August 30, 2008


Go here.  Scroll down to the gray box and read Mike Huckabee's response to the question of the evening...

Perfect.  I'm still laughing.

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August 29, 2008

This N That

A few things are rattling around in my head, so I thought I'd get them out before trying to sleep.  Heh.

My lower jaw still hurts where I got the Novacaine shot when I was at the dentist the other day.  I knew it would because she really got the nerve good on that one. It's simply an annoying reminder.  It will be gone in another couple of days, but I'd prefer to forget about it right now.

I created a twitter account after commenting at Erica's that I didn't have one because I had no time for it.   It's not really because I have anything to "tweet" but because I wanted to follow a couple of peeps in particular.  I have no picture of me to put on my twitter page.  It could be because cameras don't like me. I always have the lovely red-eye demon look and/or the addition of 3 extra chins in every picture I do have.  (I still don't have a facebook or myspace page and don't plan on changing that)

We finally got our new dishwasher installed today.  Why do installers always have to bitch about the job as they're doing it?  Am I supposed to apologize because the people who owned the house before I did had a professional who installed it differently than he would have?  And if I ask for the panel (which matches our cabinets) from the front of the old dishwasher... should I have to explain "why" I want it?  Is it anyone's business but mine?  Or do I need to justify all my actions to any person coming to my house to install an appliance?

I started taking Magnesium supplements.  I used to take them for years and then stopped about 3 years ago - lazyness.  Now I'm having trouble with foot cramps in my pilates classes.  Had to jump up and walk one off yesterday - which is most annoying as it stops an exercise dead.   I seriously work at these exercises because they have made my mid-back muscles strong enough to get rid of a constant ache I had between my shoulderblades. That is an excellent thing - I had no idea it was caused by upper body muscle weakness although it certainly makes sense when I think about it. You may wonder... foot cramps and mid back muscles?  There is much toe pointing and flexing even during upper body exercises - although this time in particular it hit while I was doing the "teaser".  It is shown here. The older lady second from the right is Mary Pilates (neice of Joe Pilates who created the exercises)  she is 87 and my hero! 

I did manage to scan through most blogs on my reader today.  Even managed a comment or two.   Seems like it's been ages since I've had time to get to everyone.  I have no idea if I'll be getting more time soon or not... probably not.

Hope everyone enjoys the last hurrah of summer this weekend. 

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Wow! How Unexpected and Excellent!

I know another political post - no I'm not going to make a habit of this.

I got an email in my box this morning from the WSJ.  John McCain has picked Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska to be his running mate! 

Sissy Willis was on the story, before the announcement and has lots of information about Ms. Palin. 

I never thought McCain would make such a great choice.  If you hit Sissy's place and listen to the youtube interview, you'll see that while she supports McCain on many issues, she is not at all a "yes man".   How excellent!

I like that McCain obviously didn't pick a Veep candidate based on a single demographic.  As the WSJ article states:

It's an untraditional pick, given that reliably Republican Alaska has never been a battleground state in the past...

As far as I can see, there are 50 states.  Only one person can be selected.  This means that the person and what they represent should be more important than the state they come from... I know, that's such a quaint notion. 

To say that the state a candidate comes from is something that should get them votes is no different than saying we should vote for someone because of the color of their skin or their gender.

I will continue to say it... if I like a candidate and what they stand for, I don't care if they are a man or woman, white, black or purple with pink polka dots.  I vote on overall issues I find important, not on superficial looks. 

Congratulations Senator McCain - you have really impressed me with this pick.  I don't think I will be the only one.

PS:  Can I just say I'm sitting here giggling.  I'm pretty sure that McCain just stole all of Obama's momentum from the Convention.

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August 28, 2008

Say Whatever You Want... As Long As I Like It

I have purposely not been following the Presidential race on my blog.  I'm not a political blogger. 

However, I was just over at Instapundit and reading the latest about the Obama campaign's efforts to stifle free speech.

Milt Rosenberg is an institution at WGN radio in Chicago.  He is, without a shadow of a doubt,  the very best radio interviewer ever.  My husband and I used to listen to him very often for the entire 24 years we lived in the Chicago area.  It is opinion talk radio, not a news broadcast. It has never been billed as a news broadcast.

Apparently though, Milt's interview of Stanley Kurtz has ruffled the Obama feathers.  They attempted to stop the broadcast.   Milt and company did invite someone from the Obama camp to join the show, but they turned down the offer. 

Although John McCain is often (quite rightly) derided for his part in the Campaign Finance Reform bill, I have yet to hear that he or his staff have tried to stop a public opinion broadcast. 

