November 29, 2008

Walk Around the Block

It's time for another walk around the block.  Now it's winter and there's a bit more to see since the leaves aren't in the way.

We came across this kitty who regarded us with utter disdain as I stopped to grab a shot of him/her...

The local pond has no more of the fall colors around it, but it does create a lovely reflection.

Apparently there is a beaver or two living around this pond... we have run across more than one downed tree.

Too bad this was a camera instead of an air gun.  These dratted things are still out making pests of themselves.

I find it amazing we don't see more trees down around here.  But every once in a while we come across one that has fallen over.

Now here's a Thanksgiving decorating idea that would have lasted about 30 seconds in any other place we've lived.  Around here though, no one bothers it.  Amazing.

We also have these natural things that many people pay huge $$ to create in their yards...


Some people around here have had their rock walls reworked.  I like this one, they used a naturally occurring rock as a cornerstone.  (of course getting rid of it would have meant having to blast, so it's not surprising they used it)

Yes, we have quite a number of these large rocks all over the place.

And since we are basically in a forest - lots and lots of trees everywhere.

No matter which way you look.

Biggest surprise so far has been this house.

The pic above was taken in June.  It has been empty since we moved here.  We often wondered who owned it, how old it was, what it might look like inside, how many families had lived there and raised kids...

It was more than a surprise to walk by yesterday and see this...

Yes, it's completely gone.  The bare dirt you see in the back is all that's left of where the house stood.  Disconcerting.  Maybe the house had severe issues and wasn't worth saving.  Still it's a bit sad to see it gone.

Now we wonder if they're going to build something new.  It will give us something to watch for.

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November 28, 2008

Forgot Something

The more I try to remember it - the more it is simply not there.  *sigh*  How very annoying.

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November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving All

Slept late.  Will soon put my pie in the oven, have dinner 3/4 done, it's sunny, and I've had my Starbucks. 

I love Thankgiving.

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November 26, 2008

Headlines - Because We Should All Be Informed!

I ran across this one and just can't stop giggling...

U.N. Urged to Take Action Against Killer Asteroids

Are they going to have a "serious talk" to the asteroids?  Are they going to draft security resolutions and send them out to the asteroids?  Are they going to deploy unarmed troops to keep them in line?  Are they going to send consultants who will gripe about the lack of good accommodations on the asteroids?  Will there be a vote by the security council about the barbarity of the threats to the asteroids?

Inquiring minds want to know.


While I'm sad for the poor turtles...

Endangered sea turtles killed by cold snap

I can't help but wonder how the environmentalists will spin this so they can blame global warming.


Google admits to violating iPhone development terms

Once again it sounds like Google's motto has left off 2 words...

Don't be evil... to google.


New Cases of Cancer Decline in the U.S.

Oops - someone at the NYT slipped. They actually printed - good - news. This shall wreak havoc for all news reporters going forward because they rely on scaring us with reports of how every thing we do or don't do will cause cancer.


Does this mean President-elect Obama is saying "up yours" to the feminists?

The Return of Larry Summers

Last I heard, most of the radical feminists would settle for no less than the man's scalp in payment for his remarks about women and science. (Not that they had a single solitary FACT to dispute him - no they couldn't be bothered with FACTS - just burn him at the stake please.) Oh yeah, it's gonna be a fun 4 years...


Last of all...

Obama: 'Help is on the way'

Alrighty then!  I feel MUCH better. 


And now you know.  This should get you through the long weekend and even put you to sleep after the big meal tomorrow. 

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November 25, 2008

I Was Going to Blog Something...

Now I can't remember what it was.  It was wildly profound though... and I'm sure it would have been vastly enlightening to the entire human race.

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November 24, 2008

I Am Annoyed

What is it with people? I just had a "personal trainer" try to tell me that weight bearing exercise like pilates just "isn't enough" to keep your bones healthy. That I NEED to do weight training.

Pardon me... I realize I don't do this very often, but I think I feel the need to say -

I call bullshit.

I was a bit short with her. Apparently I was supposed to, like a good little girl old lady, develop a workout on the weights - whether that's what I wanted or not. I was told that "pilates is all well and good, but you need to do weights to develop better bones and muscle tone as you age". I looked at her surprised and said "then you've never done pilates".

That's when she claimed she was certified in pilates... I can't imagine where she did her training if she thinks there isn't enough strength training in it - good certifications take at least 2 years of hard work and even then you may not have reached an advanced enough level to do the really intensive work outs on the equipment.

I'm not buying. I have zero interest in strength training of that type. I told that to the guy who manages the place and he insisted I set up this time with her to develop a work out... I figured I could get some pointers on an aerobic program - silly me.

Weight bearing exercise along with the machines I'm using in some of the pilates classes, have got me in better shape than I've ever been in as far as my muscles are concerned. That's more than enough for me. I've done weight machines before - I find them to be a total and complete bore.

