September 30, 2007

College Football - An Oddity

I really like watching college football. I don't have a team I specifically root for, so I spend a good portion of time on Saturdays, switching between the games being shown.

This past Saturday I noticed something that started driving me crazy after a short while.  (perhaps it's been happening for a while and I just hadn't noticed).  When the announcers say anything at all about the quarterback... ANYTHING... they call him by his full name.

For example, in the USC game every mention of the QB was "John David Booty".   Never ever just "Booty".  The same with Xavier Lee (Florida Seminoles I think) and one other game where I think the name was John Phillip Thomas or something like that.   In any case - the QB is always called by his entire name - no shortening it at all. 

Makes it sound like they're serial killers... it's creepy.

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I've Got Yer Tree Lined Streets

There has been much discussion between certain parties regarding the trees or lack thereof, lining the streets of their respective cities. 

In the interest of showing these poor city dwellers what real tree lined streets look like... not to mention finally taking my new camera out for a spin... beloved husband and I went for our usual 4 mile stroll "around the block". 

I managed to get half way around before I did something weird to the camera and it went into "video" mode.  Once I got home I figured it out, but I did get a few good pictures on the first half of the walk.

First we have this nice little downhill jaunt into the woods.


It doesn't look quite as steep as it really is. The good part is, it's down hill although what goes down must go up again. 

The next street has some really lovely old trees. 


The other side of the street is a farm so it's open ground.

Then we come to the local pond - of which I took two pics and beloved husband took one. 




Not a bad walk.  I hear the "colors" aren't as good this year because it's been so dry. OTOH - they said last year - the colors weren't so good because it was wet... go figure.

At least the camera works and now you know what "tree lined" streets really look like.

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September 29, 2007

There's This Blog Crawl Thing...


Contagion decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday in style... In this case, the style is a Blog Crawl.   Head over to his place and check out the "rules of the crawl". 

In the meantime, Harvey and Pam have come up with a logo...

As I am not a drinker, I offered to be the Designated Blogger and help people find their way back to their own blogs when they collapse in a heap in someone else's comments. 

That means I'll have to check in late tonight and see who needs to be carted home.

BTW - Happy Birthday Contagion! 

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September 28, 2007


I finally figured out (again) how to get to the basic template in order to play with it.  Odd things may happen while I do this.  One thing I want to try is a wider main posting column.  Not sure how that will work, so stay tuned.  I may also play with fonts - don't know yet. 

I did find some color for the sidebar - which makes it look different from the main posting column - that works for me.

Unfortunately, I won't know how things look until I try it.  And - I have a nice big monitor... soooo what works for me width-wise, may not work so well for others.  Stay tuned... or not.

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The Question Is - Has He Told Obama Yet?

I mean, I if someone knew I was going to end up dead or in jail, I'd kinda like a heads up...

Edwards Predicts Doom for African-American Males

...pretty soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead. One of the two.”

Poor Barak, if he gets elected instead of Edwards, he's doomed.  What a dilemma! Does he bow out gracefully now? Does he help old Johnny win? 

Who knew what pitfalls there would be in being an African American male.  Your entire existence  relying on  John Edwards...

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September 27, 2007

A Link It Is

Lukie is requesting links to try and up her ranking with Pay Per Post.   FWIW - I'll go ahead and link her, although she won't get much out of a link from here - heh. 

I have no idea (except for the 10 people who have commented) since I moved to the new software, how many people are actually getting here to the site. So, good luck Lukie, hope you can pick up your ranking.

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September 26, 2007

Amazon's New Music Store

You may have heard that Amazon is now officially in competition with iTunes. They have opened a DRM-less music store.  (this means, once you download the music, it's yours to do with as you will)

Tech.Blorge has a review and it sounds excellent. 

I'm not going to excerpt. If you like to download music, go read the whole thing.

Hat Tip Slashdot.

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Will We Ever Find Out Why?

You might have heard about the latest bug in Microsoft's Excel 2007 

The flaw presents itself when multiplying two numbers whose product equals 65,535. Fire up your favorite calculator and multiply 850 by 77.1. Through the magic of zeros and ones, you'll quickly get an answer of 65,535. Those using the Excel 2007, however, will be told the total is 100,000.

If you'd like to see the techy explanation from a guy who (long ago as he says) wrote code for old versions of Excel, head on over to Joel on Software and check out his take

While I don't quite agree with this:

...the chance that you would see this in real life calculations is microscopic.

I don't think he's far wrong.  The problem is, with all the people who use the software and depend upon it for correct display of calculations, this has got to leave them very worried indeed... because it's not really a big deal...

Until It Happens To You!

BTW - I'm still jick-jacking around with stuff including formatting of posts which is somewhat different than MT... As there is no preview, I need to post to see how it will all turn out.   OTOH if I'm right about what is happening with blockquotes, then it's far far easier than MT.  No I wasn't right - have to go look things up

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That's No Excuse

You know the library in Harrison, NY will never live this down

"My mother was an avid reader — she read an average of two books a week," Schaper said. "She was a frequent patron of the library."

Schaper said she returned the book last week, and was stunned when the man behind the library counter told her of the 50-cent fee.

"I told him that maybe he didn't hear me right, that my mother had just died, otherwise I'm sure that she would have returned it on time," Schaper said. "His only reply was that, 'That will be 50 cents.'"

Some people will do anything to get out of paying library fines. 

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September 25, 2007

Pixy Rocks!

I have email addy's now.  Yay!  That's just excellent.  (I'm wondering if he slept at all last night - or should I say last night his time)

In other news: If you notice in the Side bar, I've put a link at the top to my most "hit" post.  Yes, from 2005!  Pictures my son sent when he was deployed in Afghanistan - I generally get about 5 hits daily for those, even after all this time! Amazing.

Unfortunately, with the move, the original link is no longer valid and gets an error.  I dropped a comment on it at B5's place, and then put the link at the top of the side bar as it deserves a place of honor. 

Other internal links (links I put in posts to other posts I've written) won't be good either.  I'll either fix them if issues come up about it or ignore them.  Probably I'll ignore them unless someone gets on my case about it.

Also, posting has been very fast. A huge improvement over MT.

UPDATE: I have categories now too!  Yay!!!

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