December 31, 2009

Utterly Profound Last Post of 2009



How does one do "profound"?

Maybe I'll think of something tomorrow...

Oh yeah, that would be too late...

Okay... ummm...

Happy New Year!


There ya go. 

Now go get a drink and celebrate!

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December 30, 2009

The Answer Is "None of Them"

I ran across this ridiculous story today.

Most Americans would rather be neighbors with President Obama's family than any other celebrity, according to an online survey.

Then most Americans are idiots (or at least the ones answering the survey questions are idiots).  There is not a single celebrity out there that I want to have as a neighbor at any point in time.

For that matter all those celebs should be clamoring to become my neighbor because I could give a rats ass who they are. 

As for this guy...

"Personally, I'd go for some hot babe, for sure," says Bill Grimshaw, the guy who actually does live next door to the Obamas' Chicago mansion. "But the prestige of living next to the president is wonderful. And the main thing is the security. I don't lock my doors any more."

I give it a couple of weeks before he is robbed. 

Of course he's also trying to sell his house.  So far no takers.  I guess it doesn't look so good to have the house next door to the President's up for sale for ages and ages. 

What... no ultra rich libs want to rub elbows with the Obamas?  I'm shocked. 

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December 29, 2009

Can I Get There In A Car?

In yet another attempt by terrorists to use an airplane to kill many people in a spectacular fashion, I've been sitting here pondering various things.


The 3 most spectacular efforts (the shoe bomber dude, the liquid gang, and underwear man) took place on flights originating in Europe and a gang arrested in England if I recall correctly.

The attempted shoe bombing resulted in passengers having to remove their shoes and have them scanned in all American airports. No one knows why as the shoe explosive is not detected by X-ray. The only discernible result is longer lines, shorter tempers, and a probable epidemic spread of athlete's foot fungus among air travelers.

The liquid gang arrests resulted in travelers having to carry teeny bottles of liquid through security in one quart containers. How this will stop a gang from moving through security with their small bottles and then combining them after arriving on the other side of the checkpoint is not discussed. One assumes this is for security reasons.

Will the underwear weapon result in us having to remove our underwear for scanning? If so will it be underpants only or will we women need to hand over our bras?  Spanx removal may slow the lines quite a bit.  Will men have to remove undershirts? Will babies and toddlers have to remove their diapers?

Do European airports make people remove shoes for scanning before boarding flights? Underwear? What about liquids? Inquiring minds would like to know.


It seems everyone is confused about what to expect when flying. When my kids flew out here before Christmas, my son was waived through security. He later found he had forgotten to empty his pockets of: about $1 worth of change, a wood screw, and his apartment key on a large metal keyholder. No one said a word, he wasn't stopped.

On the way back, neither of my kids had bags to check, the security line was short and they had no problems at all. YMMV but I expect the major delays will be in checked baggage lines because no bomber has tried to use checked baggage. It must therefore be screened even more thoroughly than ever before.


I have been reading about the new and improved in-flight restrictions...

-Having to stay seated the last hour of a flight.

I must have missed the reason given that a terrorist can only strike during the last hour of a flight.  I looked an looked and couldn't find it. 

This recent incident took place while underwear man was in his seat.  I believe shoe bomber dude was in his seat too.  In light of these facts, the conclusion could be, the government wants to encourage this behavior. 

-One article said this included flight attendants too.

Because the latest terrorism attempt was by a flight attendant walking down the aisle of the plane? To keep the flight attendants from being traumatized by seeing someone trying to light their undies on fire?

The answer to these burning questions are being withheld for security reasons.

- No laptops, books, magazines, iPods, in-flight entertainment, etc. during the last hour of flight.

Thus ensuring every passenger will suddenly realize they desperately need to use the bathroom but they aren't allowed to leave their seats. Will airlines start issuing a stack of Depends for passengers before allowing them to board?

- No blankets or pillows during the last hour of the flight.

Does this include coats that didn't fit in the overhead bin? Will they also be taking away shoes and underwear just in case?


When I have spoken to people about the airport screening measures, I have found that many don't mind because they feel better when they think the government is doing something to protect us.

Will having their iPods and computers taken away in-flight be a more daunting prospect than taking off their shoes? Will there be a passenger revolt?

One hopes so.

It will be interesting to see how far this goes. In the meantime, I may have to do quite a lot of driving.

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December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The kids made it out of Chicago - a magical feat in and of itself yesterday.   Because of the major storm rolling through the central part of the country, most of the flights were canceled. 

They only had to be de-iced 3 times , refueled once, and deplane one time before finally loading up and taking off.  

We had to cancel dinner reservations, but all was well since we were able to stop and pick up food for dinner on the way back from the airport. 

This is the first Christmas in 7 years we've all managed to be together.  Yay!  May everyone have a very Merry Christmas. 

