June 30, 2010


That's what I got.  Really tired tonight.  Maybe it's because I got more sleep than usual last night... I'm not used to it.  Heh.

If I can work up the energy I do have some Alamo pics to post.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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June 28, 2010

Too Much Geekness

We're moving to a new mainframe at work - a shiny fast happy new mainframe. We love it... there is however much work to do to get it up and running. These things are not automatic. 

So let's see... that's 2 new PC type servers, a new FTP server and a mainframe. One replaced backup server. And hours of configuration time. 

I think we're doing our bit to keep the economy moving along.

Then my husband's Macbook decided it just didn't like the vpn to the mail server at work. *sigh* Well why not.  I troubleshoot all day, why wouldn't the silly computer just add a bit more fun and excitement to life.  He finally got it going - but there is some weird stuff going on with Macs and vpns.  Weird I tell you.

I need a nap.  Maybe I should go back to Texas and hang out at the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

It's pretty.

But it does have lots of tourists.  Many of whom are sitting in these goofy river tour boats baking in the sun.

But the birds like it. Even the demented looking ones.

Now I'm really off the computers for the night!

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June 27, 2010

Humid - Very Humid

My husband found a site that tells us the ground elevations around this area.  He was able to find the site of our house and it's at about 640ft above sea level. This is why it doesn't get quite so hot here, high up and in the trees.  The highway is exactly 2 miles from the house - it's at about 400ft.  Somehow I didn't realize the climb was quite that steep - but the temp often drops about 5 degrees as we drive from the highway to the house.  I know - it's just some bits of trivia which no one cares about but me.  But that's why I blog - so I can throw out these little things into the world and bore everyone silly.  Heh.

The temps have been hovering in the mid 80's.  Unlike lots of poor bloggers down south, we don't have the excess heat problem.  But a bit of humidity has wafted this way (around 90%) and thunderstorms are promised.  After all, I believe I've told you before, we live in a rain forest.

Instead of having to get up at 3am and run around shutting windows (which we did several times last week), we decided to turn on the A/C.  We had a moment of tremendous irritation when my husband flipped the switch and... nothing happened.  Nothing at all. 

Off - On - Off - On - zip.  Not even a hiccup.

Since we just had those guys in to fix the wires that were chewed by mice in the outdoor unit, this was not just disconcerting - it was a momentary spike of anger.  I wanted to call them and make them come back "right now" and get it running.  They ran it before they left, then they turned it off - they must have broken it! (well that's what I was thinking as we stood there looking at the thermostat that was eliciting no response)

After checking all the circuit breakers inside and outside, checking that the blower switch was on, we head back up to look at the thermostat again. (Somewhat despairingly I might add. I mean there is nothing we can do if it just doesn't start.)

Without much hope, my husband flips on the blower switch - the blower obligingly turns on.  Well okay that works.  He turns it back to "auto" - turns the A/C on and suddenly - it works. 

We have no idea why.  I have a feeling it will suddenly stop again for no reason. But we shall see.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have some ambition to post more pictures.  Tonight I think I'm going to go read instead.  In the meantime, here's a bird we saw in San Antonio where it was hot, but not quite so humid as it is here.

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June 24, 2010

Dear Great Reader... Just for you

I thought you'd like a word of advice about drink umbrellas.


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June 23, 2010

Minor Irritations

It's been one of those days when I have wanted to leave a few people at this place...

Maybe it is a good thing I don't live in Texas.  Heh.

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June 21, 2010

My Garden Should Be No Larger Than 2 Potted Plants

On Saturday I redid all the networking in my house.  New cable modem, new router, new power supply, the works.  I pulled out all the old stuff, vacuumed and cleaned, then added the new stuff. 

I did have to call the cable company to get them to add my new router modem to their system.  Even that didn't take very long.  About 2 hours later everything was up and configured.  I have gotten rid of some wires (good riddance) and all is neat... or as neat as one can get with networking equipment.

That was the good day. 

Yesterday I made a stab at weeding the garden.  I managed to get about 1/10th of the job done.  (if you don't count the little side yard flower beds and other stuff)  Ho-hum... there is simply too much out there for any one person to handle unless the only thing they ever do is garden.  As I understand it, that's what the previous owner did... every weekend - all weekend.

I do have to make at least one round a year and try to destroy the weeds.  The problem is, I end up overheating myself when I do get out there and start working.  That brings on a migraine.  Just dandy.

Then there are the mosquitoes... they laugh at the bug spray I use then bite me anyway.

I need to hire a gardener.  Someone who can tolerate the weather and doesn't care if the bugs bite.  

I think I should stick to machines.  They like me better. 

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June 18, 2010

Conversation with my Daughter

So my daughter called on her drive home from work this afternoon.  She was smack in the middle of the worst of the big storm that hit the entire Chicagoland area. (BTW - great picture at the link)  She wanted someone to know if her car got blown away. heh.

While talking she recounted a story. 

She was going to meet one of her friends for dinner.  They were on the phone while her friend was getting ready - finalizing the details.


Daughter:  Are you ready to leave yet?  We've been talking for a while.

Friend: No I've lost something, I have to find it before I leave.

Daughter: Your keys?

Friend: No my cell phone, I can't leave without it.

Daughter:  Try looking in your right hand next to your ear.


Ah me.  It used to be keys or glasses.

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A Few Things for This Weekend

No I haven't gone back and rewritten the post I blew away by accident.  I'll do that tomorrow or Sunday... maybe. 

Tonight we have a few bits of housekeeping to take care of... since I'm a lousy housekeeper you will see I'm late and yes damn late with a few announcements.

Firstly LeeAnn has changed home addresses. Of course most everyone already knows that by now.  But just in case you've been running from the little wolfy, I thought I'd let you know.  Oh yeah... I also figured out (cause I'm more than a little slow when it comes to these things) I never added her under the Peeps I've met category.  Geeze... I may give up on this entire blog rolly thing. 

Secondly the incomparable Elisson has also moved to new quarters.  He is now in the Cheese Aisle, this is a wonderful thing for us all. Maybe you will remember ... the Cheese Mistress  turned in her cheddar and donned the wolf skin (and thus a baby wolf was born of cheese...).  I know Elisson didn't want all that lovely cheesy goodness to go to waste. For this we are eternally thankful.

So I say - update your bookmarks.  Be a better blogger than I am.


And now for something completely different.

If you use Firefox to browse, you may be interested in this new little plugin.

HTTPS Everywhere

This is a good thing.  I highly recommend.  I have been using https whenever I connected to my gmail for years.  This little plugin just makes it a bit easier.

You can do this manually even if you use Internet Explorer, I like that it does it when you don't think about it.  So please check it out and keep your sessions safe from the local lurking hacker who might be watching you.

I think that's all - not too bad after about 2.5 glasses of wine.

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June 17, 2010

The Brilliance

Yes, the brilliance that is Iowahawk. 

Go here and read.

While you do that I will be placing my order.  At least I will when I can stop laughing long enough.

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June 14, 2010


Had an entire post finished, clicked the wrong button... entire post is history - poof.  Since I don't feel like recreating it right now, I'm going to go watch television.  It happens every once in a while.  I take it as a sign that I should just leave the computer.

In the meantime my daughter sent a pic of one of her cats with the caption... this explains many missing purse items.

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