February 27, 2007

24... wake me when something happens...

It's almost not worth it... but there is some limited commentary in the extended entry. more...

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The World Is Ending!

Now all you little people out there... suck it up and start cutting back on everything. Y'all use way too much energy. Start driving expensive hybrid cars, turn your thermostat down, read by candlelight...

Isn't that the message the great and mighty Algore is preaching to the googly-eyed masses? Isn't that the message that Hollywood is endorsing with all the panting adoration at its disposal?

Yet, those who follow the mighty Algore and hang upon his environmental pronouncements as gospel truth, get a bit testy when one questions why dear Al does things like commute around the world in his private jet. How about using more electricity at his home in a month than the average American uses in an entire year?

Instapundit has been linking to the reaction about Al's energy use. Including one of Al's defenders. But I really think the Captain hits it in one...

If Gore and his family continue to increase their consumption of commercial energy with all of the resources they have at hand, then they have no business lecturing the rest of us on conservation and down-scaling our own use.


However, the real issue is his evangelical stance and his insistence that the world as we know it is swiftly approaching its end. So swiftly in fact, that he's giving us something like 10-20 years before all hell breaks loose. If that's the case, why in the world, with all the money at his disposal, is his house not totally off the electric grid and producing everything in a "green" fashion? How can he possibly justify the fact that he uses any carbon burning fuels in the upkeep of his home? He has money and he has the resources, the fact that he still consumes so very much in relation to the rest of America means that he can't even take his own spiel seriously.

Let us pause and consider for one minute... if the situation is as dire as Al predicts. Shouldn't he, as the current high priest of the religion, be moving heaven and earth to cut his consumption (at least in his home) to as little as possible? Even if he can't get the consumption down to nothing, shouldn't it at least be dropping instead of increasing? Shouldn't he be leading the way by showing people "how to" instead of simply telling them "not to"? Shouldn't he lead the way in making sacrifices in his manner of living, as this is what he expects of everyone else?

That's the problem with being an evangelist. You absolutely MUST follow your own teachings. And you MUST do it publicly. If you don't, no one will take you seriously except for a small group of zealots.

Oh yeah, and since I was watching the cute little interaction between Leonardo Dicaprio and Al at the Oscars, I must say I nearly fell off my seat (hard to do from the middle of the sofa) when Leo announced that Al had been fighting global warming for 30 years! Wha...? What did I miss? Thirty years ago, they were stumping for the next ice age. Global cooling was going to freeze us all out of existence within 20 years. Energy would be gone, over population would destroy the water and food supplies, and we would all be out scrounging for every little scrap of food and maybe even firewood to keep the fingers and toes we had left. (of course Leo is a little young to remember that)

This is how history is rewritten. Effortlessly and painlessly. Amazing to watch it happen. Even more amazing that everyone seems to accept it without question. Unfortunately for me, I remember all the garbage they spewed back then (wish I could forget it) and how over the top it sounded. They're even more over the top now and even less believable than when I was a teen.

Mind you, I do believe that conservation is a good thing, that finding better, cleaner, more energy efficient methods are always good. What I find objectionable in this, like most environmental "efforts" is the hard line religious worship that most of the converted try to push off on the world. It's detrimental to any meaningful changes and that's the biggest shame of all.

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The Whirlwind

I think things have finally calmed down now. All I had to do was come home. It was a very extended and busy long weekend in Chicago though.

After a relaxing dinner with Leslie on Thursday night, Friday was go, go, go from beginning to end. I finished up some left over bank business in the morning. Stuff that needed to be done, but we didn't want to do through the mail or on the phone. Our former town has changed a lot since I was there 6 months ago. They actually finished a by-pass of the main portion of town so the road configuration is totally different. It looks good though.

Then it was on to the brand new office. The move to this place has consumed countless hours of hair tearing annoyance, but the place itself is great. Spent the afternoon out there. Got to meet one of the people I am now working with, because we never met before I moved. It's always great to put a face with a voice.

After that it was off to meet darling daughter and follow her back to her new condo. Had a little time to kill, so I was able to do a short walk around one of the more relaxing malls in the area. (When I had to shop, I went out of my way to shop there, because it is the least annoying place I've ever spent time in.) I have not found anyplace even remotely as good in the Boston area... maybe I just need more time.

The drive to darling daughter's only consumed a little over an hour - quite excellent for Chicago. What I couldn't believe is that she was able to figure out such a convoluted route. But I guess the prospect of a 2+ hour nightly commute home is a great incentive to learn the back ways.

While there, I spent nearly 2 hours fixing her wireless router and card. Not to mention cleaning up her computer. Then we went out to dinner. I left at about 10:00, only to find that (naturally) they were doing roadwork on the highway and only one lane open. Oh goody. I get to sit in traffic on Friday night. Excellent. So it took about 2 hours to get back to my hotel.

