October 31, 2011

What A Weekend

Had a fantastic time at  Eric's place. Wonderful people. Wonderful times. 

I'd post more but I'm at Starbucks with half the world. Everyone without power is here so they can get online and get warm.  You should  hear some of the conversations. Amazing how uninformed people are about how stuff works. 

All I can say is Thank Heaven for Starbucks. They are lifesavers!!!  Ha!

I'll have to see how many pics I can get of the mess. Although our street isn't too bad.   

My wonderful husband is once again working his magic with the generator. We can keep the house reasonably warm and get water and all that.   It' just a royal PITA. 

Ah well. Time to shutdown and conserve a bit of battery.  No outlets available here and the iPad will need some charging soon.  

Later Taters. 

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October 29, 2011


Eric is running a live feed from the blog meet. Pool is being played. Go check it out. only available for a short while. Um...language alert too in case anyone is at work.

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October 26, 2011

Hitting the Road or the Air or Something

Tomorrow I am pulling out the suitcase and heading south... only for the weekend and not because they are predicting snow.

It's time once again for the annual Hysterics at Eric's.  My husband, who forgoes these events, will have a nice quiet weekend at home. 

This year the Jooese is making her way south in the company of Jimbo (he of the "big fat black capitalist car").  So I shall swoop into Atlanta, swing by the Casa de Elisson, meet up with the man himself and his lovely wife, attach them to my posse, and off we will head into the middle of Tennessee.  It will be a blast and half! 

If you follow me on twitter, stay tuned for random tweets from the airport (where there are always fun and interesting things happening).  I can even blog because my blog software now works with my ipad!  Very cool indeed. 

So everyone have a lovely lovely weekend. 

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October 24, 2011

Project Closet

I've had this idea rolling about in my head for a while now and I've finally decided to get myself moving on it.

Here's the deal, I am NOT a clothes shopper. I dislike shopping for anything other than electronic toys. Give me a computer store and I'm good to go, I can spend hours there happily playing with stuff.  Put me in a department store with racks of clothes and my mind goes totally blank.

For years I wore shirts that were only black, white or gray and pants that were black dress pants or blue jeans. Those were easy colors for me because they are pushed heavily by people who supposedly know these things.  We are constantly told they look sleek, sophisticated, and everyone can wear them. So, everyone wears them... they look good on so few. 

Ever look at a group of people going to a party?   99.9% of the women will be wearing a black dress.  Now really look at those women. Most of us (even if we don't know what would look better) can instantly see on most of the women, black does nothing at all to make the wearer look good.  It doesn't look sleek, sophisticated, or slimming.  It just looks blah.   And for those of us with very fair coloring we look very bad indeed. You know you've seen this - if not, look closer next time you're out.

You can wear black or white or gray  if your coloring is such that they look good on you. I am not at all suited for any of those colors to be the main focus. They make me look pale and tired.  My daughter, OTOH looks very good in black and even gray.  She did not inherit my coloring (lucky girl).

An internet search about scarves, of all things, led me to Ginger.  She has been absolutely fantastic at breaking down these mysterious things like - what colors look good on me (jewel tones - dark brown - gold jewelry... not black or gray or silver jewelry), how to do makeup the right way in about 7 minutes, and most important how to shop in a store. (okay so some of it is more touchy-feely than I will ever be, but the basic concepts hold and are good ).  I keep working on it... one day everything may fall into place... okay stop laughing - one can always hope! 

The shopping thing is still a problem for me.  I go to the store with a set intention, but of course I can't quite remember exactly what I have at home.  Do I have a scarf that will go with the jacket or shirt I want to buy?   Do I have shoes that will go with this pair of pants?  Do I have a jacket that will work with this?

I am trying to remember all the stuff I have in my closet and then determine if this new thing I buy will fit with the rest.  If it doesn't, it will sit in the closet and not be worn or I'll have to take it back (a huge waste of time in my book).  The question then becomes how do I fix this problem?

Evernote to the rescue.  I have created a closet inventory folder with subfolders for each type of clothing.  Now I have started the process of photographing everything in my closet.  First scarves, then jackets.  Over the next little while I will add dresses (that won't take long - I have like 2 of them), summer shirts, winter shirts, pants, jeans, and shoes.... you get the idea. 

When I'm done, I should have a pretty fair representation of what I have in my closet.  I'll be able to pull out my phone (evernote works on all smartphones - also on Mac, Windows, and Linux) and check the photos in my Closet Inventory folder.  This will (I hope) save me time and effort when I'm shopping.

So far I have done the photography with my iphone, but I think I have to pull out my D300 so I can get better color rendering. 

