March 31, 2009

He's Back!

Of course no one told me, I had to stumble over it on my own (no one ever tells me anything - if you ever want news don't come to me).  However, I wanted to say Graumagus of FrizzenSparks has resumed blogging after a prolonged absence. 

I consider him to be one of the funniest bloggers ever.

I should note that he is known for his profanity, so if you've never read his old blog and that is not your cup of tea, you've been warned!  Should I put it in upper case??? I don't want anyone to come back complaining.

That being said, I think he's the only blogger I ever copied and saved something they posted because I thought it was so funny.  I had heard back then that he was going to stop blogging (which he did for a while) and I was afraid my favorites would be lost to the world forever. 

Therefore, if you are so inclined and you don't mind a heaping helping of liberal skewering along with many an F-bomb - head on over and welcome the man back.  Even better, sit back, read and enjoy.

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I did an update and things kinda changed... not sure what happened so I guess I need to noodle around with stuff and get it back to where it was.  *sigh* 
Yeah, I hit an update button which is just a silly thing to do - what was I thinking?  Or not thinking as the case may be.  Don't know.  Now I'll have to see if I can figure out what happened to all the stuff from my sidebar - although I think I know - just need to do some adding and rearranging of boxes. Done! Although I do need to work on my sidebar stuff... geeze. 

The one thing I haven't figured out is where my categories went  They are still out there - but I seem to have lost the tag in my individual posts.  That might be a bit more difficult to figure out. . Got it!
Last of all the color of my links changed. Now I have to figure out if I want to keep it this way (I think not) or what I had before so I can change it back. All Fixed  Goodie. 

And those who still read my blog already know how often I like to change things...



Well that was pretty quick.  Kinda scared me for a minute.

PS - yes I changed the pic in my title bar.  It IS supposed to be Spring whether it wants to be or not. 

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A Note to Any Teenage Boys Who Wander By Here

A word in your ear. 

If you go work out at a gym or fitness center (i.e. an indoor exercise facility), please make sure you leave the cologne at home.  The rest of us would really appreciate it as we have become fond of  breathing while we're working out.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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March 30, 2009

A Belated Post on Observations of Earth Hour

So last Saturday night at 8:30pm EDT we had EARTH HOUR

*** cue organ music ***
*** picture Chief Inspector Dreyfus blinking madly while playing ***

Since Saturday is our night to go out to dinner and we generally leave around 8:30 so we don't have to wait for seating (mostly this works - we're out in the sticks) we took the occasion to observe the houses as we drove to the restaurant about 6 miles.

oops - side note: Oh yes, we left our lights on at home.  Probably could've turned on more, but I was too lazy to go to all that trouble.

Of course it was dark so it was very easy to see who was lit up (as you might say) and who wasn't.  We passed a few houses where there seemed to be some partying going on - cars, lights, the works.  A few (appeared to be the regular ratio) of dark houses - people in bed early or out of town or just out for the night. Most seemed to be lit in the usual manner - not too bright, not utterly dark or even candle lit.

None of the local businesses was completely dark. They all had their usual lights on.  Even the dippy lefty church that has the big World Peace sign on it and that made some big ass display to show how many soldiers died in the war (I'm gonna take a wild guess and just say that no one at that church has ever read any of Blackfive's Someone You Should Know)... no... not even they turned out their lights for the hour.

I do find it hilarious that people who tend to be so very outspoken about what idiots people are who practice Christian religions, will be so eager to perform this act of "penance".  I wonder if they think they'll be cleansed of the sin of having access to electricity and heat when the hour is over.

As for us.  I figure after the December ice storm -  we've accumulated many years of earth hour credits... about 60.  Does that work like carbon credits?  Hmmm.... must look into this.  It might be possible to set up a store and sell those hours.  I wonder if Algore wants to buy some to offset his electricity use during Earth Hour.

I foresee a business opportunity in the making. 

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Got A Little Extra

Face of America Ride needs help.  Laughing Wolf has all the details over on Blackfive.  If possible, drop by and see if you can do anything.  If everyone gives a little, they'll be able to get the job done for our wounded vets. 

Thank you.

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March 29, 2009

The Conficker Worm

You might be hearing about this quite a bit over the next few days because April 1st is apparently not only April Fools Day, but also Worm Day.  Below the fold is a copy of the CERT advisory I just received. 

If you run WINDOWS, you need to read this and click the links below to ensure you are not infected with this worm.   Keep your patches up to date and turn off autorun as stated below.  If you find you have a problem, keep reading, there is information on what to do. 

Death to worm writers.  Geeze!