Saturday was tai chi day... YAY! We had an excellent time. I love that class. That's all I'm going to say because you'd have to be there to understand anything else.

Then it was back out to Chicago to darling daughter's place again. We did an early dinner, since it was supposed to start snowing at around 4pm. (Dire warings were flying all over the place... what else is new). Just as I was about to head out, I found out that she had no pots and pans... so off we went to buy a set because even if you don't "cook" you need to be able to heat things up. After that it was the drive back to the hotel in the snow - which was slowish, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

Next day it was off to Richmond's for her Academy Award and food-fest party. First off Richmond's will henceforth be known as the "crack-house". There was all sorts of food "crack" simply begging to be eaten. I didn't even get to all of it and I was stuffed before the night was half over. My, my that girl can cook.

I haven't watched an award show since I was a kid. Purely by osmosis I guess (from other television and radio shows) I do know something about the Oscars. I would never have watched on my own at home, but it was fun with lots of people there. I was so happy that TNT was there, I got to meet Roses, Steph (Richmond has the best friends), Akshun and his wife, also Richmond's husband Wxman (caution... NSFW) and Harvey (who showed up late because of work, but managed to fit in an entire evening of eating during the hour and a half he was there). All in all, Richmond throws one heck of a party. It was snowing for the drive back, but the tollway was clear and I made better time than I ever did getting out of the city on the previous 2 nights.

Monday was travel day. Luckily my flight was only delayed by about 40 minutes due to mechanical issues. It was snowing again in Chicago, but they merely deiced and we were off. When it comes right down to it, the "mechanical issue" bothers me more than weather does. I suppose it shouldn't, but I'm always wondering if they got everything fixed right before we take off. Since I'm here without problems, I assume all was well.

Today is catch up day. Blog a few lines, do some work, blog a few lines, do some work. I'm just hoping this post sounds somewhat coherent. Maybe I can start catching up on my blog reading now.

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February 26, 2007

Home Again

I'm back home... I'm beat... There is much fun stuff to blog about, but I can't think right now. I did watch 24 - and I hope I can remember enough of it to blog something tomorrow. Tonight the little gray cells are not up to the task.

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February 22, 2007

Dinner With Leslie

I am now back in Chicagoland. There's no mistaking the 8 million cars on the road... stop, go, stop, go... yep I'm back.

So, I wonder when the other shoe will drop. My flight was ON TIME!!! Holy Cow! It's been so long since that happened, I still can't believe it. That meant I had unexpected time on my hands. I hadn't planned anything for fear of being stuck at the airport or on a plane for hours and hours.

Leslie and I had a backup though... just in case things worked out. And they did! We left it open, if I got to town on time, I would call... it worked out beautifully. We had a lovely dinner. I believe the waiter thought we had taken root in our chairs. We'd be there still if I hadn't had a bit of a drive back to the hotel. There was so much to talk about...

Thank you Leslie - it was a terrific evening! Bloggers are the best people.

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February 21, 2007

A Tip...

Buy Ibuprofen stock. Lately I've been eating the stuff like candy... too bad it isn't chocolate flavor.

So after 4 days of an annoying headache lingering in the background of my head, today I wake up headache free, but it's time for the next set of Invisilines... Oh goody. It's set number 7 the half way point! And, as usual, they're back to being very tight.

For the first time I found out that the lower portion of the Invisilines only have 11 different molds. The top has 14. So, I'm more than half way through getting the bottom teeth straight. Interesting. I can't figure out why I didn't know that before. I'm also having a difficult time believing the bottom teeth will be straight by then - they have a ways to go... so we'll see.

Now I'm back to a few days of teeth moving. Of course adding travel on top of it just makes things more fun. I leave for Chicago tomorrow. I hope the clothes I packed are warm enough... or maybe I should save time and start shivering now.

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February 20, 2007

Uh Oh...

I think maybe I'm in the wrong place... of course I love my Starbucks, do they think I drink REAL coffee???? And BTW - there are more than 2 teams in the world of baseball... Go Cards!

You Are 20% Massachusetts

You Yankees loving homo! You probably think Starbucks coffee tastes better than Dunkin Donuts.

Stolen from Leslie.

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February 19, 2007

More 24

With even more screwed up family... the extended version...

Below the fold in deference to those who could care less. more...

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Random Stuff

Since I've had a recurring migraine all weekend... wake up with headache, take Ibuprofen and caffeine, feel better for the afternoon, headache returns by evening... I haven't been able to think of much to post about. As it is, the last couple of days are a bit hazy. So I have some random firing neurons creating this post.