That's a pretty geeky solution so it makes me happy.  The main goal here is to cut down the amount of time and effort it takes for me to shop so I can do other stuff instead. 

It might just work.

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October 21, 2011

When I Said I Was Worried About the Camera...

Y'all thought I was kidding...

Check it out.

Doesn't look ready for prime time, but that never stopped anyone.  heh.

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October 20, 2011

Patchy - Patchy

A big Java update was released today.  It's time to patch that Java on your pc's.  Why? Because the holes being patched can be exploited simply by surfing to a website with malware java script. It can even be a reputable website that is unknowingly hosting java malware ads. 

If you turned off auto updates because they are a PITA (yes I turned mine off), then go to Control Panel and type "Java" into the search box to find it.  Click the update tab and then the "update now" button to get started.  It's pretty quick and you don't have to do a restart which is nice.

On Mac you'll have to wait until Apple releases an update. 

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October 19, 2011

And I Was Worried About the Camera

I decided to put up an RSS feed on my home page for Ars Technica the other day and I must say that they do have some really fun articles. I don't have time for everything, but if a headline catches my eye, it's generally a good read.

Today I saw this one:

Researchers can keylog your PC using your iPhone's accelerometer

The researchers developed a method to accurately translate the vibrations from typing on a keyboard picked up by the device's accelerometer when placed on a desk near a PC.

How cool is that.  I say this since no one in the world is the least bit interested in anything I type... but still.

Not being a creative type thinker, I was worried about someone hijacking the camera and watching me.  After reading the article I realize that would be too straightforward. Spying needs to be done with more subtlety and finesse. This is why I am not a spy.

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October 15, 2011


So yesterday, while listening to the Bagel Tech Foto show live (yes I even got a mention when I logged into the chatroom - ha!), I updated my iphone 4 to iOS5. 

First I had to update my Mac to the latest itunes... there were also a few other updates that needed to be done and then a reboot. Whew.  Got those going, checked to be sure nothing had broken by doing updates, then I plugged in my iphone with some trepidation.

The launch day for iOS5 caused nothing but trouble for many people - too many were trying to update at once... the servers had difficulty handling the load. (I'm shocked - shocked I tell you!).  But yesterday morning was a time, after the initial onslaught by current iphone owners and just before all the new iphone 4S phones were delivered.  Timing - I tell you it's all in the timing.

The update went splendidly.  I got the iphone updated by the end of the show then the ipad updated even faster.  Excellent!

Sadly I do not have Siri to talk to on my older phone.  *sigh*  (then again I only want to ask her to "Open the pod bay doors"... just because)

Oh well, I'll have to wait on that. There are many improvements even for older phones and it will take a little bit time to get them all figured out.  In the meantime, if you have upgraded to iOS5 and don't know all the features, here's a great podcast from the Typical Mac User with Victor Cajaio and George Starcher - highlighting some of George's favorite new features.  (George is a developer so he's been using iOS5 for a while now, Victor is great at slowing things down for the average user).  Go listen and find out some of the best features! 

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October 13, 2011

The Blog Roll

Okay I'm moving the blogroll to this post and taking it off my sidebar. Once I publish and have a link, I'll change the sidebar to create a pointer to this post.  Pardon the dust while I move things around.

The links are below the fold.


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October 12, 2011


That whooshing noise you hear is the sound of all the people (aka fanboys) who use Apple devices trying to get the iOS5 update and iCloud going... all at the same time.  Bits and bytes are flowing at an unprecedented rate over the net.  Causing bliss for some and chaos for others.

While iOS5 sounds like a terrific update... yes, I want it on my iPhone... all I have to do is look at my twitter stream to see the results of the onslaught. 

Just a few:

Is everyone having trouble moving to iCloud? Is it just system overload?

iFail. Oh well. Don't call.

Why does the iOS update process, which keeps erroring when contacting Apple's servers, have to do a full backup EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?

This is what happens when there is a highly anticipated software release and everyone is waiting for the words "It's live!". 

At this point it's nearly impossible to figure out if the failures are due to server problems, network problems, device problems, or any combination of the above. 

Of course some out there downloaded and upgraded with no problem at all.  It's hit or miss which is not surprising.  The funny thing is, in about 24 hours all the hoopla will have died down and it will all go smoothly.

So, just like I missed all those opening nights at the theaters with billions of people trying to see the must see movie of the millennium. And all the years I didn't buy the must buy toy of the  season for my kids.  I will wait and do my upgrade in a more leisurely fashion.  There might be problems, but then there always are problems.  Why add to the headache by wading in with millions of others at exactly the same time? 

Oh and if you are going to be doing any Apple updating, please for the love of heaven back up your data first!!! 

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