February 29, 2008

Support The Paratroopers in Afghanistan!

Blackfive has the story.

Now, as if the Taliban and Al Qaeda, bad weather, and lack of support here at home weren't bad enough, the New York Times has published a one-sided view of the paratroopers tour in Afghanistan.

And so now we have cause to band together again and send massive support down range. Here's why:...

Go read the rest - these guys need to hear from us and know we support them! He's got the email addy plus a snail mail addy if you want to send a card. Keep it simple and short, but lets do what we did for the Marines...

Not too long ago, Blackfive readers, joined by thousands of readers from other blogs, sent over 30,000 emails of support to Marines in Iraq.  The Marines had to shut down the email address because you all were causing bandwidth issues with the support we were sending.

Can it be done again?  Can we let these guys know how much it means to us that they are doing such a grueling job?  I think so!  Head over to Matt's click the email link - let's take down the server.

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February 28, 2008

You'll Forgive Me If I Don't Cheer For This Guy Anymore

It seems that Manny Ramirez couldn't be bothered to make the trip to Washington DC for the President to congratulate the team. Well, I don't much care about that, but in skipping the trip, he also skipped something else...

But the president also had some serious things to say -- in particular when he thanked the Red Sox for taking the time, during their quick visit to the Capitol, to visit wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

"These champs," Bush said, "have got a chance to bring some joy in somebody's heart, and I want to thank you for really honoring the true heroes of the United States of America, those who wear the uniform of our country."

What a guy. Apparently he is too important to be bothered by such little people.

I think Jim Donaldson says it all:

While Manny is a certified baseball hero who certainly has brought joy to the hearts of Red Sox fans with his clutch hitting, heaven forbid that any devoted citizen of Red Sox Nation ever confuse Ramirez with being a true hero, simply because wears the uniform of their favorite baseball team.

Not when he can't be bothered to fly a few hours to spend a few minutes with wounded veterans who proudly wore the uniform of their country, and now his country.

I will have to disagree with one point.  I no longer consider Manny to be a "baseball hero".  He is merely a very good player.  And while I don't wish any ill on the Red Sox team, I won't be cheering for Manny this year. I may even be leaving the room while he takes his at bats.

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When Schools Do Something Nice

We jump all over schools for doing bad stuff, so when they do something really good, I think they should be complimented.

The graduation ceremony at an Anne Arundel County high school lasted all of five minutes, just long enough for one teenager to walk across the stage in cap and gown as his family and friends cheered.

The miniature commencement yesterday at South River High School, to a piped-in version of "Pomp and Circumstance," granted the wish of Joy Washington, who fears that she won't live long enough to see her son graduate in May.

The Edgewater resident has been battling ovarian cancer for nine years, and her doctors told her recently that she might not have much time left.

Congratulations to the school officials for making this a special day for the young man and his mother.  They could've stayed with a simple picture of him in cap and gown, but they went the extra mile.

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If you live in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, auto insurance price controls are in your future. You may say... "okay, so what?"

A 27-year-old single woman with a perfect driving record could see her insurance premium increase an average of 5.2 percent this year, while an older married couple who each had major at-fault accidents every three years could have their premiums decrease by nearly 14 percent under the state's new competitive auto insurance system, which takes effect April 1, according to two consumer groups that analyzed rates.

Now there's a real incentive to drive safely! (And this is a state with some of the worst drivers I've ever seen.)
Throughout the overhaul process, consumer advocates including Attorney General Martha Coakley argued that the new system lacks some safeguards to ensure pricing is fair. At the center of the debate is whether insurers can use socioeconomic factors - such as age, income, credit, marital status, or home ownership - in determining rates.

What does your credit rating, income, marital status, or whether or not you own a home, have to do with how you drive? Who the hell cares! We have to make things "fair"!!! Fair is necessary!

So, if you drive like an idiot and you constantly are having accidents, but you're married, own a home, and have good credit... well, that's okay then. We'll "share" the cost among the rest of the people who are good drivers, because, we wouldn't want you to feel bad about your insurance bill.

Of course the people who are all for this redistribution of rates "fairness" have this to say:
James T. Harrington, executive director of the Massachusetts Insurance Federation Inc., an industry group that has pushed for the new system, said, "The authors of this paper have been antagonistic to reform since Day One, and this is just an eleventh-hour attempt to discredit managed competition."

"Managed competition"? There is either "competition" or there is "control". There is no such thing as "managed competition" - not when the government is involved.

How long before the entire system collapses under the weight of all the micromanagement by the state? We shall see.

UPDATE: Okay, beloved husband raise the point that:  what would these people be paying in other states for their insurance?  Is the 27 y/o paying an artificially low amount right now?  Hard to tell since the article didn't say anything about it.  I still don't like how much this state sticks its nose into that stuff.  Also, currently the state has controlled the business to the point where they had to give up some control to get insurers to do business here. It's just very weird.  I want to move to a place with less government interference - I don't think it exists, more's the pity.

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Finally Found It

Quite a long time ago I subscribed to Fox News Breaking News Alerts.  (no I'm not going to link them - I'm lazy - google it if you want to know).  In any case, I've been exasperated for quite some time with the "service". 

I don't know if it's my email provider or if it's them.  But most of the "breaking news" alerts are so old by the time they hit my inbox, I've stopped opening them because I knew about the story between 6 to 24 hours earlier.  Also, I will receive multiple "alerts" about the same story - much like turning on the news channel and watching the daily loop (something I don't do).  Why do I need 5 emails to tell me about one event?  Isn't the first email the "Breaking News"?  After that it can't be called "breaking" anymore... it's just "news" or in this case, "news spam".

