few minutes about deployed troops - nope they might get even more wet and be angry they had to wait through that endlessly long anthem...

The alternative would have been to play a recording of the anthem; it’s not certain if the league considered this option.

Now why would they want to do that?  They had already figured out a way to cut the damned thing out of the game - hey just run with it!

There is no other known instance of the anthem being skipped before a major American pro sports league game of recent vintage, except for mechanical or electronic problems.

Which means that there was no good reason - other than ESPN and the NFL thinking viewers would run off in droves over a few minutes more delay... gee guys thank you so much for making it clear how tedious it is to take those few minutes for the anthem - I didn't realize it was such a chore.

The NFL’s decision to bypass the anthem was surprising if only because American soldiers continue to fight in Iraq and the league often has embraced patriotic themes.

Oh well, it's okay if soldiers work their collective asses off - the NFL is worried about AUDIENCE people!  At least that's what they tell us.  Right - that's why the second biggest game of the season - Green Bay and Indy is going to be on the NFL network Thursday night where 99% of the fans don't even get a chance to watch it.  I can see how concerned they are with their fans.

After Sept. 11, the league changed the theme of its next Super Bowl to "Hope, Heroes and Homeland" and altered the game’s logo to incorporate the American flag.

Ah, they made the gesture! Wonderful - guess that's why we see NO military deployed during games on the holidays.  For years that was a staple of the NFL. You saw the games and the greatings from troops stationed around the world.  If you've been watching football this year and even last year... when is the last time you saw ANY troops doing greetings to those at home?

Right - we know where the NFL stands now - logo not withstanding. 

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Sieg has pictures of a recent promotion and awards ceremony for some members of Big Windy.  At the post, click on the pic and it will take you to the entire set.

Young son makes an appearance.  He is not one of those in the individual pictures, but he's in some of the group pics.  See if you can find him... he's tall and he has red hair - no red hair... it's not him.  He's also in tan. 

Congrats to the 2 new CW3's and to all those who earned medals and Combat badges! 

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New Tires

I got new tires on my car today.  The tires I had (and no I don't remember what kind) were a performance type tire, which means they were a bit softer and didn't last as long as more mundane type tires.

I've been told several times since the beginning of summer - "you need new tires, these won't be good in the snow".  (yes I know thank you, but it's summer!)

Well, last week we had our first dusting of snow and it was apparent that - I needed new tires soon, thus beloved husband and I went tire shopping.   Do you have any idea how many tires there are for my regular size wheels on an Audi A4?  Holy crap!

We went to a "tire store" which carries many different brands - there had to be about 40-50 different choices from name brand to "who is that?"   There are performance, noise, and wear considerations. 

So I looked at the guy and said - "I want performance, noise is secondary.  I can deal with noise, I want my tires to do what they're supposed to do - keep me on the road and stop me within a reasonable distance. It would be nice if they lasted a while, but I'll take lesser wear if they do their job."

And thus we found tires. Naturally they had to bring them in from the warehouse (the story of my life - no one ever has things in stock) and I had them put on today and the alignment done.  Funny how you don't notice the drive get gradually worse as the tires wear - you adjust without thinking about it.  It was really great to drive the car home today - these tires make less noise than my old ones and with the alignment, it tracks beautifully.

Where am I going with this?  Oh nowhere... I just don't have anything else to blog about right now.  

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Like Watching A Train Wreck

I tuned in to the Steelers/Dolphins game tonight because - hey it's football!  Field conditions were terrible.

Apparently they had played 4 high school games and a college game on that field over the weekend... so they put new sod down... then it POURED rain.  Can you say "good old sloppy wet football"! 

The teams were stuck in the middle of the field nearly the entire game (the only score coming with 17 seconds left on the clock) so it was - make a few plays - punt. Back and forth and back and forth.  Moment of the night - one of the punts landed pointy side down and stuck into the turf!  I've never seen that happen before. It was hilarious. I'm hoping some video of it shows up on you tube because it's the funniest thing I've seen happen in ages during a game.

Congrats to the Steelers for finally finally finally scoring that 3 points to win the game.  I was really afraid it was going to go into overtime... by that time, I couldn't stop watching.  It's that whole train wreck thing. 

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