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December 22, 2009

This and That

Was on Amazon today to track a package.  They put various lines of items on my home page with titles like "recently browsed" and "recommended for you".  Today they had a line of items, several electric toothbrushes and a few electric razors that were titled "gift suggestions"...

It's the gift that says:

Merry Christmas! Clean your teeth or scrape your face.  Even Santa can't stand you.

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December 21, 2009

Mostly an Annoyance

So we had a snowstorm.  Maybe you heard about it on the news or saw headlines about the East Coast being buried in snow and all that.  Well, it was mostly south of here.

We only got about 8 inches of snow and thus it was more of an obnoxious inconvenience than anything else.  Even the pictures turned out dark - which rather suits the mood I've been in all day.

I wanted to get to the grocery store Saturday afternoon.  I usually shop on Sunday morning and I knew it would be a mess if I waited.  For various reasons I didn't get there.

I had to wait until the driveway was cleared off.  I do have 4 wheel drive, just not a vehicle with high ground clearance.

This did not make me happy.  Because I know, even if the snow looks pretty in the yard...

it will be a royal PITA in the streets and parking lots.   The highways are fine - it's the rest of route that is the problem.  Not only do people drive down the middle of our street in those friggin' huge SUV's trying to play chicken with me, but they drive fast because... they have 4 wheel drive and this makes them invulnerable to sliding!!! Who knew that being in an SUV negated the laws of physics!  I'm so impressed I should buy one for myself.  I too could fly down the roads and run all the other little cars off the edge.  What fun!

Yes, cute little snow hats on the grill are not enough to make me enjoy being in the streets and parking lots with utter morons.

I suppose I should contemplate the snow covered woods.

Doesn't help.

I'm still wanting to find the 4 SUV's speeding down our street that tried to run me off the road.  The woman in the minivan who decided the middle of the road was the place she needed to be, hanging onto her steering wheel for dear life.  And let's not forget  the jackass driving about 40 mph in the snow covered parking lot directly at me.  Yeah, no problem at all, I only want to smack them all very hard.  (for some reason this made me think of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged)

Why would I want to head to the grocery store with all the other people out doing their panic buying BEFORE the snow arrives? After all, there was almost no one there today. 

Because I have a better chance of surviving them than the post snow idiots.

Maybe I'll be in a better mood in the morning.  One can only hope.  Heh.

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December 18, 2009

It's Cold

Last time I looked at the thermometer it was a rather chilly 7 degrees.  My fingers are cold and I should head to bed.  Since I have been so busy I decided I should leave you with at least one pic for the day.  From last weekend when it was still warm.

It won't stay this cold for long (after all we do have glowball warmening going on) but it's nice to look back to that balmy weather of around 32 degrees.  Springlike...

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December 15, 2009

Over FOUR Years

That's how long we've had our current phone number. 

I'm still getting calls for the person who had the number before it was pawned off onto us.

Garbage calls. Irritating garbage calls from toll free numbers calling up to 8 times a day - each. Apparently they REALLY want to talk to this woman.

I finally started answering them yesterday and telling them to cut it out.  Today I have received only one call, I just told the man to take the number off the list.

I have a business line - 2 numbers off from our house number.  I have not received a single call for a previous user of that number. 

These people need to get their information updated more than once a decade.  Sheesh!

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December 14, 2009

A Visual Headline

I've been working like mad all day today. Finally took a few minutes to get online and see if I was missing anything important.

I saw this:

Obama presses heads of largest banks to lend more

I have this picture of Obama in the board room standing behind these guys with his hands on either side of their heads...

How I wish I could draw! 

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December 12, 2009


Finally finished cleaning out the office closet today.  Had to work myself back into the frame of mind to finish it up.  I didn't think I'd be able to do it before Christmas, but...

I was putting away my earmuffs in the coat closet upstairs, the bins I have to hold things like gloves, scarves, hats, etc were overflowing.  I really really hate it when I try to put my earmuffs in the bin and they bounce back out at me.  So, I pulled all the bins down, pulled out the old stuff I never wear, put things back in the bins they should be in... that got me going - ready to clean the next closet space.

Bonus: I found the disks for my current computer! Woot!  I KNEW I hadn't thrown them out.  Nope, I put them away carefully so I wouldn't lose them - then I forgot where I put them.  Turns out it was one of the boxes on the bookshelf in the closet.  Now they are in a labeled box.  Not that it matters too much, the computer is pretty old and a new one is in the offing.  But at least I have them.

Two more closets to go.  I may or may not get to them before Christmas.  I think tomorrow will be the day I put out some Christmas decorations.  I don't do too much because I hate putting it all away again.  (I think I need Patti to come decorate for me... heh)  However, since the kids are going to be here for Christmas, I want to at least get some of the stuff out. 

At the rate I'm going I may even get my cards out before Christmas.  That would be news indeed!

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