October 28, 2009

It Wouldn't Be a Blogmeet Without...

Hay bales - this one is for Erica since she didn't get to come this time.  I was going to get cows too, but they were never in pastures where I could stop and take a picture.


Sheep watching rockets... (don't ask just agree)

A faher of some sort...

Luckily that faher wasn't in the draher like last year.

Blog meets are such fun. 

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October 27, 2009

Tired - Still

All the travel and trying to get things done when I get back is making my eyes cross.   Let's see if I can get my act together tomorrow...

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October 26, 2009

Valour-IT Fundraiser

Please consider donating to help our wounded warriors. Support the Army Team.  Give them the gift of communication with the world outside the hospital.  $5, $10... if everyone gave a little, they would have enough to help them all. 

Thank you. 

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More Airport Observations.

Travel.  It certainly broadens interaction with your fellow man.  This is of course blog fodder.  Not of the highest order, but blog fodder nonetheless.

My trip to Atlanta and the Straight White house, like the earlier trip to St. Louis, had it's "interesting" moments.  Here are a few:

- TSA guy... was it absolutely necessary to scan my purse, shoes, and liquids bag twice?  Thus making me stand at the scanner for nearly 10 minutes while you minutely examined the contents.  If you had just let things go on through, I might have made the earlier flight out to Atlanta - thus avoiding other later happenings. 

- some people love to be noticed.  Like the guy in the bright orange short sleeved shirt with "pop a lock" printed on the pocket.  Over heard his wife saying his teenage son calls him "the road cone" and avoids being seen with him. (wise child)  He also pulled out a camera to take pictures of his wife and son during take off.  Thus earning us all an extra warning from the flight attendants to "please put away all electronic devices this includes anything with batteries" at which point he suddenly realized might just include the camera in the hand he was holding in the center of the aisle to get a better shot. 

- my original flight... delayed.  Why?  Because Barak Obama can not manage to stay in Washington DC for longer than 33 seconds.  No, he had to hop AF-1 and head to Logan.  Landing about the time I was supposed to take off. Note all the disruption this caused the Boston area just because he wanted to pontificate at MIT (we all know he is a top expert in climate science so he had to come impart his knowledge to professors and students), not to mention his failed attempt to interest anyone at all in Deval Patrick's next run for governor.  

- some people are simply creepy or so clueless they should never be allowed near airplanes... the young woman who decided to get out of her seat several times.  Such as when we were pulling away from the gate and as we were on approach to land, so she could go chat with others in her group farther back in the plane.  She had to be asked several times to sit down.  Oddly enough - when she was "allowed" to be up and about the cabin, she never left her seat.  She looked harmless enough - quiet around late 20's, suburban. Obviously she had more than one loose screw.

- very bumpy flight into Atlanta.  I've now had my roller coaster ride for the year.

- saw many girls at the Atlanta airport vying for notice as low class hookers.  Satin tank tops that are skin tight along with shabby skin tight jeans and boots.  You don't see much satin up north because it's too cold. I have a hint for any girls wearing skin tight satin... it would be an excellent idea to make sure you have absolutely no belly fat at all - in fact you need to do extra ab exercises for that look to work.  Encasing a jiggling belly in anything satin makes it far more noticeable. Please note that even after all the pilates I do - I could never wear something like that without looking like a beached whale.   So I know whereof I speak. 

- saw one young woman who looked like a very high class hooker.  Beautiful woman, perfect makeup, lovely waist length sweater, and what might charitably be called "leggings" but were tights in actuality, knee high boots - no skirt.  She certainly had the figure for it, but still looked like a hooker.

- a young violinist decided she had to practice her craft at one of the gates not far from mine.  Excellent player, but after an hour of finger work scales and notes I wanted to strangle her.  Note to aspiring musicians... if you are going to inflict your practice on an unsuspecting public, please try to play something approaching real music because we are not the least bit interested hearing you work on endless drills.  We are not your parents or your music teachers.  

- under the heading of oddities brought onto airplanes.  One woman was carrying a small carry on suitcase and a small floor fan.

- another woman was ticked off when they told her she couldn't bring her balloon on the plane. 

- young woman with a baby (about 6 months old) trying to get into her window seat, hands the baby to an unsuspecting young man sitting in the middle seat while she attempts to get her bags into place and crawl over him.  This did not work (DUH!) and the young man had to stand up.  Unfortunately he bumped the baby's head on the overhead bin.  Luckily, the baby didn't cry.  

I think that covers some of it.  However, it's pretty late and I think I need to wrap it up.  Remember - "flying = blogfodder" every time. 

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October 25, 2009

Back Again

Exhausted.  Laughed way too much.  Flights were on time.  More stories later and maybe a picture or two from interesting places...  first have to upload them and look.

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October 23, 2009

On the Road Again

Odds that I make it to Tennessee before tomorrow morning?  Depends on how the travel gods feel about me today.

We shall see.  Depending on flights and such I may update this post from the airport.  Sadly I can't update while driving.  (no I do not text and drive I have a hard enough time just avoiding other people who would love to run me over).

More later... maybe. 

Of course it might not be the travel gods who delay me... Good Grief!

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October 20, 2009

Where's My Global Warming?

It was freakin' cold in St. Louis while we were there. It was raining and the temps were in the 40's!  It was warmer up here in Boston.  The sun made a minor appearance on Saturday and got everyone all excited for about 10 minutes. 

