April 30, 2009

Random Stuff

I keep thinking I shall get around to blogging, but other things seem to creep in and distract me.

... oh shiny!

... ahem, where was I?


Oh yeah.  Well, first, I think I may want to move to Texas.  I mean, how exotic to move to a foreign country!


Of course I have to wait until my camera gets back.  I sent it out to have the sensor cleaned.  Now I am bereft!  I want it back even if there are big spots on the pictures that I have to get rid of in post processing...

This has pushed me into looking at better point and shoot cameras so I have a spare that I like.  Unfortunately, it's very difficult to figure out which of the many cameras out there I want to buy.  Most annoying. 

In the meantime, I have the old Minolta and the very lowly Nikon Coolpix L12.  I shall stick with the Minolta I think - I dislike the Coolpix intensely.


I'm trying to figure out how to make iMovie work so we can fix up some recorded stuff.  If I only had more than a 2 second attention span it would be easier.


Went to the grocery store this morning.  Particularly wanted to pick up some spaghetti noodles.  Got a bunch of stuff, but there were no noodles in the bag when I got home.  Aren't they supposed to jump in the basket as I walk through the store picking up lots of crap that is non-essential???  At the same time I found the lack of noodles, I realized we also had no paper towels. 

No I didn't go back to the store.  I'll have to do that in the morning. 


Now I need to stretch so maybe I will be able to move tomorrow.  Worked so hard in pilates today every muscle was shaking when I finished.  This made my instructor very happy, but might be an issue with mobility tomorrow.  We shall see.

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April 28, 2009

Can I Buy Some Ambition?

No I haven't gotten around to fixing up my rock wall pics yet. It's been that kind of week... stretching back to last week.  


Speaking of which, I bought a book on stretching.  I very much need to work on this so I don't hurt myself when I exercise. Up until now, I've been very lazy about doing extra stretching, but the harder you work out, the more you need to stretch.  As for the book - well, I'm hoping that it gives me some incentive.   I hate the fact that I need a class to motivate me to do extra stuff.  It's annoying.


On a totally unrelated note... I had some sort of noseeum bite me on the neck last week.  I reached up to scratch it and realized I had a lump where there should be no lump.  I went and checked in the mirror - yep - looks to be the size of a walnut.  Doesn't hurt.  Looks like it's on the thyroid...

Called the doctor.  She saw me immediately.  It was not there in September when I saw her last.  I have no idea how long it's been there.  Now that I know it's there, I see it all the time and I can feel it.  Weird.  Never felt it before that. 

I was right - thyroid.

Was referred to an endocrinologist.  Had an ultrasound today and my first appointment with him.  Looks like the "walnut" sized nodule is actually only 3 cm in reality!  Who knew it could look so large... well I guess the extra fluid around it doesn't hurt.

Turns out I have several nodules - none of which looks "bad" but he will do a needle biopsy next week.  Then we shall talk.  It's very likely I'll have the one I can see removed, the other 2 don't count unless they get larger. Of course the one in front  does stick out - figures. 

He said they always remove any over 4 cm so this one is borderline.  

Just call me lumpy.


As I was leaving the endocrinologist's office there were 2 men in the hall.  Men In Black.  They had that secret service look about them.  They were standing on either side of an exam room door. 

I wanted to ask who they were guarding, but figured it could only get me in trouble.  So I walked by without stopping.  I'm such a wimp.


I bought a domain name today.  Don't know what I'll do with it.  If I have enough time (yeah right) I may start a new blog.  However, as I currently do not have enough time to do the blogging I want to do, I don't know what I was thinking.  If I do start it up, I shall tell you how the name came to be.  I find it amusing.

We shall see.


Now I'm going to go read about stretching.  Of course I could always steal an ambulance and do donuts at Millennium Park in Chicago - but I'd hate to be a copycat even if it would be kinda fun.  Also I don't have enough time to sit in jail.

Now I'm off to read.

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April 27, 2009

Nothing to See Here - Just a Photo Op

I have read this story several times today and it still makes no sense at all.