I've been trying to find my tape measures (I have several, probably still packed in a box) for the last few days. I'd like to order a new pair of jeans from the company recommended by Michele in the comments to this post, only to find that my tape measures have somehow gone AWOL. Nor do I know where the nearest fabric store might be around here. I keep meaning to check a couple of stores in the area, but lack the ambition to do so at the moment. Guess I'll get to it next week.

I have come to the conclusion that many people around here are completely oblivious to the fact that there are other people in the world besides them. Yesterday I watched a couple of cars move from the inside lane of the highway, to the outside lane. In both instances, the drivers just decided they needed to move NOW. I give them 1 credit point for turning on their blinkers. But neither of them looked to see if there might be a car in the lane next to them (a 3 lane highway... who could possibly be traveling in the middle lane? in the outside lane?). Nope - both times, the blinker comes on, the cars move to the next lane over. No one looked. I was glad to be a ways back in each case, because I really thought there would be carnage on the road. You do all realize that we only make it to our destination because someone must be watching over these idiots. Otherwise we'd all be dead.

Today, a boy was in Starbucks with his dad. Boy is about 10 years old, not tiny - he's of linebacker stature. Dad was going to get him a hot chocolate. Boy is nicely behaved, but seemed to have a genius for being in exactly the wrong place to block traffic. Since his dad was directly in front of me in line, I got to see Boy in action. First he planted himself in the middle of the aisle that customers were using to leave the register area. People had to squeeze around him, and he seemed to be totally unaware of this (as was his father). Then Boy sees the pastry counter whereupon he wanders over and plants himself in front of the case to look, thus blocking everyone trying to get to the register to order. Then, dad calls him to the other side of the store... his hot chocolate is ready, but dad has to doctor his own coffee. So, Boy plants himself in the middle of the aisle that allows egress into and out of the store, staring blank-eyed at the the CD collection while people squeezed around him. *sigh*

Last of all, Beloved Husband and I went furniture shopping today. I LOVE furniture shopping. We weren't looking for anything in particular (the best way to shop for furniture), we were looking at all kinds of different stuff with an eye to finally finally getting things looking like normal people might live here. (When my son notices that the furniture gathered in one room looks pretty funky together... I know it's time to fix it.) Unfortunately, the holidays intervened and we hadn't had time to restart the decorating process we started last year.

They have a number of furniture stores in the town of Gardner - the so called Furniture Capitol of Massachusetts. It was great fun. The stores are all in OLD buildings. They were factories or mills or something and they're all full of old wood floors, and rickety stairs - it was wonderful.

Then I have to figure out what I'm packing for the Chicago trip, whether I should risk checking the bag or not, and what food to fix for beloved husband so he's got stuff to eat while I'm gone. That should take me a little time.

Now I have to get focused on work again and find out why my email client refuses to let me change the destination email box... I've been trying to figure it out since last week. Maybe I'll finally get lucky and it will all suddenly work. One can always hope...

Update: As usual with computers... you go away, let it sit for a bit, come back and try again... NOW it works. I'm doing exactly the same thing I did yesterday. Why does it work now? No one knows. Oh well, it's a good thing though because the lack of cooperation was becoming annoying.

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February 15, 2007

A Member of The Religion of Peace Strikes Again

It seems the Utah Police have finally released some details about the Trolley Square Mall Shooter.

Utah gunman, 18, was Muslim from Bosnia

Talovic had a backpack full of ammunition, a shotgun and a .38-caliber pistol, police said. Investigators knew little about Talovic, except than he lived in Salt Lake City with his mother, the chief said. He was enrolled in numerous city schools before withdrawing in 2004, the school district said. Initially, police refused to release his name or any information about his background.

Talovic drove to the Trolley Square shopping center – a century-old former trolley barn with winding hallways, brick floors and wrought-iron balconies, and immediately killed two people, followed by a third victim as he came through a door, Burbank said. Five other people were then shot in a gift shop, he said.

I know of a lovely young woman and her daughter who had planned to be there that night to shop. At the last minute they changed plans and went to another store. I'm so very thankful.

However, this bit just strains the bonds of credulity a little too much...

A friend said Talovic was from the war-torn country of Bosnia and that the trauma he experienced while growing up may have led to him snapping for some reason.

It was not noted whether or not the "friend" is also Muslim. Maybe someone should keep an eye on him too. I wonder if the police will be checking out the Mosque this young man attended. It could be that he snapped under some unknown pressure. However, a connection to a local Muslim terrorist cell can not be discounted... however much the police and the press want to downplay the facts.

I guess they still don't understand that we're at war.

Blast... I nearly forgot to add... Hat tip Og

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