Today, I had enough.  I got a news alert at 3pm saying...


Alrighty then.  I hope everyone had fun.  Not that I would have listened in - I seldom listen to press conferences. I merely use this as an example.   It's a complete waste of my time, receiving emails about events "long past" in internet terms and even in real time terms.

I may try to subscribe with another address through a different email service, but this has shown me, my own news page is sufficient in keeping me up to date.

I can't remember the last time a "Breaking News Alert" let me know about a big story before it hit the rest of the net.

Oh yeah... what did I finally find?  Which email address I had used to subscribe.  I couldn't remember.  Heh.

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Help a Kitty

Erica's parents have a very cute kitty (is there any other kind?) and she's pretty sick right now. If you have a few spare prayers and good wishes, please send them along to her. 

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About As Spur of the Moment As I Ever Get

So what's it like in Joisey in April?  I'll be finding out. Our man on the Parkway and Fausta  are putting their heads together to create a Joisey meet up. 

In the space of a few hours of frenetic emails with Erica, plans were completed and most details fixed up.  Now all I have to do is find the train station.  (easier said than done around here, but I have time)

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February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley Jr

Has passed away

I used to enjoy listening to him talk.  He used "big words" and used them well.  What a unique characteristic.  (and a sad commentary on our society that this IS a unique thing)

He challenged his listeners with his arguments.  He assumed his listeners could think and reason, thus he earned my great respect. He was one of the few people in the media I never felt was "dumbing down" to capture an audience.  He expected people to rise to his level.  How refreshing!

One thing I haven't done, I've never read any of his books.  I think I should read at least one in his honor. 

Rest In Peace Sir.

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Because You Know... They Just Keep Shooting People

Headline today

Move To Take Toll Workers' Guns Sparks Debate

BOSTON -- A move to take guns away from toll booth workers has sparked debate, even though many people may have been unaware that some of the employees have been armed for years.

I see we have a problem here. There are guns being carried by tollway workers... you know, the people who get to deal with mega amounts of cash on a daily basis. Surely there could be no earthly reason they need to protect themselves - right?

The new Turnpike Authority chief Alan LeBovidge, however, is now saying no more to the old policy.

He told the Boston Herald, "I didn't want to have a wild wild west show out there. I could find nothing to show these employees had state police training that would make them qualified to carry guns."

You will notice that he doesn't quite mention what incidents he qualifies as a "Wild West show". Nope. No need. Just the fact that they have guns - THAT makes it the "wild west".

Of course simply taking the step of making the workers who carry, prove that they are competent to handle firearms would be just a tad too logical. After all, it might mean they could prove their ability to handle such heinous things as guns and then LeBovidge would have no grounds to get rid of the weapons.

I've been here for about 2.5 years. In that time, there has not been a single headline on my reader from the Boston area about a tollway worker even pulling a gun in self defense, much less shooting one. And you know, I kinda think that might actually make some headline news around here. Just a "shot in the dark" if you will.

But now of course, this mega-moron has just informed every low-life around the Boston area that he is disarming the tollway workers. Brilliant! He should go to work for a bank somewhere, he could post their protection plans for the world to see, just to show how he's keeping the world safe!

Any bets on how soon the first robbery occurs? I wonder if this LeBovidge will get a cut of the take since he is so gung-ho to make it possible, maybe he has a gang ready to roll once the guns are gone.

Thank you Mr. LeBovidge - you are certainly making the world safer for the criminals out there. Heaven knows we wouldn't want any of them to be hurt while pursuing their chosen profession. As for the rest of us, the workers handling large amounts of cash, the couriers traveling with cash, and the unsuspecting drivers on the tollway - apparently we aren't worth the effort to protect.

Why not put up a neon sign and be done with it - Tollway Cash Available Here - Come and Get It.

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This 'n That

It snowed today - about 6 inches... then it started raining.  We used the snowblower on the drive, but soppy wet snow gets really heavy really fast. It clogs the snow blower and is nearly impossible to shovel. Slop, slop, slop.  Who knows if it will melt or just freeze into a massive sheet of ice. Please don't try to tell me the weather people have even a small clue.
Tomorrow I go back to pilates.  I will be very very sore.
Watched 2 excellent college basketball games this week.  Saw Tennessee beat Memphis on Saturday night then saw Vanderbilt beat Tennessee tonight.  These college kids just flat out play their hearts out. It's fun to watch.
Did I mention I hate February?  Well, I do.  Lousiest month of the year.  Did I say it's raining?  Oh yeah, I did.  And it is.
The midwest is flat... very flat.  They don't call it the Great Plains for nothing.  It's easy to forget when you don't see it for a while.
Why does our town post office have to be 6 miles in the opposite direction of any other destination I had today?  Since I had to restart the mail, I had to make the extra loop.  Whereupon the woman at the post office brings me a weeks worth of mail, in a big farookin' stack, carried in her arms, instead of in a bag.  Apparently, they don't do bags anymore.  If I had known I would've brought my own.  As it was, I was waiting to trip over a non-existent curb and send 5 million pieces of mail flying about the parking lot.  I lucked out and didn't do anything stupid like that though.  A comedy moment for the town that didn't happen.  I'm sure there are some disappointed people tonight.
I don't think I mentioned that Richmond has the cutest puppies on the face of the earth. She does.
Earthquake felt across large parts of Britain 
I blame global warming. 
Now I'm off to read. 

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