February 26, 2009

It's Time for Headlines!

This is a periodic feature we present to keep you up to date on the latest news.

Let's start with this:

Obama proposes new wireless spectrum fee

Because you aren't paying enough for your cellphone usage! No my dears, you are meant to subsidize the President's plan to pay off those who voted for him (people with no money) and Chris Matthews so he keeps that thrill going up his leg. You fat cat you! Fork over! (the first person who tells me it's the wireless carriers who have to pay and not the cellphone users will be zapped into the ethernet and never be heard from again)


Hole-by-hole recap of Tiger's 2nd-round match

Because it's imperative that we KNOW every single nuance and move this man made while playing golf. I'm not sure why mind you - but we MUST know this. There will be a test!


$7,000 in Stolen Jewelry Found in Cheetos Bag

And you thought it was only extra calories.  That will teach you to try and ignore snack bags.


Hack An iPhone, Win $10,000

Just in case you're looking for a bit of extra cash to pay off Obama...


Google Takes Credibility Hit With Gmail Outage

Good heavens!!!  A 2.5 hour outage!!! That NEVER happens with other email servi.... I mean... Microsoft exchange never ever goes do... I mean all other email services are completely problem fre...
er... never mind.


Last of all... can someone please tell me what the hell the First Lady is wearing

In other news: The Salvation Army is looking for looters who raided the women's department of their downtown storefront in Washington DC...


And now you are informed.  Don't you feel smarter already.

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February 25, 2009

It's Been a Three Stooges Kind of Day

It seems that everything is off kilter and nothing is working quite right.  I can't quite figure out why some days are like this, but so it is.

I've had a couple of glasses of wine (which from today's news tells me I'll be dying soon) and I may even have some tea (will that counteract the wine?  will it be that while I don't die of a stroke, I'll die of cancer instead? Or does it mean the tea will keep the cancer cells from stroking out?  I'm so confused!). 

The problem is I don't know how long this slightly tilted world will go on.  I hope things get fixed up by tomorrow, but honestly there are days when I just know the world is insane and it will never work right.  *sigh*

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February 24, 2009


When we were out walking on Sunday, I took my 50mm lens.  I rather like this shot.  I need to get this and a few others uploaded to smugmug because they look much better in a larger size, but that size is to large for the blog.  So here's the mini version.

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Well, It Did Come From the AP

Yesterday I read this article. I had no idea what to make of it. Was it right? Of course when it comes to money we all know just about anything is possible.

But still... it was from the AP which sent all my "bogus story" receptors into overdrive. Especially as the author seemed to be so dead set to prove guilt in his article.

Want the REAL scoop? Well, it's milbloggers to the rescue. Over at Castle Argghhh!

To answer the article, Lindy Kyzer organized a Blogger's Round Table with AER's Deputy Director for Finance and Treasurer, Col. Andrew Cohen (R).

Go read it all, get the real scoop, I don't want to print their entire post.  The milbloggers do have suggestions to improve things, but after reading this you'll know that the AP article is flat out lies, inuendo, and/or bad reporting - take your choice - by someone with an agenda. (maybe he asked for money and they turned him down for not being military... who knows)

Why did the AER refuse to comment for the story? Even that is answered and it's so typical I wonder why I bother to read anything the AP writes.

Because Donn emailed Col. Cohen about the article, asking for comment just a few hours before he published it. The official AER response was published late today and can be found HERE.

I think that about covers it.

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A Bit of Last Week's Walk

It's been quite a while since I've posted pictures.  Just haven't had the time to take any much less work on them once I got done. 

However, I made myself pick up the camera last weekend when we walked.  Here are some of the sights being revealed after a long sojourn under a blanket of heavy snow.  All this harkens back to the December ice storm.

Poor tree.  While trying to take the picture, I kept tilting my head to the left and sort of leaning.  Very odd.

In some places, you'd never know there had been an ice storm.  Absolutely no large branches down or trees tipped over.  It's like everything just passed this bit and left it alone.

Then not too far down the road, there are trees like this one.  It's not in the road, so I think it will be left as is.

Yes, this tree has taken down lines.  This is the part of the road where I think the lines are probably a "backup" or a possible reroute if the main lines go down.  I'm rather surprised no one has touched this area. 

There are lots of trees that tipped over like this - roots and all.  Because so many trees around here seem to grow right on top of rock. I'm surprised there weren't more.

We saw this "repair" of a pole and were left wondering.  I mean, I love the ingenuity, but I also wonder how long they'll leave it that way.

Then again, it looks like there will definitely need to be some maintenance done when the weather gets a bit warmer.  (and to think there are people who put their mailboxes right next to these poles to protect them from the snowplows... yeah, like that works... heh)

Well, that's all I have time for now.  Maybe more soon.  I'm learning how to play with Aperture on the Mac.  It's different, but I've got a partial handle on it.

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Not to Compare with Dahr Fahrs

But there was some excitement today.

I went to the dentist this morning.  (for those who find all things dentist make them squeamish, I shall put the rest below the fold - while I don't think it's anything other than funny... don't want to make others feel bad)


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February 23, 2009

A Leetle Snow

I know the states north of me got hammered hard yesterday with lots and lots of snow and major power outages.  Here, it rained, starting around noon and lasting most of the day with a touch of snow over night to finish.  