Did he think I was kidding when I said I wanted to go there to use the elipticals and possibly the treadmill at times? It's like I'm talking to a brick wall.

I kept telling her I wanted to develop an AEROBIC workout. Oh, well, she didn't want to be bothered with that. For that I apparently have to come to a "class"...

ARG! I already do 3 pilates classes a week. This was not something she wanted to deal with. She wanted me to do weights.

After a while she eventually got it and she left me to the eliptical where I did an easy 20 minutes because I was there - I do have a pilates class later that will kick my ass so I didn't want to be too tired.

At the moment I'm really ticked off and thinking this gym thing isn't going to work out so well for me. We'll see.

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November 23, 2008

Vermont In Winter

Or maybe I should make that quasi-winter. The leaves had fallen, but the snow hadn't when we headed to Quechee last weekend.  No matter the time of year, it's very pretty up there.  See...

We met Barb and had lunch at Simon Pearce.  It's a terrific place - there is an outstanding restaurant plus they do lovely glass.  The portion of the building jutting over the river is the restaurant.  And sadly part of my sleeve ended up in the pic.  Oh well. 

Maybe you will notice... it was just a tad bit windy that day.  And a leetle chilly. I would be the jolly green giant in that pic (or would that be blue giant - blue with cold that is)

I'm covered for the rest of the winter though - Barb knit me this terrific pair of socks...

I love 'em - great colors.  (yes the carpet is really that green - as I said over  at smugmug... the people we bought the house from LOVED green... this is my office carpet - I feel like I should be playing golf - heh) Anyhow, Barb makes it sound like knitting is so easy.  I know it's not, I can't even knit a scarf, but she does gorgeous work.  The pattern and everything - just outstanding.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  There are a few more pics with captions over at smugmug.  So, head over and check them out.

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November 22, 2008

It's Victory In Iraq Day!

Happy VI Day to everyone.

I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY recognition that will be given to our troops for their excellent work in completely routing the enemy in Iraq.  

Thank you to all the military out there who have worked so very hard to bring this about. 

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November 21, 2008

Now All I Need Is Extra Energy

Nearly the end of the work day on Friday.  Woot!  Excellent.  Decided to post some wandering thoughts.

Have you donated to Valor-IT?  If you said no and you aren't unemployed - then hit the link on my sidebar and give them a little something even $5.  Just think, if everyone gave $5 - they could help every injured soldier.  So make a soldier's Christmas a bit brighter.

Just finished 3 jobs that came in late today - glad they're done and I don't have to worry about them.

I'm in the midst of reading 2 books and just had a 3rd arrive this afternoon.  Two of the three are for work.  Interesting stuff, but I look at them and feel tired.  I know this is all a state of mind and I must change that. Or maybe I just need a glass of wine and dinner.

I belong to a professional group.  They (very rashly) made me their VP - well I was more of the default as it's a job no one ever wants.  heh.  This means I get to plan meetings for the next 2 years - although we currently have meetings scheduled through the middle of next year so I have breathing room. I've never planned meetings at this level before.  I know I need some sort of organization, but haven't figured out what.  Spreadsheet, notebook, something.  I can't leave it all in emails - nothing will work right.    I must come up with a plan to keep meeting info all in one place - contacts, check lists, etc.  Suggestions?

Excitement of the day... bought a new headset for my work phone.  I broke the other one yesterday at some point and I can't live without it - it's one of those that goes around the top of the head with an earpiece and boom mike.  Does this mean my head is getting too big?  With all the brain cells that seem to be abandoning ship, you'd think it would be shrinking.

The Blackberry Storm came out today.  Many are rushing to buy.  I think I'll wait and see.  It's appealing on a purely geeky level - much as the iPhone is... you know... something new to play with.  But I don't have time for it now and my current phone works just fine.  All I wish for is a better calendar feature.  There is one in process, but the company writing the software hasn't finished it yet - I won't buy it until it syncs to Outlook - I understand that part is still in Beta testing. (can't live without my calendar - but the BB calendar is terrible.  I still find it incomprehesible that a business smart phone has such a sucky calendar app - geeze)

While in the local Best Buy looking for a headset (they rearranged the entire store for Christmas and I had to ask where they moved the "regular phone stuff") I walked past a Play Station 3... Blue Ray... hmmm... maybe for Christmas. 

Last of all - why is it, whenever I want to get somewhere at a specific time, some old geezer gets on the road right in front of  me and putts along way way under the speed limit.  I never have this problem when I don't have a time limit.

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November 19, 2008

VI Day - Coming Saturday!

More tomorrow.  For now - hit the link in my sidebar and donate to Valor-IT so our injured soldiers can join us for all the fun!

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