Jet Flyover Frightens New Yorkers

In fact, the blue and white plane with “The United States of America” emblazoned on its side was one of two regularly used by the president. It was soaring above Lower Manhattan, Staten Island and Jersey City so government photographers could take pictures near the Statue of Liberty for publicity purposes.

Of course Mayor Bloomberg gave his statement to the press...

“Why the Defense Department wanted to do a photo-op right around the site of the World Trade Center catastrophe defies imagination,” he said. “Had I known about it, I would have called them right away and asked them not to. It is the federal government, and they can do in the end what they please, but I would have tried to stop it.”

How does he know it's the Defense Department? It took just about forever for one man to step forward and take the heat. One has to wonder why it was so difficult to find out who authorized this and why. However that is only of mild interest.

The really troubling sentence is:

It is the federal government, and they can do in the end what they please, but I would have tried to stop it.

They can? Do what they please? Really? Since when?

This was not a national emergency. Martial law had not been declared. This was, if we are to believe the very tardy mea culpas, merely a publicity photo shoot.

If that is the case, tell me where it says the Federal Government can trespass on State's rights and just "do...what they please"? I had no idea. I was under the impression it is the exact opposite.

What should worry New Yorkers even more than a low flying plane is the fact that Mayor Bloomberg believes his statement.

Yes, that is troubling indeed.

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April 26, 2009


I believe I mentioned somewhere (maybe it was twitter... or maybe it was here, I'm too lazy to go look) that my pilates instructor was participating in the US Adult Figure Skating Championships this weekend. 

Well, she came in Second Place!  That's second in the country... Wow!

Congratulations Cynthia! 

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Over Done - Stick a Fork In Me

We had our first really warm weekend.  It went from the mid-50's on Friday to 90 on Saturday and mid 80's today. 

I do not do temperature changes well.  All those years in the midwest of severe swings never managed to do anything except make me miserable. And with this weekend's swing I ended up in much the same boat. 

Years ago I overheated while out on a 5 mile run.  Ever since then I have what I call the "temperature switch" inside.  I am either cold or hot.  There is no in between.  It can be 80 degrees in my office.  If I'm sitting here typing, it's a good bet my fingers and toes are very cold and I might even be wearing a sweater.  I have been known to go through entire pilates classes, working until my muscles collapse, but my toes are still cold - because the room is cold!

If I start to exercise when it's overly warm, the metabolism goes into overdrive and then I can't cool down for quite a while.  This always results in a migraine.

Not realizing quite how hot it was, we set off for our usual walk on Saturday.  I ended up way too hot and that naturally triggered a migraine.  I was ticked because I was even wearing shorts...  Felt like crap the rest of the day and all night.

Today was a bit better.  It was somewhat cooler and a better breeze.  I also made my husband slow down on some of the uphill bits.  Although I was still pretty drained from yesterday. 

One of the problems at this time of year is the lack of shade.  There are lots of trees - but no leaves.  In mid summer at this temperature, it's pretty cool for most of the walk because you're under a canopy of leaves.  Now, you get minimal shade from the branches.  Had the same problem in the midwest where there is no shade at all.  Gets me every time. 

So not much by way of blogging.  My brain does not want to work at all I have a complete lack of ambition to do anything.  I think I'll go drink another large glass of water. 

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April 23, 2009

Still Haven't Got the Act Together

I know it's so lame. I had meant to get to my pictures today - but something else came up. There might be more on that later - or not - depends on what happens.

So let's see if I can dig up some headlines because they are always good for blog fodder.

How about this one:

How to Take a Perfect Head Shot with a Single Light

This is from the Digital Photography School and it's one of the feeds I have on my home page. Of course it made me giggle - because really - head shot. Right.

Here's one for the guys.

Brandi Chastain's Sports Bra? It Might Be for Sale

Just performing a public service.


It seems Disney is at it again with a new movie...

Movie review: 'Earth' full of friendly animals

All they wanna do is find food and play with their cubs... just remember to let the kids know that they might be that food if they're in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'm just sayin'...

Oh joy - it's back!

In California and Texas, 5 New Swine Flu Cases

Last making a big splash my Freshman year of college - I remember the vaccine very well!  Everyone who got the shots got sick.  I did not get the shots.  I wonder if I should switch it this time.  Heh.


