December 30, 2008

Weird Stuff That Happens

As I said, the electrician was here today fixing things.  Of course they did have to turn off the electricity to work on the lines.

When they started turning it back on, things came on in "shifts".  We were in the kitchen and noticed that we had lights and the answering machine was on, but not the appliances.  Then the microwave clock came on and the refrigerator fired up.

Then - all by itself, the dryer turned on. And off...

We have an electric dryer and it has a computer in it. One of those that senses the clothes and whether they are dry or not.   Yeah, it turned on and off all by itself. 

As far as I know, in the few times we've lost power, it's never done that.  Let's hope this is not a trend.  I don't want it turning on and off at random intervals. 

Creepy stuff this electricity.

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This morning, the electrician came as promised and restored the electric box to its rightful place on the side of the house.  Not without issues - it was windy as hell today.  At one point the ladder was up against the house and the two guys doing the work were down on the ground when the wind took the ladder and blew it over! I think we'll have some broken bushes, but at least it didn't go through a window or something like that.

Since I knew this was the only thing holding back the phone work, I headed out to use my cell and call the phone company.  Truly I didn't expect to see them before Friday - after all it's the holidays.  The woman I talked to told me she would try to get someone out ASAP and not make us wait, but I wasn't given a time.

They showed up tonight at 8pm!!! It was really dark out there.  

It took them about 1 hour and 45 minutes and lots of work on the lift, and my phones are back. 

I must give kudos to Verizon for getting out here and getting the job done so quickly.  I am amazed. 

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December 29, 2008


The electric company guys were here today to put the lines back up on the house. 


Took them about 45 minutes. 

Tomorrow the electrician comes to put the box back up. After that I can call the phone company and get my phone lines back. 

Life shall then return to its normal state of chaos. 


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One Way or Another

It's been a hell of a few weeks.  I'm so glad December is almost over.  I have a laundry list of things to do over the next few days that I have let slide lately. 

Tonight I'll be creating my todo list in an effort to get things rolling.  That might work.  Or not.  Because it's all personal stuff and not work related, I tend to not place the same emphasis on it.  Not a good thing, but there it is. 

I am currently residing in that state of "I have too much to do, where do I start".  A place I truly hate. The only way out of it is to start in on something.  Therefore, I'm pondering which thing to start first.  Once begun, I may be able to keep the ball rolling and finish. 

The worst of it is, it likely will not take as long as I think it will to accomplish 80% of the tasks. 

So, I'm off to make my lists.  We shall see what comes of it all. Right now I'm tired... simply contemplating is sapping my energy. Time to "do" instead of think.

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December 28, 2008

Baby Cakes

Yesterday Sissy and Tuck's beloved kitty, Baby Cakes, slipped away from this world on soft kitty feet. 

I have tried, without success, to think of some comforting words for them.  Unfortunately, I am not finding any. 

The most difficult thing we face with pets is the fact that their stay with us will be so very short.  With Baby, the loss was sudden and very unexpected. 

I had met Baby on several occasions.  A lovely kitty, most regal.  He even favored me with a stroll across my lap once.  I will always remember him fondly.  May he be happily catching many mice and cavorting with all of our dearly loved pets that have gone before.

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December 26, 2008

This and That

What's up?

Well, darling daughter is on her way back home.  Today the flight went out as scheduled, so she won't be getting back to Chicago really really late.  This is a good thing.


On Christmas Eve we had another power outage - it was excessively windy.  Power went out about 11pm, came on at midnight for 3 minutes, went out again until 1:30am and has remained on since.  This was a neighborhood thing (not just our lines) because everyone around us was down too. 

All those blogs I was going to visit - well, I didn't quite get there. 

Best laid plans and all that...


Found out that Skype charges extra to call cell phones in other countries - over and above the standard call rates to landlines.

Tried to add money to the skype account so we could call young son.  Unfortunately, only after trying to add money via paypal, did I find out it would be up to 48 hours before that money showed up on the account.

We ended up driving down to the parking lot of the local farmstand by the highway and calling via cell phone.

Apparently I can't read when I'm in a hurry and missed the landline part of the skype website details.