I haven't listened to it yet, although I did download it.  here is the mp3 of the show.***  

Please remember that whoever becomes President will be in a position to further influence your ability to conduct free speech. 

*** Note that the show runs for 2 hours (including commercials) on regular broadcast therefore the podcast is 1hour 25 minutes.  So get a cup of coffee and listen up.

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August 27, 2008

Learning Curves

In order to give my brain cells a workout I bought a new phone.  Three days later, I think I have half the stuff figured out.

As most everyone knows, I had a Treo with a Palm OS on it.  It was easy to use - the Palm OS being very intuitive.  Had a nice sized screen on it and a full keyboard.  I liked it - bought some cute little apps for it and fell in love with the calendar.

Two years later, I must have a PDA type device with a calendar.   I must have a portable brain to remember things like dates and times and phone numbers.  I lose cards with appointment times, I lose pieces of paper with lists on them, I forget to take notebooks with me... but I seldom forget to take my phone.  Yes I said seldom because I have even been known to walk out without my phone.

When my touchscreen started acting wonky on the Treo and I got the notice of "hey get a new phone because you're on the new every 2 plan"... I decided it was time to upgrade.

Very sadly, Palm has been nearly stagnant over the last couple of years. They are coming out with a new phone soon, but it will have the Windows system on it - no I don't have the least interest in that. So, I decided to look into Blackberry. 

I checked out the various models and decided that the Curve would be a good match. (as long as it wasn't "pink")   I would like to get the new Bold 9000, but I have no idea when it will hit the Verizon stores and I have no great wish to change carriers.  Also, I don't want to pay the huge bucks for a brand new phone.  I'll let others shell out the money and get the kinks worked out.  The Curve has been out for a while and seems to be pretty stable.

But as usual, whenever one makes a change in platform, there is a learning curve.  At times it can be downright annoying.  Mainly because I'm used to a particular way of doing things.  So far as I can tell, this phone does all those things too, just slightly differently.  Therefore, things I was able to do on my old phone without a thought take me some extra time right now... until I finally figure out the process.

I know it's good for the leetle gray cells to do some actual work to remember things as opposed to coasting along - OTOH it can certainly be frustrating in the short run.

Pros and cons...

Treo - it's easy - dead easy. It's got very pretty apps the developers have spent lots of time making things look good and work well.  The drawbacks - very very short battery life (even with an extended battery), it's heavy - who knew a few ounces could make such a difference, it gets terrible horrible cell reception at my house.  There were sometime loooong pauses when it was trying to pick up a cell signal when I was using other apps.

The blackberry - it's very very light.  It gets great reception - I even get 2 bars in parts of my basement!  It's fast - I have yet to have it slow down when I'm trying to do something. The battery life is phenomenal.  The fonts are great.  Added later... It syncs to my Outlook calendar and contacts beautifully.  The cons:  it's difficult to figure out where they put stuff!  It's like they hid things on purpose in obscure menus so you'd never find them.  I had to turn on the tasks in the calendar!  There are menus to adjust for every little thing, naturally none of the stuff works the way I want it to.  

As you can see, most of my issues with the Curve are "how it works".  I figure it will be another few weeks before I'm used to many of these things.  I really wish the calendar app was nicer - it's... functional (which is what I need) but not very nice at all. If I could take Date Book 6 (from my treo) and put it on my Curve - I would be deleriously happy. 

Sadly it seems you can have one or the other - a lightweight phone with excellent cell coverage or one with great apps... not both. 

Oh well.  I'll get used to it.

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August 26, 2008

And It Only Took 4 Shots of Novacaine

Yes, once again it was dentist day.  I had one more onlay and one small filling. (unfortunately on opposite sides of the mouth so I had a diagonal of numbness across my face... weird)  

The tooth needing the onlay was probably the most irritable of the lot (I think I've had 5 or 6 of these done - can't remember because some were done 2 years ago).  So it took a bit more numbing to get it to settle. 

Hopefully this is it for quite a long time.  I've gotten all the old fillings replaced.  I've gotten the 2 newer, smaller problem areas taken care of.  I've gotten the teeth a bit more straight than they used to be.

I think I'd like to be done with mouth work for a while. 


