April 29, 2011

Digging Up The Yard

I suppose if one has to be digging up septic systems, a little rain doesn’t matter.

First they dropped off the equipment.

alt text

Then the guy who did all the work got there. I liked him, he was all business and didn’t waste time. He got right to work and got things fixed. He only needed one piece of pipe and about an hour as it turned out the original pipe had broken and over time had filled with sand and dirt until it was completely blocked.

alt text

However they had to leave it open so the inspector could see it. So I still have a hole in my yard.

alt text

As I told my neighbor… they better get it inspected and closed soon or some burglar is gonna come stalking my house, fall in the hole, and sue me for damages. heh.

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April 26, 2011

Mystery Water Revealed

Today the mystery water returned to the downstairs bathroom.  This time with a difference.  The shower tray was completely full of water.  The floor was all wet, the closet was all wet, the unfinished room was all wet... 

Time to call someone.

My husband suggested we start with the septic people instead of plumbers.  They very quickly got someone out here (I was impressed - excellent service).  And yes, it is the septic system. 

It was full of water.  Lovely.

First he had to pump it out - about 1500 gallons.  Then he scoped it out with a camera.  Turns out the pipe leading to the leach field had collapsed.  Water goes in, can't get out.   We don't know why - there is nothing heavy moving over that portion of the yard (even when the trees were taken down, they weren't near that section).  They may figure it out when they dig it up, or it may remain a mystery.

Thursday they come back to replace that section of pipe.  In the meantime I cleaned the bathroom, my husband got the unfinished part of the basement.  We'll have to call in Service Master to do the carpets properly since they had water in certain areas.  My husband did the shop vac to get rid of most of the water - but they should be properly treated.

As long as it's only the pipe with a problem, we'll have escaped pretty lightly.  If they have to do anything to the leach field... well that would be a really big deal.  We'll find out soon enough.

Are we having fun yet?

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April 21, 2011

Pictures - Because It's All I Have Right Now

Some more pics from last weekend.

Daffodils which were out in force.

alt text

This spiky thing that I keep thinking I should know the name of…

alt text

Another visit to the horse farm.

alt text

And a rock wall.

alt text

And that’s what I’ve got for tonight. Sadly I can't even think up any decent commentary. Oh well.

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April 20, 2011

Want to Know About Hard Drives?

Want to know how they die? Want to know what the pros do to try and recover data? Want to know about flash drives and how good they are? Want to know what you would need to do to be sure your data is not recoverable from an old hard drive?

Then you need to check out this fantastic podcast TMUP 233: Hard Drive Master Class with George Starcher and Scott Moulton. No, it's not all about Macs - it is all about great information. So grab a cup of coffee and a snack and check it out.

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April 19, 2011

Looking a bit like Spring

Yes, spring is trying to claw its way in. We don’t have snow, but the temps aren’t fantastic only marginally okay. It just started raining this evening again. The trees love it so I guess that’s something.

Our walk this last weekend produced some flowers! The crocus and daffodils have arisen.

alt text

The sap is running. These 2 stumps were left last year after a beaver got to the trees. Looks like the roots are still alive and trying to kick it into gear.

I think they must have trapped the beaver and moved it, I see no signs of it in the pond this year.

alt text

The trees don’t have leaves yet. But give it another couple of weeks and maybe…

alt text

Still, I think I like this pic of the white birch against the other darker trees and of course the rock wall.

alt text

Wow - I can’t believe I managed an entire post of pics. It’s been quite a while. I hope to get another up this week.

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April 18, 2011

You Know There is too Much Going On When...

It's about 4 days between blog posts.

So what's new? How are ya?

Me? Just dandy.

My excitement for the week was reporting my SBUX card missing. Right after I got the email saying they were sending the new one, I found the card. Naturally. I have no recollection of putting it in with the paper money. I have never done that before. Weird.

Speaking of SBUX - I don't know what it is lately, but it seems every day for the last couple of weeks I've gotten in line behind a person reluctant to advance to the register. You know the ones - they leave a HUGE gap between themselves and the person in front of them so you have no idea if they are even in line. I want to take my shoulder and shove them forward.

We did go walking over the weekend. It's on my todo list to upload the pictures tomorrow. I had to spread things out so I can relax a bit.

That's about it for now. Time to get off the computer. I leave you with a pic of a tree with a fuzzy trunk.

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April 14, 2011

Mystery Water

Our house has a finished basement. I work down there... or maybe I should say here since I am sitting in the room itself as I type this.  The room (formerly a bedroom for the previous owner's son) has a bathroom attached - en suite if you watch House Hunters International - heh.  The bathroom is an inside room, no walls against the outside of the house.  One wall borders the walk in closet for the room, the other 2 walls border the unfinished part of the basement where the heater lives. 

It's not a large room, toilet, sink with some good counter space, a shower (no tub), and a linen closet.  There is a small rug in front of the sink area. 

I mention the rug because the rug is the first problem I noticed. 

I walked into the bathroom yesterday morning and the rug was laying at an angle in front of the toilet.


I knew I hadn't moved it. I figured my husband had for some reason although I couldn't imagine why.  I bent down to pick it up and it was soaking wet.  Wet like someone had taken a pitcher of water and upended it on the rug.  Of course I started looking around.  There was no sign the water had overflowed the toilet. I looked under the sink. The floor of the cabinet was completely dry. I looked around the edges of the sink cabinet.  No sign the water had come out from under the cabinet, the wood was dry.


