March 31, 2008

Soon I Hope

Not this week, but I hope next week, I can get working on my blog roll.  It's so out of date.  I mostly browse from my feed reader now and I keep forgetting to update my blog.  (oh okay -  I don't forget - it's just a  PITA  to go messing about with it and I'm  farookin' lazy)

Sooo... after the blog meet when I can add yet more peeps to the "bloggers I've met", I will also be adding some of the others who have made it into my reader but not my sidebar. 

I know I'm a slug - I apologize. 

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Geeky... Yes That's Me

So the class I'm taking on Mondays is a geeky computer prep class for a certification test. I enjoy taking classes - in person - NOT via computer.  It's been so long since I've taken a good class, I nearly forgot how fun it is. There's something about the give and take of conversation that adds so much to the learning.

And as it's been so long since I've taken a real "class", I forgot how much the people amuse me. There are 25 men and me. I must say I was surprised because I expected a few more women, but there it is. The guys range in age from 2 or 3 in their late 20's to mostly 30's and 40's with a couple of older ones. They all have interesting jobs - a few of which I rather envy.

We're in  a large room and everyone sits  well spaced (somewhat...) and pretty much heads to the same location each class.  Then (naturally) with all that space, someone has to sit directly behind me.  *sigh*

Of course we have all the accoutrements that might be expected with a classroom full of geeks. It should go without saying that there are several laptops fired up in the course of the evening - I have yet to figure out why as no one seems to be typing to take notes and they don't appear to be online browsing either - odd.  The guy who doesn't turn off the ringer on his phone until the 3rd time it rings, the guy who brings his dinner in with him and eats at his chair (instead of in his car) before class starts - munching away contentedly and loudly, the guy who brings snack food in crinkly cellophane and sits behind me, eating and kicking the back of my chair.  The guy who seems to be new to this area of computerese and thus asks many questions I find surprising.  I'm trying to figure out if he'll pass the test or not - oh what the hell... I'm trying to figure out if I'LL pass the test or not.  Heh.

As for me - I can't sit still.  I'm constantly moving about in my chair.  First of all because I am nearly always uncomfortable in conference room chairs (and this is basically a large conference room with chairs and no writing tables).  Second because it makes me jumpy when there's plenty of space in a room and someone sits directly behind me... don't know why this is and it doesn't matter if it's a man or woman.  If the room is crowded, it doesn't bother me. 

The guy teaching the class is good.  He's been able to get some of the people talking (a major accomplishment from guys who would much rather send email than speak to people). And he knows his stuff, even though he claims to have little knowledge of certain aspects.  He's "teaching to the test" which is exactly what I was looking for.  All in all, it's been fun and we're only half way through. 

I'll have to see how the test goes.  This has made me start thinking I might like to go back to school again for a while.  But we'll see.  First I have to figure out if my brain cells still work.  I'm not so sure at the moment - only the test results will tell. That's not until the end of May.

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Ah Yes, It's Monday Again...

And once again I was up early for my pilates class. Different teacher this time so I'm not sore tonight. OTOH there are just some things I can NOT do in the morning.

Went to my class tonight which was fun.

Got home and realized that someone must have unleashed thousands of new spambots lately... my spam has nearly doubled in the last few days.

If I was so inclined, with a click of a link from one of these emails, I could: work at home (oops already do that), lose weight, earn a degree (got one), get drugs, "make her happy"... among many other things. I could - right? *sigh*

For the Vista users - I ran across this little gem.

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

Creative Labs has enraged customers by threatening a developer with legal action after he wrote drivers that allowed its products to run smoothly on Vista.

Soundcard maker Creative accused the developer, known only as daniel_k, of theft and warned him not to infringe its intellectual property.

Daniel_k has created a number of drivers which make Creative's soundcards work smoothly on PCs running Windows Vista. He had posted a link to them on a forum on Creative's website and many users had downloaded them.

So let me get this straight... Creative has a product that claims to be Vista compatible.  It's not.  Someone with know-how posts drivers that actually make the product work.  They are threatening legal action for...

"We own the rights to the materials that you are distributing. By enabling our technology and IP to run on soundcards for which it was not originally offered or intended, you are, in effect, stealing our goods."

I must be missing something.  He created a driver that allowed the hardware to work correctly and that is stealing?  Did he ask for money?  I didn't notice it in the story.  It was never stated that he gained monetarily.  Only that he wrote drivers for hardware to run on Vista - when the company has been selling the hardware knowing full well it does NOT work properly with Vista.  Or was he also writing drivers so older cards work on Vista... cards people already paid for and expect they should be able to use?

If this story is correct - who is doing the stealing? 

Good job Creative - you have to know that this kind of word goes viral very fast on the internet.  Do you have Dogbert heading up your Public Relations? 

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March 30, 2008

Nope - Take Those Shoes Off

A few weeks ago I saw a promising headline and I was really hoping things would change at the airport security check in. Today I saw this story...

TSA tries soothing screening process

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Transportation Security Administration hopes to create a kinder, gentler screening process and will test it soon at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Other U.S. airports could see it later this year.

"This is the first significant change to the checkpoint since the 1970s," TSA chief Kip Hawley said.