Okay that's enough for tonight.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!   I can't believe it!

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April 22, 2009

Where'd the Time Go?

Well, it's midnight and I kinda didn't get around to blogging today.  I guess I was busy - well except for watching the Bruins beat Montreal to win their first round playoffs - YAY!  I find I'm really liking hockey very much - it's terrific in hi-def.

Then watched the finish of the Cardinals beating the Mets.  YAY again!

It rained yesterday so we went out for dinner (instead of bbq in the rain)  and had sushi for the first time.  The little restaurant close to us is very very busy on the weekend so midweek seemed a better bet for getting in.

It was FABULOUS!  I was astounded.  I had no idea what to expect, but WOW!   I can see why they have people waiting hours for food.  Did I say WOW?!

It rained again this afternoon and it was all I could do to convince myself I didn't need to go eat sushi 2 days in a row.  I really really wanted to.

Did I mention I'm lousy at using chopsticks... oh yeah.  I ate very slowly because half the time I was just trying to make my hands work right.  I think it might make for a good diet method. 

Maybe tomorrow I can get my rock wall pictures rounded up and posted.  We shall see.  No pilates tomorrow so I may have a bit more time. (my instructor is at the US Figure Skating Nationals where she will be competing in 2 events! which is just too cool). 

Now I'm off to read before heading to bed.

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April 21, 2009

More Pictures... Well Why Not

In my continuing quest to stay well away from the current affairs of the day and let others hash them out to their hearts content.  I bring you ever more pictures of our weekend walks.

We are making headway into spring (it rained most of the day today so things should really begin to grow - it's been a bit dry for this area lately).  The bleeding hearts have inched their way a little further out of the ground even without the benefit of extra water. 

I still say it looks like rhubarb when it first grows out. 

Leetle teeny leaves have started to unfurl on the trees.

Flowering trees are in bloom.  We don't have too many around here and most are well off the road near the houses so it's difficult to get a shot.

Some people have bravely started to put out their annuals. 

We'll hope for their sake that it doesn't freeze again or even snow.  Still, it's a bit early for up here.

Then there is the hardy stuff that grows out of rocks.  We have lots of that here too.

It was surprising to see that the creek was still flowing very strongly.  I think I mentioned it was dry here - well apparently not as dry as I thought.

Of course with the rest of the plants growing, the weeds have gotten themselves started too.  These in particular are interesting looking - if a bit ugly. 

They need a shave or tweezing... one of the two .

Of course the daffodils continue unabated.  There are vast swaths of them all over the place.  (Probably because the squirrels won't eat the bulbs like they do with tulips - damned squirrels)

Today we ran across a couple more dogs that were not around when I was gathering material for "animal walk" post.  The first guy was not too happy with me when I started taking his picture.

This next guy positively loathes anyone who walks past his driveway.   He's ready to defend it tooth and claw. 

And we'll finish with a pine tree growing out of a rock.  Very appropriate around here - they are like weeds and grow everywhere. 

You have now walked 4.5 miles - don't you feel healthier already. 

Coming soon - rock walls.  I know - the excitement never ends... I think they're pretty cool and they do engender a great deal of speculation. 

Stay tuned.

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April 20, 2009

Needs Work

My picture taking on the Minolta that is... On Saturday's walk I managed to get 3 pictures that were marginally acceptable.  I don't know the camera well enough and I'm trying to decide if it's worth the effort to get to know it.  Hmmm... decisions... decisions...

I guess it's a good thing we only did the short 2 mile loop that day.  I would hate to have wasted lots of time and effort on a long walk.

There are now some flowering bushes out and about.

I want to say honeysuckle, but they certainly didn't have the strong smell of it that other honeysuckle bushes have.

And at the top of the local hill we get a view of Mt Wauchusett.  Which turned out far better than expected.

Not too bad, not too great.  Even more snapshotlike than my usual Nikon shots. But since this is the first time I've really used the camera, better than I should have expected. 

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Some Must See Photography!

Thanks to a tweet by Shorpy, I got a chance to look at these pics:

The salvage of US Airways 1549

Wonderful stuff!  Can't wait til I have a chance to see the rest of his work.  Wow! 

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