I want my real phone back.

There have been technical problems at work today that make me want to scream.   There are days when I really hate computers.


Have I done enough complaining for the day?  

I thought so.

Now I have to get back to work. 

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December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas All

Darling daughter is here, we braved the traffic at the liquor store in order to buy some really good stuff   dinner is in the oven, the pie is finished and looks wonderful, football is on television tonight (I like college football), daughter texted to her brother (we'll call him tomorrow).

It's raining instead of snowing or icing!

So far it's shaping up to be an excellent holiday all the way around. 

I hope everyone else out there has a wonderful Christmas too.  I shall attempt to get around to all the blogs later tonight and maybe I'll even make it!   (it's the season for miracles after all)

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December 22, 2008

Conversation With Darling Daughter

My daughter managed (probably because no phone would dare thwart her) to get through to my cell phone last night.  She had tales to tell and threats of possible disconnect did not deter her.

It seems she was walking to the store yesterday and went to cross the street, whereupon the wind blew so hard, it stopped her (and everyone else crossing) in the middle of the street and proceeded to blow her backward. 

She said people in cars waiting for the light to turn were laughing. 

Then she walked into the coffee shop to get something hot to drink, only to find that the metal clasp on her purse had frozen shut on her half mile walk from home.  She had to breathe on it to thaw it out and get it open.  The girl working the register was apparently fascinated, never having seen anyone's purse freeze shut before. 

Chicago at -2 with full on wind gusts of 40+ mph. Gotta love it when the jet stream comes to town. Heh.

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Seriously... Are They Afraid of the Competition?

Ah the fun continues. 

It seems, when my husband called the electric company today, that we are on "a list".  The person he talked to had no idea why anyone was told they would be here on Friday to fix the wires. 

No, they aren't giving any time line at all.  The only thing they'll say is that we are "on the list and they'll get to us".  Might be tomorrow, might be in a few weeks.  We have no clue (nor do they apparently).

This being the case, I finally set up a Skype account.  I paid for one month so I can call anyone with a regular phone (too bad everyone isn't just on skype - it'd be free).  And I can call young son on Christmas Day and harass him. 

However, no one can call me from a phone because I don't have a number (they cost extra and I only want to use this thing until my phone is back).  Of course anyone else using skype can "call" me, but that's online.

I've been running like mad all day - back and forth.  Spent over an hour on my cell at Starbucks this morning before finding out that there was no line repair imminent.

After setting up Skype, I needed to call the regular phone company to postpone their service visit.  Well, why not use skype... then I don't have to leave the house and sit in a parking lot. 

Except that Skype doesn't work!  I tried to dial the number 5 times (I'm nothing if not persistent).  It kept telling me "the number you are dialing does not exist". Wha????

Of course it exists, it belongs to a friggin phone company!  Just connect me. 

But no, I had to drive down to the local farmstand and sit in my car in the cold and call instead.  (I need a good headbanging icon to insert here). 

I couldn't put the repair on hold (how silly is that) no, the most they could do was push the repair date out.  This means I'll be having to call after Christmas if the line is still down - I expect it will be.

All this ticky-tacky calling back and forth  is most annoying.  There must be a better way.  Sheesh!

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December 21, 2008

Tuesday? Maybe...

So I called the phone company today from my cell.  After wending my way through the maze of answering systems and finally getting hold of a real person, I guess we were right, the phone company won't do anything with the phone wire until the power line is connected back to the house. 

The earliest is Tuesday.  That is if the electric company peeps get here tomorrow.  I am seriously tempted to head to Starbucks with the laptop tomorrow and work from there for a few hours so I can call people with my cell and not have connection issues. 

Honestly I was looking at Skype today, but I guess what we've got going is okay until the regular line is back up.  Of course if the regular line isn't back, we won't be calling young son in Germany on Christmas day because it would be just our luck, we'd get connected and then the cell would drop the signal (even in a high coverage area).

So far this has not been a banner holiday season for us.  I have totally given up on doing any Christmas cards... really, what do I say...

I'll probably send out New Years letters to people who haven't heard from me in a while.  I think that's about the best I can do at the moment. 

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