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August 25, 2008

I Am Now Going to Offend A Large Number Of People

Because I am going to write in generalities. Something that I know is wrong, but quite honestly, after reading this article I simply can NOT help it. (I know this does not apply to all parents - even parents who hire help... but this article cries out for fisking... and I'm betting this becomes a trend making parents who can't afford such things feel as if they're shortchanging their kids)

When Meredith White was expecting her first son, nothing terrified her quite like a visit to Babies "R" Us. Aisle after dizzying aisle of baby paraphernalia beckoned, with dozens of varieties of bottles, nipples, wipes (and their warmers), pacifiers, cribs, strollers, and bibs. She did not want to buy anything without first assessing safety, usefulness, and developmental appropriateness. The analysis led the 34-year-old lawyer to a state verging on despair.

I'm sorry, but if you are going to be a parent, and you can't even figure out what basics to get for the baby before it hatches, you haven't got a chance in hell of getting through childhood. 

You get 9 months - NINE entire months to buy out the stores before your first kid(s) come out kicking and screaming.  After that you're gonna have to make decisions quick - without the luxury of consultation time. 

Cue the Baby Coordinators, the latest entry in the burgeoning "baby planning" field that helps expectant parents prepare for a new baby by advising on everything from the most absorbent diapers and sleekest strollers to decorating a nursery and readying a pet.

Perfection seems to be the goal here.  And anyone who has raised children knows that it is impossible to have perfection in child rearing.  If you think you can do it - you set yourself and your child up for major failure.  There is no "perfect" with kids. None.  Every family has to figure out what works best for them.  There are no perfect products.  There will be good and bad, expensive and cheap, successes and failures. Most of all there is LUCK.  Luck for the parent and for the kid. Babies need food, clothing, shelter, and snuggling.  Everything else is fluff. 

"Being someone who hasn't really been around babies or kid products, I just didn't know what to choose," Carines said, whose family is in South Carolina. "I was overwhelmed by the little things - which toys to buy, which are developmentally helpful."

OMG - so instead of trying to figure it out, she hires someone to tell her how to do it! Instead of giving it a shot and maybe making a *gasp* mistake! she farms out the responsibility.  What is she going to do when her kid gets to be 2 years old and is defiant?  Hire someone else to come in and tell her how to say "NO"?  (I also hate to tell her that no matter how many "developmentally" wonderful toys she buys, they will very likely remain untouched as the kid goes after the box instead)

If you are a parent, you WILL make mistakes.  All parents make mistakes... ALL.OF.THEM.  Usually at the worst possible times.  Kids even learn from their parent's mistakes.  They find out life isn't perfect or fair.  They learn to adapt to situations that aren't quite right and they even thrive.  Amazing.

It's hard to raise a child.  Going to someone else and saying that you need help so everything will be as "perfect as possible" does not make things easier.  It's like cheating on a test in school.  You may get 100% on that test, but later, when you need those things you didn't learn, that's when you'll really fail.  And it will be spectacular.  Sadly, the one who will end up on the short end of that stick will be the kid. 

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You Weren't Using This - Were You?

Darling daughter sends this pic of her kitty with the caption...

This WAS the grocery bag...

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August 23, 2008

Better... Well Somewhat

First off, very exciting news - if you don't hit Bou's site, you probably don't know that my blog sis has started training for a marathon!  She is running to raise money to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma.    Donate if you can - help her raise lots of money!   You never know whose life you might save.  

Saturday.  I decided to take the day off and not do any work.  A break is a good thing and maybe I can get out of this jinx period of time.  We shall see.

On the "somewhat" scale, my Treo is having issues.  While I cart it with me everywhere, I do take very good care of it. It has been treated with kid gloves, lives in its own case and has never been dropped. Unfortunately, the touch screen is getting a bit wonky and it now absolutely refuses to sync with my Outlook Calendar.  *sigh*

The good part - I've had it 2 years and I can now get a new phone.  So, I'm heading out tomorrow and I will pick up the Blackberry Curve.  It does everything I want, and it's half the weight of the Treo, and the battery life looks to be about 3 times longer.  The only thing I have to get used to is the trackball instead of touch screen. 

While I love the calendar feature and the task lists and alarms - which are the main things I use on my Treo.  I have been annoyed for quite a while about the battery issue.  I don't even have the thing connected to grab emails and my battery barely lasts a day.

We shall see, change might be good, or it might not. Only time will tell.

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August 22, 2008

I Give Up

What a rotten couple of days.  I still have things that need to be done.  Some of them needed to be done for a while.  The question is - do I stop now before I screw up something else or do I screw up the undone stuff by not finishing it? 

When these weeks happened while my kids were young, this was about the time I would say - "I'm done now, someone else can be the mom."

Okay, I'm done now, someone else can be me. 
(of course anyone with an ounce of sense will take off running as fast as possible in the opposite direction... well, what are you waiting for??? Go!)

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