April 28, 2010

Okay - Flowers... and Stuff

Well, it's a bit late, but I did manage to get some photos uploaded.  So we do have flowers... I love spring flowers! 

The bleeding hearts are in full bloom.

They love to have their pictures taken.

Very pretty.

Then we have some teeny white flowers.

In an interesting turn of leaf.  I have noticed since moving here that spring is nearly as colorful as fall when the trees start leafing out. 

And I had to include this one because this guy relaxing with his dog - was too good to miss.

And I leave you with this pooch.  I just love that patchwork look this dog has goin' on.  Cracks me up.

Well, that's all for tonight.  More tomorrow I think.  Happy Wednesday or nearly Thursday!

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April 27, 2010

Blooming Stuff

Will not be shown today.  Sorry about that.  I have lots of flower pics, I just haven't had time to work on them. 

In the meantime, here is a house that appears to be bucking for a minor role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

You've got your columns, your urns on top of the columns (complete with swaggy stuff embossed on the sides).  You've got your ornate fountain in the middle with the brick walkway.  And of course the columnar evergreens to frame the fountain... 


Now all they need are a few yard statues and some sculpted hedges. 


My Things todo list is giving me trouble after the last few updates (it seems the updates were to make the whole process play nice on the iPad *sigh* I don't have an iPad and am not going to get one soon and yet I reap the "benefits" *double sigh*).  Today I had to reboot my machine which cause all sorts of extraneous repeating tasks to show up in the "today" box.  Ho-hum.

I'm seriously looking at other options because this used to work well for the most part, but seems to be getting more unstable the more they update it.  How annoying.  The other annoying thing is that repeating tasks don't sync to my ipod touch... something that wasn't an issue until my last trip to the midwest. 

I noticed they updated Omnifocus since I first tried it.  I may have another look at it.  The interface is much improved and if they can manage to work out repeating tasks nicely and sync well - I may have to switch.  I really need a well integrated system. I rely heavily on it for work and for the meetings I set up. 

I know it's tough to write this kind of software, but I didn't expect the app to get worse with updates instead of better. 

Well, I will certainly give it a while longer to see if it will start to behave. (mainly because I have no time to switch anything for the next 3 weeks or so). 

Well there are far worse things in life.

Ah the joys of trying to make your computer work for you.  They are never ending.  Now I think I'll go read.

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April 26, 2010

The Get Away

I finally managed to get an extra long weekend - mini vacation planned for Memorial Day weekend.  Good grief.  Between trying to find a time when my husband can take a couple of days off then actually making all the reservations (haven't done the car yet - that's the easy part), I didn't think I'd get everything to work. 

Now I'll just cross my fingers and hope all goes well. 

Can I get someone to do all this for me?  What a PITA getting all this together. Sheesh.  I need a vacation after trying to plan a... long weekend get away.  No wonder we never go anywhere.

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April 23, 2010

And Now a Word From...


In the interest of keeping the government off my back I will state here that the following is a free endorsement. Heh. (like anyone would give me anything to plug their product... right)

I just ordered a bag of trail mix from nutsonline.com.  I was looking only to buy roasted salted pecans (because I love pecans but can only find the raw ones in the store and I am too too lazy to roast my own).  So I started searching and ran across this site.

I decided - well - why not just create the mix I want instead of buying only the pecans.  So I did.

The smallest bag you can mix like that is 5lbs.  (Ordering one type of nut you can get smaller bags and they have sample sizes)  So I got a mix of roasted/salted pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, dried cranberries, and chocolate covered gogiberries. 

All I can say is - phenomenal!  I have always bought nuts from the grocery store.  These are nothing like the ones from the grocery store.  Nothing at all.  I've never had nuts that tasted so fresh.  They are "light" and crunchy.  Not dense and dry.  It's quite amazing.  I may go through the bag in record time. 

So, if you like to snack on nuts, I would highly recommend them! 

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog (where I have nothing else to say tonight). 

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April 22, 2010

News of the World Edition

I just finished watching one of the longest freaking hockey games in ages. Ottawa beat Pittsburgh in the 3rd overtime. Great game - annoying announcers. The announcers figured the game was all wrapped up in the 3rd period of regulation when Pittsburgh went ahead... rather neglecting to note there was still 10 minutes left in the game. What a shock to them when Ottawa tied it up. Heh.

I guess Massachusetts didn't learn anything from the "Cash for Clunkers" debacle...

Massachusetts appliance rebate program hits bugs

First, would-be participants crashed a computer server officials boasted would be ready for the task. Then they drained the program of all its funding in 2 1/2 hours.

Well, it did take an entire 2 1/2 hours... heh.


Facebook: Privacy Enemy Number One?

Once again FB changes their privacy policy... they soooo want to tell the world every detail you put on your FB page. But they won't email me comments! I want them to stop messing with what they tell the rest of the world about me and start emailing me the stuff I want to see. This would be why I don't do too much on FB.  Sheesh.


Blagojevich defense wants Obama subpoenaed

I have only one thing to say about this...


Now this will surely encourage people to use antivirus software...

McAfee Bug Forces Massive PC Cleanup

Yeah, let's just delete a critical system file from Windows... good job there.