Therefore we were left with iciness this morning. Yep, just enough snow to cover all the treacherous spots. That and the wind howling like mad. 

It seldom "sounds" windy at our house.  I guess it's all the trees.  For the most part I hear the wind in the trees, but don't have that sense of it hitting the house. 

Last night - it was hitting the house.  More than I've heard in the 3+ years we've lived here.  Felt almost like I was back in the Chicago burbs... except this is a much better house than any we had there and so - even when the wind hits it - it's got a solid feeling.  (our last house I could swear I'd see the north wall move with the gusts)

The weird thing is, the temps are about the same as yesterday, but it feels so much colder today.  Most odd.

Why am I weather blogging about such incredibly bland weather?   Because I've been staring at computer code today.  Code that should have been pretty easily worked into what I wanted it to do.  Yet my brain cells resisted any pretense at comprehension.   Resisted mightily. 

There were a few glimmers and I spent time changing some code that I'm pretty sure I now simply need to delete. 

In other words, I'm spinning my wheels today.  So, I just got back from pilates, will now make dinner, and contemplate sitting under a blanket to warm myself up.

Maybe some hot tea will help.  Heh.

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February 22, 2009

I Should Pay More Attention

Sunday morning is my usual day for grocery shopping.  As a rule, I know approximately what it is I want.  I get in, grab the food, and get out as quickly, painlessly, and non-interactively as possible. 

As this is a bit lengthy - the rest is below the fold for those who would prefer to skip it.


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February 21, 2009


Have you watched this show?   I missed the first episode when it aired last week and I was most annoyed.  Then SarahK told me to look on hulu.com.  Sure enough they are posting the shows which is a wonderful thing for people like me who can't remember when stuff is on.  This is a show that is difficult to follow if you don't watch from the beginning.

Therefore, if you haven't seen it:

This is a link to the first episode.

The second episode has been posted too and is on that same page. I may just watch them again.

My take, without spoilers.  I love it.  Terrific dialog (as Joss Whedon fans expect), lots of action - most excellent non-pc action.

You do have to pay attention, especially in the first episode.  It's pretty choppy at the beginning.  Stick with it, it will make more sense later.  I'm betting it will make even more sense by the end of the season.

The second episode contains a number of flashbacks which I finally got the hang of after figuring out that the "background" lighting was a more sepia toned hue when they jumped to those. Duh... sometimes I'm a tad slow on the uptake. 

The second episode also has one of the BEST lines I've heard in a television show in... forever.  Anyone who saw it will know the line I mean.  It's worth it to watch both shows just to get that one line. 

Go watch and enjoy.

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This N That

Got an email from this provider of clothing a day or two ago.  They are a bit over the top with the touchy feely lib vibe of the site, BUT they actually make a few workout type items I can comfortably wear to my pilates classes. 

They've been bought by The Gap. 

I have a feeling that's about the end for this particular outlet of clothing for me.   At one time, I used to buy stuff from Banana Republic, also owned by the Gap, because it was wearable. That time is gone.  Over the last few years they have opted  for low cut pants, short cap sleeves with bands around the upper arm of various blouses (a style even skinny little stick girls can't wear because it looks good on NO ONE), bows,  way way low cut tops, and tops with such thin material one wonders why you should bother to buy it - walking around sporting only a bra on would be cheaper and look the same... (I've heard they are wringing their hands over sales - why is no one buying - heh)

None of these things I could or would wear.  I suspect they'll stick their fingers into the clothing design of this place and the tops I like now for their length will become belly shirts wearable only by stick figure teens.  *sigh*  We shall see.


I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday.  Time for another round of fix the teeth.  This might be the last onlay I need (at least for a while).  But I also have another tooth that needs a "small" filling.  I suspect in another 10 years that tooth will need an onlay too.


It's bright and sunny and cold today.  No hint that snow is on the way.  I opted not to grocery shop this afternoon.  I suppose that means I'll be stuck without food tomorrow, but I hate Saturdays at the grocery store.


Was in Starbucks yesterday and had to wait for what felt like an eternity while the woman - the only person - in line ahead of me ordered a cup of coffee and a pastry.  She was very quiet about it.  I didn't hear any of the conversation.  But honestly, why did that take over 5 minutes?  (did she want a report on the coffee growing conditions? did she want a detailed list of ingredients in the pastry?  did she want to know if the cups they use are "green"?  really - what in the world could take so long?)

I know, I'm impatient.  If it was a complicated order that's one thing - buying a few drinks for friends, and getting other crap to eat, I can see that - but one cup of coffee and one pastry... what's the deal?  Even typing this blurb took less than 5 minutes! 


I have pictures I need to fix up that I took last weekend.  (I'm so lazy)   Now that the snow is melting, it's easier to see all the tree limbs down from the December ice storm.  There are even lines down.  One assumes these are "backup routes" for electricity, phone, and cable  and that they'll be fixed this summer.  Unless there are still people without power since mid December.  I kinda doubt it, but one never knows.


Time to get myself moving now.  A walk sounds good.  Need to get one in today while the weather is sunny.

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