I was tired for the most part, but I did manage to take some pictures.  (btw - notice the gloomy threatening clouds in many of these pictures - depressing I tell you - St. Louis is supposed to be sunny and 70 in October!)

The stellar view out the hotel window.  Oddly enough it's not even noisy.  It's also the closest hotel to where we were doing things.

Just to get outside for a while, we went to Faust Park, which is near the hotel.  They have a Butterfly House.  Unfortunately they were about to close for the day when we got there, so we wandered about the grounds.

Yes, big butterfly and caterpillar sculptures.  The caterpillar is a bit disturbing.

They have a building that houses a carousel.   I never have figured out why... but there it is.

The grounds are great fodder for taking pictures. There are lots of trees.  I can't remember what type this one is, but I've seen them before.  Long seed pods.

This one has an incredible trunk. 

Just look at it a little closer.

Pretty cool looking to me.

Of course they have lots of gardens.  Lots.  Which were surprisingly still in bloom!

Lovely flowers.

I'm not sure if roses attract butterflies, but there were many.

Tomorrow I shall try to squeeze in time to post some of the buildings. 

That's all I can get my brain to work on for tonight.

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October 19, 2009

It's Not Our Fault

Sitting in the airport on Sunday morning, we had the delightfully dulcet tones of CNN to cheer us as we waited for the plane to board. Under discussion were 2 topics.  They bounced back and forth like a ping-pong ball with seemingly little rhyme or reason.

1 - justifying their coverage of the "balloon boy" story
2 - just exactly how biased is Fox News

I tried desperately to block them out, to no avail. 

I had vaguely heard of the "balloon boy" story prior to that morning's news, but had paid absolutely no attention to it whatsoever since I was busy with real life stuff.  Of course the name "balloon boy" rather sticks in the mind even if you aren't really paying attention.

What was the result of this mind numbing, eye crossing, whine fest?

Evidently the reason CNN covered "balloon boy" so - ahem - zealously was because "The People" insisted! 

Who knew.

Apparently "The People" were beating down the doors at CNN and forcing them to cover the story.  "The People" would allow nothing less than wall-to-wall coverage of this story and CNN had to pull out all the stops. There was no time to stop and analyze.  No time to get facts.  The story was important and gripping!  "The People" wanted "TO KNOW" and they wanted "TO KNOW" right now!

Therefore when the story turned out to be false, it was the fault of "The People" for forcing CNN to bring the story to us.  "The People" should be hanging their heads in abject shame for foisting this story on CNN and making them cover it.

In the meantime, when a break was needed in analyzing how "The People" caused the "balloon boy" story to get so completely out of control, the topic moved to Fox News.  They continually cited Fox News for its "right wing" bent and lack of professionalism.  How dare Fox News have opinion shows that differ so dramatically from that of CNN's!  How gauche. How low brow. 

Those who think properly (aka CNN commentators) must call the opinion shows "news shows" to properly place them out of context. Then heads must be gravely shaken.  Deep breaths must be drawn.  The danger of Fox News must be shown to "The People"... but "The People" are only interested in the "balloon boy" story!

What a dilemma!


And so it went, back and forth for over an hour.  Ah the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  It brought a tear to my eye and a pain to my head.

Thus I stand by the call I made in my previous post.  Airports should air ESPN rather than CNN. 

Best or worst teams?  You may not care, but at the very least ESPN won't be blaming "The People" for a poorly played game. Although they could have sent out commentators to do a play-by-play of "balloon boy".  That might have been entertaining.

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October 18, 2009

Travel Observations

Yes I've been gone for a while, why do you ask? 

We headed to a wedding this last weekend and combined it with some family time. 

Here are a few things I jotted down while sitting on the plane today. 

- "electronics off" does mean everyone - what a shock to the woman who missed all THREE announcements asking that electronic devices be turned off during take off. When the flight attendant stopped directly next to her and specifically asked one more time - I can see how it might be confusing enough for her to think they were referring to her seat back and not the iphone in her hand.

- the "security wallet" that you wear on a string around your neck with your driver's license front and center for all to see... makes you look like you are AWOL from your kindergarten group even if you are pushing 75.

- no, you aren't allowed to hang your coats on the tray table latch, even if it does look like a miniature coat hanger.

- If you remove your tall boots during the flight, consider putting them back on again just before landing rather than at the point where you notice the people in the row directly in front of you leaving.  At this point in your life, it shouldn't be a surprise to find your shoes do not magically reattach themselves to your feet without help.

-  a plaid coat that ends just above the knee is a mistake of epic proportions, especially when paired with wide leg jeans that go all the way to the floor.   The larger the size, the bigger the mistake.

- purple shoes?  Really?

- airports should be petitioned to show ESPN rather than CNN.  The level of discourse on ESPN far eclipses CNN on all fronts.

- airport announcements that tell people to use a kleenex when coughing or sneezing and then to wash your hands afterward - note to airport officials... idiots won't listen to you (see the woman with the iphone) and those who already know this will simply be driven insane by the repetition. 

That's all for now.  If I can scrape enough time together, I do have some pictures.

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October 12, 2009

More Fall

Because I'm very busy, not to mention tired, blogging will be light for the next little while.  I feel like I should give you flowers for stopping by... 

Pretty trees?

Whoa!  A jungle... maybe that's over doing it.

At the very least, sunshine and a lovely fall.  That's all I've got for now.

Maybe more later if I can work up the energy.  We'll see.

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