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Walk With the Animals

On our regular weekend walks we see many of the same animals.  Every week they seem to find this a huge surprise.  I don't have pics of every animal we pass, but here is a good cross section.

First we have the horses.  These two crack me up. The white one always watches us, the brown one pretends we don't exist.

The barn cat.  We've only seen this little guy once. Not sure why we don't see him more often, but he looks to be well fed and happy.

This dog is very pretty.  There aren't too many that are completely black.  He often sits in the yard, but his people were out burning branches down the street, so this day he wandered down to see us.

There is one house with at least 2 but possibly up to 4 dogs.  Here's one guy who loves to bark and run along the invisible fence line.

This is the other one who is far more sedate and never wants to expend the energy to bark.

This guy is outside half the time.  He loves the garage.  Somedays he feels like getting up and barking, other days he'll just lay there and watch us.

This is a new guy.  His person says he's only  a year old, but VERY well behaved and gorgeous.

I think he deservses 2 pics because he was so good.  He was very interested in a passing ambulance in this pic.

Last of all we have this guy.  He comes out to greet us at times, other times he barks.  Who knows why. Maybe he doesn't like my camera.

There are at least 4 other dogs (all large) that I don't have pics of yet.  These are the only animals we see when we walk.  You'd think there would be wild animals, but I don't see them - they have enough forest to stay away from the roads I guess.

Now that it's summer, we'll even see a few dogs getting their "yearly" walk.   I'm hoping for some other animal pic opportunities soon.  Although I need a more telephoto lens to get anywhere with that.

It's always something.

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March 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I keep going back and forth on buying a camera bag.  I should have one for hauling my camera around, so things don't get damaged.  But damn if I can actually decide on one I like.  I currently have a teeny bag that holds only my camera with one lense - and really it's too small for my camera so it doesn't zip closed all the way. 

What I want is the perfect bag for me.  What I don't know is... what that might be.  This seems to be a dilemma for most people out there who have substantial cameras that need a carrier. (a point and shoot is less of an issue as it can fit nearly anywhere - once you get a DSLR and add lenses to the mix - things get sticky quickly)

I dislike most all camera bags because they are huge and many are square - let me just carry a box around sticking out to the side and banging into other pedestrians...  Now there's a lovely picture.

The ones that are backpacks aren't so bad - except that backpacks aren't my style.  I would consider one if I was going to be hiking about somewhere in the wilds, but since that is unlikely to be the case in the near future, I'm ruling it out for now.

At the moment I'm leaning heavily toward buying a medium sized timbuk2 messenger bag and a tenba camera bag insert to go in it. The timbuk2 is waterproof and that's a big deal with camera equipment.  Got the idea here.  He notes down in the comments that he finds the bag a bit too flimsy for his needs and laments the lack of top handle.  (if you do a custom bag through timbuk2 you can add that top grab handle).  I'm wondering if the bag that comes standard with a laptop insert, would make it more stable... however... would the laptop insert take up too much room when a camera insert is there too???   ARG!!!

I like the design of the Tenba messenger bags, but  the colors... Blech.  Really really dislike the colors.  Especially the burnt orange and "olive" green.  I have no idea who decided on these, but honestly they make me gag.  The black one... okay I could get that, but I admit to being very tired of black bags.  The silver is light enough to immediately get dirty.  Well, you get the point.

Not to mention... any camera bag (or modified bag for camera equipment) is not an insignificant investment.  While I could order a tenba and return it if I didn't like it, I hate doing that - it's extra work and extra money to send back.  I'm not sure I could return a custom made timbuk2 - probably not.

So I continue to ponder and wish it was easy to make up my mind. 

Most annoying.

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March 27, 2009

Barry - Meet Daniel

I don't blog much politics.  But if you have not heard this beautiful and succinct speech by Daniel Hannan of Great Britain, you are missing something incredible.  (BTW he has a blog!)

If only we had anyone  (and that includes our Prez - Barry - a man thought to be spectacularly articulate by a large majority of people who have no idea what the word means)  who was half as well spoken as this man, with this tremendous grasp of the true problems confronting us, we might be in a position to make things better.

Sadly I don't think even BO's teleprompter can help us out here.

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Tweet Tweet

Via Craig's tweet, is this most excellent blog:  Space Bat Memorial.  Whatever you do, don't miss the motivational poster! AND...There is a special group on Facebook, for those who now spend most of their extra time over there.

Next up... via Scott Bourne's tweet. do you use Apple iWork 09  or iLife 09? Ars Technica lets you know that Apple has released a "slew of updates". So go get 'em!

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