October 30, 2008

All Together Now

Can you say... Double Standard?

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October 29, 2008

Every Once In a While

I manage a shot that turns out pretty decent.  This one is from Chicago of course.  It's by Oak St. and Lake Shore Drive.  There is an underpass under LSD (wonder if that song is on youtube...) where you can cross to the beach and back.  This is on the building side.  I looked up and took the pic. 

I like it.

Of course it's on youtube - what isn't. 

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Da Hits Da Hits

Best part about post-blog meet?  For a few days I actually get over 100 hits instead of my usual 30-60 a day.  I like to enjoy these little things while they last.

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October 28, 2008

Ready for Halloween?

Erica and SWMBO were really into the Halloween spirit when we met at Eric's.  Erica had the stylin' belt and SWMBO had lovely fingernail art  See:

Of course she had spiders on the other finger which caused a bit of confusion when she had an actual spider appear on her leg... 

It was all about the nails this weekend.  Oddy had little candy corns painted on her toenails.  I remembered this when I saw a piece of candy corn laying on the floor at the airport and suddenly realized I never took a picture of her tootsies (don't think I had my camera with me when she mentioned it). 

Pictures say it all.  I must keep my camera with me.

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October 27, 2008

The Draher Faher

When one attends blog meets, one expects that *ahem* interesting things will be happening.  There will be stories for the ages.

And so it was with this blog meet which will likely be known by posterity as the "blog meet of the draher faher".

After arising at  6am on Friday, travel all day, an evening of revelry ending in the wee hours at around 3am.  A Saturday starting at 8:30am and ending around 1:30am... I was looking forward to sleeping until 8:30 Sunday morning when I planned to drag out of bed and head to Eric's for the Sunday morning breakfast.

Well, that was the plan until...


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I Was Promised A Non-Smoking Room***

Back from the wilds of Tennessee where there were many exciting things happening this last weekend. 

The Straight White house once again opened its doors to many a blogger.   I shall not attempt to give you an accounting of what was happening because it was epic and I don't have the pixels to accommodate such a story.

So here are a few of the highlights. 

- It took 5 hours for Thelma and Joo-ese to get from Atlanta to Eric's front door.
- I got a speeding ticket... yes, out in the middle of nowhere a cop stopped me in front of a 55mph sign telling me I had been speeding in a 40mph zone. 
- I did not go shooting at the range after the ticket. Dealing with a cop is enough for the weekend, didn't want to deal with the TSA too
- It takes 2.5 hours to get Joo-ese out the door when it's time to go back to the hotel... therefore we got to the hotel at 3am the first night (or is that morning)
- Bou, Oddy, Richmond, Elisson, SWMBO (wife of Elisson), and Eric are all terrific cooks
- Morrigan (sister of Bou) is 6 months pregnant and introducing the baby to blogging early.  I predict great things from this child after hanging with this group
- the Elderly Brothers are excellent and made even better when Dax and John add their own touches to the mix. (yes that would be John Cox of Cox and Forkum - amazing the peeps you meet at Eric's)
- being awakened by a fire alarm about an hour and a half before my alarm was due to go off was an interesting way to start the day.  Tomorrow there shall be pictures and story of this event.  (well, one picture at least)

Now I'm off to bed.  I do need to try and get some little bit of sleep before attempting to work tomorrow.

*** title of this post is courtesy of John Cox who told me it would be a good title when I mentioned this out in the parking lot while the firemen were putting out the fire.

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October 24, 2008


Weather... Of course. Hour and a half wait so far. We'll see.

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Oh Yes It's Morning

First - thnx for the comments. It's difficult to answer on this bb keyboard. No probes were evident on the surreal bus ride (amnesia???). There was a lady on the bus who seems to have never seen morning traffic before. (An alien???) Oh yeah, because it's morning - I forgot to take the liquid pack out of my bag. TSA never said a word. Have I really gone back in time. Weird!

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Time Warp

On the bus headed to Logan. The bus date/time said it's November 5, 1989. So if you don't see me again, you'll know why.

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October 23, 2008

Good Thing I Have A Blackberry

There's been quite a lot going on the last few weeks. Lots of plane reservations and travel and even more work.

Last night young son arrived in town. He'll be here until the end of the month before heading back to Germany.

Tomorrow I head to Tennessee for the weekend - young son and beloved husband shall have the house to themselves.

It's the yearly migration of bloggers to the house of The Straight White Guy. Yes peeps, Thelma and Joo-ese will ride again, bloggers shall congregate, much alcohol shall be imbibed, much music shall pour forth, not to mention college football on tv, trips to the local corn maze, possibly some shooting shall take place, rockets might be launched... One never knows with this group.

I'm not taking my computer - only my Blackberry... and my camera. I need pictures. I may blog a bit from the BB or not. Depends on whether I remember or not. We shall see.

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