That evening I told my husband what happened.  He grabbed a flashlight and headed into the bathroom to look around. He saw no problem with the plumbing on the back of the toilet, no sign either that the sink was leaking. The walls all looked dry and unstained.  Then he looked in the shower. It never occurred to me to look there since there's tray with about a 4 inch edge - how could water get from the shower to the floor?   It didn't seem probable.


Or maybe not. There was a small puddle in the shower and the drain cover was askew... except we don't use that shower so where did the water come from? Why had the drain cover moved?   Then he looked in the linen closet and found the entire floor wet.  I never even thought to look in there. 

The rag bag and a couple bags with old bed linens reside on the floor there.  I pulled them out.  Got rid of the dead bugs that had accumulated since I last cleaned it and got to work getting it washed and dried again.  There's a drain clean out down there, but no sign of leaking around it.

In the meantime my husband checked the unfinished part of the basement.  Along the wall, between the shower and the sink, water had leaked out of the bathroom. 

But where did the water come from?  How did it get there?  It had to have happened over night. My husband suspects somehow water backed up into the shower due to a clog which eventually gave way.  He looked closer at the shower drain. It's very possible the drain around the shower leaks.  Since we don't use that shower, we'd never know it.

I suspect our water treatment system did it's weekly back wash, which it does about once a week in the middle of the night, and that's where the water came from.  It backed up into the shower tray and leaked around the drain, soaking the floor.  I might be wrong about that, but it's a theory.

Still... not being 100% sure, it's very unsettling.  We've had many past experiences with water in basements - none of them good.   Because we aren't sure what is going on, we will await events.  If it happens again we'll have to bring in a plumber.

I'm not optimistic.

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April 12, 2011

Anyone Seen My Extra Hours?

I mean the extra hours I need in my day to get to everything. The time is disappearing before I know it! Amazing how that works. Been working quite a bit lately. When you’re trying to pick up some business, it means working extra hours to get things going. It’s always a painful process while everything gets adjusted. Eventually it all shakes out. If it means extra business at the end, then it’s all great and well worth the effort. Sadly, it also means I don’t get around to reading my favorite blogs or even writing any blog posts myself.

Since I have been so neglectful lately, here’s a rock wall for you. Headed off into the woods… no telling where it ends. Rather like most of my days lately.

alt text

More later - I hope!

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April 08, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

So I went to get my hair done today.  As usual, while waiting for the chemicals to do their cookery on my head (and very likely leach the life from whatever few brain cells I still retain), I sat down to read.  This time I brought my Kindle, yay I remembered my Kindle before walking out the door!  Most of the time I forget to bring it. Thus I end up looking in fascinated horror at the magazines available which consist of things like "People", "Us", "Okay", "Vogue","O", and on and on.  I marvel at the fact that people will actually spend money on them and I marvel even more at the fact that people read them.  Scary.  I look at the pictures and that's enough to freak me out until my next visit.

But I digress.

I was sitting at a table, looking like a radio antenna or some other type of weird receiver with all the aluminum foil on my head, and trying to read.  Unfortunately there was a stylist with her chair close to the table.  She and her client were talking away like mad (perfectly normal).   The problem is trying to concentrate on reading when 2 people right next to you are talking.  Not possible for me.

Then I started thinking of how often the conversations are about dire medical problems. The discussions are detailed and surprisingly graphic as one woman tries to outdo the other.  I have come to the conclusion this is a type of therapy for people. Rather on the cheap side if you think of the cost of seeing a therapist. A bit freaky when you think of how much information people are spewing to the world at large.  The only thing worse is when the lone male "stylist" talks politics with his men customers.  I loathe listening to half baked political theory. I loathe it even more when I can't escape.  I want to walk up to him and ask if I can switch him to the sports station. 

However, I do have a suggestion for the upcoming holiday season.  If you are at a loss as to what to write in your Christmas letter, just head over to your nearest salon.  Do some sort of hair treatment that will tie you down there for about 3 hours.  Take notes.  Instant Christmas letter guaranteed to be remembered by all your family and friends for years to come.

Just sayin...

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April 05, 2011

Ah If Only I Was Adept At the Quick Retort

A few weeks ago I was at a function manning a table.  Various people from our group had done this over a two day period.  That day it was my turn.  Oh goody. 

It's not my type of thing at all. I can be nice and polite, but basically it is a form of sales and thus I am not at all comfortable with it.  When ever I do these things there is always one guy (always a guy) who has to walk up and go on the attack - so to speak.  My problem is, they always take me unaware and I can never find a great or even good reply. That makes me even more angry than the original idiot comment(s) they make. 

So this guy wanders up, looks at our banner, looks at me and says... "So why should I join your group?" Belligerently.  I guess he wanted to see if I would jump up and immediately defend the group from... what?  Him?  Right.  Sure thing.  I'll get right on it...  

He thought he was being very clever. I guess in some ways he was, I couldn't retaliate in that situation and he knew it, the jerk.  I sat staring at him and all I could think was... "No you really can't tell him "we don't want you to join our group". No, don't do it. Even if he really does deserve it."  

The problem was, while I was stuck trying not to say that, I couldn't think of anything else.  

In the meantime one of the other guys from our group came back to the table.  Those two proceeded to talk about various things involving work, computers, yada yada yada.  After a while I finally figured out he was bored and looking for a conversation. That was his way of starting it. Good grief he was at least 65 years old - not six.  In all these years he hasn't learned a single interpersonal skill.  I was wondering if he was even employed. 

How I wish I could come up with some withering retorts that sound unexceptional on the face of it. I guess it isn't meant to be. 

Oh well, here's another pic of the horse from over the weekend. 

He wouldn't like the guy either if they met.  Heh. 

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