The checkpoint to be tested in May at one terminal in Baltimore is based on a simple premise: serenity adds security. Mauve lights glow softly, soothing music hums, and smiling employees offer quiet greetings and assistance.

Oh for heaven sake! Mauve lights? Charming screeners? Soothing music? (this one I've GOT to hear)

I'd ask if they were kidding, but sadly they are not only "not kidding" but they seem to be excited about this touchy feely new and improved TSA experience. *sigh* Who is running TSA anyhow? Did they put Code Pink in charge? You know... the wackos who believe that if there were none of those evil things called weapons - everyone would get along just great...

Hey TSA! I'll let you in on a secret. Want to make things easier? Let me leave my farookin' shoes on! Have TSA people work the line and find out who hasn't got a single brain in their head - send them to the "slow line" so the rest of us can get through quicker. Create a line for people traveling with children in strollers and all the billion pounds of "carry on" crap that accompanies travel with tiny kid(s).

Those kind of things will make me happy. That will help. I'll tell you now, colored lights and music will not make me any happier in that friggin' line. However, it is nice when I am polite to a TSA agent, that they return the favor. (those are generally called manners - I think they'll have to send 90% of their screeners to school to learn this brand new concept)

So, I was right not to hold my breath. They really aren't going to change anything. For that matter, they're going to ADD yet another PITA:

The test will include a machine that uses harmless radio waves to scan passengers under their clothes for hidden weapons. Passengers will be selected randomly for the scanning after they go through a metal detector. Screeners will view images of passengers' bodies in a remote room and delete them.

Yes, you too may be one of the lucky ones to have your body scanned in addition to taking off half your clothes, unpacking most of your baggage and getting to stand in those lovely long lines.

Great. I think I'll start taking the train. I'll let you know after my big train adventure this weekend. I've about had it with air travel.

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Down to the wire.  Every shot counted.

Congratulations to Kansas for squeaking by Davidson to go on to the final four. 

Congratulations to Davidson for playing so damned well. 

I was pulling for Davidson.  Even though, looking at Kansas and knowing Davidson would be playing in the land of the giants, I never thought it would be that close.  If only they had made that last three at the buzzer...

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March 29, 2008

A Film Maker You Should Support!

Tired of the anti-military bias of Hollywood? Then you need to support JD Johannes!

Go Outside the Wire  see what's happening from a guy who has put his life on the line to bring you the story.

From his blog about trying to beat Hollywood at their own game without any budget at all:

Brian DePalma's 'Redacted' grossed $65,388, but cost $5million to make and 'Home of the Brave' only brought in $51,708 domestically.

To put that in perspective, I made my documentaries for under $60,000--that is the trip to Iraq and editing, audio studio, music, digital animations, etc., EVERYTHING.

To beat 'Redacted's' box office gross, takes the sale of 2,900 DVDs.  Just 2,900 DVDs sold.

To demonstrate to Hollywood and the cable TV networks that a pro-victory documentary is viable, I need to sell 2,900 in 6 weeks.

Let's help him beat Hollywood!  Order your copy today - blog it - let your friends and family know!

BTW - I had some trouble buying through the home site.  So I ordered mine from Amazon.  Here is Amazon's list of all his DVD's - if you can't manage the more expensive set - just order a single for less!

This is the internet - 2900 copies should be nothing!  Spread the word - get your copy of any one of his DVD's and support a pro-military film maker!

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March 28, 2008

Giving All the Help You Can

Sissy Willis brings us one of her usual excellent posts filled with her trademark witty  juxtapositions.

But it's her link to the British Pig Farmer's site... calling for the British public to

Stand By Your Ham

that was a fitting way to wind up this Friday.  While it's no laughing matter to these farmers - the video itself... well that's a hoot. 

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March 27, 2008

It's Officially Friday Here

Thank heaven.  I just need to make it through the day.  Then one of 2 peeps on vacation will return to work on Monday.  Yes, 2 out of 5 people have been gone this week.  Or technically you could say 2 out of 4 because my boss does vastly different work than the day to day production.

Currently, very tired, all keyed up (which is why I'm blogging and not sleeping), every muscle in my body is screaming... yes, another pilates class today***.

***must keep moving must keep trying for some sort of muscle tone - if I stop I will solidify into a large, unmoving, blob - I don't find that an appealing option.

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Maybe This Explains It

A while back I was doing an update of Quick Time and not paying close attention. So, I got iTunes too. Well... so be it. I use it to download free podcasts which is pretty nice with the subscribe feature.

In anycase, the other day I got a notice that I could "update iTunes for Safari".

What? I'm not running a Mac, so what's the deal?

Apple grants Windows PCs the right to run Safari for Windows

Ah, maybe they were preemptively trying to mess things up so I would have to run Safari or maybe it went out to everyone.  I have no idea. 

I wonder how many people without Safari installed the update.  I also wonder if it broke anything on machines not running Safari.  I'm gonna take a wild guess and say yes.   Mind you - it's only a guess - based on the experience of updates over lo these many years.  Update for software not on the system?  Nearly always a problem.

Well, I like my Firefox and have no wish to change it. Period.  I'll have to be careful and make sure I don't accidentally end up downloading Safari the next time a security update comes around.  *sigh*

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March 26, 2008


Very  busy...

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