Dreams 'can help with learning'

Hmmm... how do I learn anything then?  No I don't remember my dreams. 

And last but not least...

Should the Food Industry Ban Added Salt and Sugar?

I have one thing to say... Stay the hell out of my food choices!!! OUT!!! I'm a big girl and I can make my own eating decisions thank you. I can even figure out what foods are bad for me. Sheesh.

I want the government to quit treating me like I'm 4 years old. I had to put up with that kind of treatment all through school. Now I'm a grownup - leave me ALONE!

Is that clear enough?

Well, that's your headlines for today.

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April 20, 2010

They Lost Me

I have more to say about the air travel problems in Europe, but first - More Pictures!  (I know what a shock).


There is a small subdivision we walk past periodically.  Well all subdivisions here are small, but still it's about 12-15 houses built by the same builder. 

The houses are the typical large suburbanish looking not to bad but not great houses.

Have a look at this one.

Eh - it's okay.  It's new and it's got a few changes in elevation on the front of it so it's not dull.  But what's that thing on the side?

This thing:

Ummm... right.  It's a porch, but it's not covered - mostly.  It doesn't connect with the house. And the footings for the... ummm... covering... are enormous... far out of proportion to the house itself and structure it's holding up.  It's difficult to see the scale in a small picture like this.

It looks like a growth that might just take over when it gets a chance.  Good heavens! (the boards that form the "roof" are supposed to be angled to create shade on the porch for most of the day - often they are not placed at the correct angle and they don't work as intended - don't know about these but our last house had this type of monstrosity attached to it... I'll say no more)

Then we get to the other side and see the garage...


First we have the small bump out in front that gives them a regular door into the garage.  Sadly the small bump out doesn't really add anything good to the looks of the house.

And then we have the "awning" type thing over the garage doors. What is that for? To "shade" a portion of the garage doors? Unfortunately the thing it will shade are the huge ass lights over the top that should light the area at night... which means the light from those lanterns will go out over the yard and not down in front of the doors... good job.  And once again large footings for each of the posts.  

Okay... whatever floats your boat.  But to me it's a bit too much. For one thing I'd be scared to death I'd hit the footings and damage tires while pulling out of the garage!). Wow.

Next time we walk I will get pics of the house next door to this.  (they are in training as an up and coming "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" house) 

Just had to share because I knew you'd all be riveted by this place.  I am.  We walk past and I just stare and shake my head. 



Now let's move on to the story of the minute - the Iceland volcano! 

First of all - is Algore gonna lecture Iceland for violating the Kyoto protocol and emitting massive amounts of global warming gasses into the air?  (hold on! maybe he has to wait until the ash cloud has died down and he can fly in to lecture them in person)

Anyway, I asked my son - who has flown in helicopters in the large Middle East sandbox, whether or not the Europeans were over reacting. 

He said possibly, but better safe than sorry. 

I agree.  At Wikipedia there is a list with some of the things that can be impacted when airplanes fly though the ash.  I should say here, I love flying.  I'm not afraid to fly.  I hate airports but that's another story and figure if the plane is going to crash - well it will  and there's nothing I can do about it so I'm not gonna worry.  Call me a fatalist.

I know there has been vociferous complaining about the truly dreadful emergency management of this event. 

But can you image the uproar if they had let planes fly and those planes started crashing...

Europe does need to get its act together.  Personally I'm not sure I'd believe them if they did say it was safe right now.  They are under pressure from the airlines to lift the flight ban. If they get enough money in hand, they might just say... "okay, looks good to us, go ahead."  Sheesh. 

On the whole I'm glad I don't have to trust my life to the EU and their looney decision making process. 

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April 19, 2010

Why This?

Just because.  Its' a cute tractor.  A pretty color of blue.

Was going to comment on the volcano and the flights being grounded... but I decided to email my son and ask him what he thinks.  He has a bit more credibility when it comes to flight in adverse conditions. 

Me - I'd be willing to camp at any airport for a long time if it meant the plane would actually make it through.  From what I'm reading though, it sounds more like a bureaucratic nightmare rather than worries about the planes and passengers.   But more on that later. 

For now, I'm going back to watching some hockey.  Because I can.

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April 16, 2010

Because It's All I Have Time For...

I keep meaning to post, then run out of time.  I have to dash off and make dinner in a few minutes.  So I leave you with this hopeful looking pup.

He hangs out around the nabe.  Rather shy.  But still a cutie. 

Now to get some food. 

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April 14, 2010

The Garden Growing

Here's what a week will do for you. 

The rose bush is a leafed out.

And the bleeding hearts have grown about 10 inches it seems.

Before you know it, we'll have flowers.  Wow! 

Tomorrow we'll go on another walk. Because I know you're all just waiting to see what we walked past last weekend.  The excitement never ends I tell you!

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April 13, 2010

I Do Have Pictures

From the weekend.  Unfortunately I've been working and my eyes are crossing and I just can't make myself get the card out of the camera and sit any longer in front of this screen.  Just can't.

You will be amazed at the difference one week makes though.  I know I am.  Stay tuned.

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