November 30, 2009

Swimming Against the Current

That's what it felt like on Saturday when we were out walking.  Those gusts that knock you sideways and tear the earmuffs off your head. 

The horse was smart - he was definitely staying close to the barn. No middle of the field for him...

The leaves are gone.  The green that is left is from the evergreen trees.  However, any leaves that might have been trying to stay attached were given a rough ride that day.  Think rodeo...

I wonder if these people will leave the canoes in the water or if they'll make an effort to get them out before it freezes.

Nearly 100% of the time, this flag is not moving.

When I took this picture I thought the branch might be about to fall on that house.  I thought I had better depth perception than that.  Not to mention I've walked past that tree and house about 100 times by now.  You would think I'd know.  (and you'd be wrong)

Not quite sure what this decoration is supposed to be... a Thanksgiving themed Raggedy Ann and Andy?  I've seen these dolls around here decorating several houses and gardens.  They don't do much for me, but they sit very quietly to have their pictures taken.

The local farm apparently has goats.  This is the first time I've seen them.  It looked very much like they were being blown along by the wind.

Time to bale the hay.  I had no idea they were even growing hay... but they must have been.

Because there were quite a number of hay bales.

Of course that probably says more about my ability to spot hay being grown than anything else.

And I am finding it very difficult to believe that Christmas is nearly here.  But I say that every year.

Time to think about sending out cards.  I didn't get to it last year.  I should try to do it this year.

That's all for tonight.

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November 29, 2009

Could It Be the Wind?

Yesterday we had one of the windiest days since we moved here 4 years ago.  It was that good Chicago 40-60mph gusty wind. 

My husband was sitting in the living room drinking some coffee when he heard a noise.  He thought it was upstairs... a trip upstairs and a look around... nothing.

A few hours later, he went downstairs looking for a tool from his workroom.  He found this:

No - the lines you see in the upper left and middle panes (and can't see across all the other panes because I couldn't get a good picture of them) are not branches or strands of ornamental grass.  The inner pane of the double pane window broke. 

It's not a large window, it is open occasionally in the summer.  Otherwise, it's not touched.  We have no idea why it broke.  There is no real reason it should have cracked.  The only thing we can think of is that the pressure changes from the huge wind gusts and a possible flaw in the glass, created a network of cracks. 

Very odd. 

Should be fun getting it fixed.  The company that made them was bought by Anderson Window.  It might possibly be warranty work, but with our luck, I'll be happy if we can get it fixed without replacing the entire window - even if we have to pay for it. 

Ah the joys of home ownership.

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November 27, 2009


I'm cleaning out the boxes filled with all kinds of wires today.  So far I've come up with the following:

12 computer power cables
14 Cat 5 cables of varying lengths
4 regular phone wires of varying lengths
8 15 pin connector cables of varying lengths
2 serial port cables
2 ribbon cables
8 very old USB cables
12 extension cords
2 antenna wires
2 transformers with no names on them to denote what they power

This does not include the following which are also in the boxes:  broken keyboard, broken clock, 2 radios one with a broken antenna the other with a broken CD door, an unused fax machine, a set of small speakers, and two old cell phones with attendant paraphernalia.

Good Grief!

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November 25, 2009

The Rock Walls of Thanksgiving

Or something like that.  Here are the promised rock wall pics from last weekend.  I don't have to work tomorrow and I've finished up the work from today, so that leaves me a little time.  (what WILL I do with myself!)

The one layer rock wall... don't know if this was meant to be a wall or if someone decided to put everything in a row.

The polished rock wall.  This wall goes with a terrific house.  They are nearly done with the garage renovation.  When that is complete, I'll post an entire set.  They have done some gorgeous work on this property!

The double layer wall.  Decorative of course.  This one is well done.

Decisions... to go around the tree or incorporate the tree in the wall design.  Tough choice.

Around the corner.  A design to follow a driveway.

An older wall.  Still in good shape, but it's been there a while.

Not a wall... but I had to say, the darnedest things grow out of the rocks around here.

And we end with an "almost" rock wall.  Barely even a line, although you can see the line is there.

Hope everyone has a terrific Thanksgiving!

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November 23, 2009

And The Pictures Continue

This last weekend was a real... um... joy. While I accomplished quite a bit, it was not very restful. I am in a cleaning frenzy mode. They hit me about every 10 years or so. I feel the need to dump all the junk. If I could move a trash truck up to the house, have it lifted and dump everything, I'd be quite happy. Since that won't happen, I will be on a mission to fill trash bags - at least as long as the mood lasts.

However, we still try to get our walk in on the weekends in the daylight. I didn't take too many pictures, I was a bit tired. But I think I'll have a couple of posts worth this week.

There are still flowers trying to bloom! It's amazing. It's the end of November!

And what's that in the background? Why this flower...

Looking lovely!

This isn't really a "rock wall" but it is a wall of rock.

Yes, that's natural.

This dog posed beautifully for his picture - once.

After that he wanted us to move along. He was quite vocal about it.

And just for good measure, here's a new rock wall.

That's it for tonight. More tomorrow I hope. Stay tuned.

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Busy Busy and... yes Busy

Among other things I have been cleaning like mad, cleaned the master bedroom closet (I can walk in it now which is nice for a walkin closet).  I also have space in there since I'm donating or trashing the clothes and shoes I don't wear. 

I had enough dust to make several dustbunnies of alarming size and weight.  That is now history, we fought, I won.  I also managed to find the time to clean out the dresser drawers. 

I had things stuck in those drawers I haven't worn in over 10 years!  Why I kept it all... I have no idea.  Not for sentiment or even because I thought I'd wear it again, but because "out of sight out of mind" I never looked in them.

Then I went through my old CD's of "way out of date software".  Much of it from 2000 and 2001.  I trashed much of that too.   I still have to do about 90% of the closet in my office, but progress is being made and it is good.

In the meantime, I have irritated my knee and it's being slow to heal.  Most annoying.  But I don't want to give up my walks unless I must.  There will be more pics this week if I can get them loaded.  They're still in the camera because I'm lazy. 

Of course I have had lots of real work - the paying kind - this weekend because a few people are out of town.  Ah well, it's good to make money so I can buy more clothes and shoes that I like and that fit me. 

Here is a pic from last week's walk. Talk about Twisted trees...

Now I have to take some time to peruse the list of "things" I need to do this week.  Thanksgiving just adds more stuff, but it will all get done.

Later taters.

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November 17, 2009

Rocky Rocky

When I was in Tennessee, Dax told me I needed to post more rock wall pictures.   Little did I know so many people liked them! 

It took a little while because I wanted to get pics of walls I hadn't walked past before. 

This is a direction we have only recently started walking. 

Many of these are in the middle of nothing.  No houses, no sign of who might own the place.

The one below is intriguing.  You can tell if you look closely, the wall goes from being an older wall, a tad bit "rumpled" to a wall that has recently been fixed up and ironed out and ever so slightly taller.  There is nothing around there - no house or anything. If you look very carefully, you can see a mailbox far down the street.  It's quite a distance.  (cue the Twilight Zone music...)

This next one still had some really lovely colors in front of it. 

Those are all wannabe trees.  If no one cuts them down, they'll be huge in no time.  Right now they're low enough to the ground to still have leaves.

Because I really liked how it looks, let's keep looking at it...

Of course some of the walls are almost not walls anymore.  They are slowly becoming little rock heaps.  This one isn't there yet.  Give it a few more years though.

This next one blows my mind.  There is NOTHING around it.  Yet it's a perfectly straight wall in the middle of nowhere.  Looks to be in excellent condition (unlike the wall above).

And last of all we have this one, winding its way up the hill going to... nowhere. 

This was all farm land around here and a couple hundred years ago there were almost no trees.  Amazing how fast the forest comes back when it's left to grow.  And amazing how these walls abound. 

Hopefully more pics soon.  I think now I have to get in my car and drive out to find the walls. 

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There's Still A Bit of Color

It's not up in the tall trees.  Those are mostly winterized by now and only the oaks hang on to the old brown leaves.  All the other branches are bare and brown.

Closer to the ground is another story.  We haven't had much cold weather yet and no super cold weather, so the ground cover and bushes are hanging on. 

This is a smoke bush in front of the house.  It doesn't look too smokey right now... more like spotty.  But it looks pretty good with the sun behind it.

Of course at this time of year, you can see quite a bit through the trees.  During the middle of summer, there's no way you'd see anything through the wall of green.

I've never figured out what these white things are... they intrigue me.

They're interesting looking.


I wish I could get the sun behind it better.  But there it is.

Yes, there is still color.  The snow can hold off a while longer.  I'm in no hurry.

Tomorrow, by special request, more rock walls.

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November 15, 2009

The Drawers are Finished

I knew you were all waiting for that announcement.  It took a bit longer today because I stopped in the middle of the job and went for a walk (pictures will be upcoming when I can get them loaded).

Amusing items found today:  My bill from labor and delivery when my son was born.  The weekly payment slips for my daughter's day care.  I have no idea why those things were in that drawer.  It was fun to find them though.

Did the usual Starbucks/grocery shopping today.  Unfortunately I left late and there was quite a line at Starbucks. (the after church crowd)  The woman behind me informed me "I don't like Starbucks coffee, it's too strong.  I'd rather have Dunkin Donuts, but I have this coupon for a free cup." 

Ooookay.  What does one say to that? Especially when the next statement is:

"I don't know why people drink the coffee at this place". 

All I could think was: If you find it that bad, why the hell are you here making the line longer?  Why not just leave instead of complaining about it?  Oh yeah, that free cup of coffee, I guess it's worth it to make a special trip then stand in line for 10 minutes for coffee you don't like, just because it's free... Holy crap!

But all I said was, "Oh well, I like it." Then turned my back on her.  People like that annoy me. 

Next up:  Cleaning up all the old software CD's.  That should be even more fun than the drawers of paperwork.   I'm looking for the CD's that came with my old computer, I haven't been able to find them.  I know I didn't throw them out, so they must be somewhere, the question is where?

We'll see if the major closet overhaul brings them to light.  I know you'll all be on the edge of your seat waiting for the answer.

Right now, I'm going to watch football. 

Yep - it's a cliffhanger ending.

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November 14, 2009

3 Hours

That's how long it took me to wade through the stuff in the first 2 file cabinet drawers.  Doesn't sound like long does it...

Unfortunately, I have no table top surface that is good to use for spreading out the papers and sorting, so it all took place on the floor.  After 3 hours my back is telling me - enough already! (right between the shoulder blades - I think I need a massage...heh)

Have I mentioned I'm not really a "floor sitter".  I can sit on the floor, but I prefer not to for prolonged periods of time.  Plus my knee has been bothering me (Pulled something and it's been irritated the last few days).  Standing up and sitting down again has been a real treat. Geeze.

So I'm calling it quits for the afternoon am now going to go watch some football. 

BTW - the 2 drawers I got done look awesome.  All nice, organized, labeled.  I can do these things if I take the time and am not lazy about it. But if the drawer is a mess anyway, it's just easier to throw things on top and forget it. 

See, I knew you'd all be riveted by my story.  It's a thrill a minute here - especially on weekends!  Stay tuned for more and better filing stories tomorrow. 

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