July 30, 2013

The Great Closet Clean Out

We've been in our house (in Massachusetts) for about 7 years now... wow, that is so hard to believe! Time flies when you're having fun.

After all this time, I have decided I need to do a thorough run through of all the closets (and out of sight places) in the house. Cleaning, organizing, getting rid of stuff I never use. When we moved, I got rid of lots of stuff, but still moved things I shouldn't have. Then I stuck it in closets and totally disregarded it. This is normal for most people. Out of sight, out of mind... I'll get to it later. 

Apparently later is here. Must be something like the seven year itch.

So far I have managed to get through 4 closets and still have... 4 more to go (I think). Plus 2 unfinished areas in the basement. I'm not rushing. There is no deadline.

It's been wonderful fun!

While I rather loathe the actual process of cleaning my house on a weekly basis (this is why I hire some excellent ladies to do it for me) I really love hauling everything out of a closet or some other space, weeding through it, organizing it, getting rid of the junk that doesn't belong, wiping down the shelves, and putting the rest back. I even like hunting down bins to use or special shelves to make things work better. Looking at the finished closet all neat and tidy makes me happy. All I need to do is give myself a kickstart when it's my own house I'm working on.  

I'm very lucky in that I'm not really attached to "stuff". It doesn't bother me to get rid of things I don't need, even if someone gave it to me or I was dumb enough to buy it at some point in time. I value items for what they can do for me, if that is nothing, then they are gone. If something else I have works better, the old one is gone. Also, I don't buy things because they are "on sale". If something I really need happens to be on sale, this is good.  But buying something I don't need, just because it's got a sale tag on it, it's an action that has always baffled me.

Of course I have some items that I keep and will not get rid of no matter what (for example stuff from my kids when they were small, things my husband has given me). But I am not attached to things like my car, my phone, my computer, even the house we live in. I like having all those things, but they are in my life to serve a purpose and it's even better if they do it in an aesthetically pleasing way. If one of them breaks, or I have to sell it, I do that and move on to the next one. My hope is, the next one is even better.

The problem is, if I have closet space, I do tend to put things away and then forget about them (oh my lamentable memory!)... then never see them again until I empty the closet. This rather defeats the purpose of buying things. Or I replace something, like a set of sheets that are wearing out, and keep the old, threadbare ones "just in case". Again resulting in full closets. It's more like attrition than intentional collecting of stuff.

So, my closets are full of stuff that needs to go. Most of it has been only trash-worthy. Some will be sent to the local Good Will.  And I will once again have some closet shelf space! As of now I have at least 50% more space in each of the closets I have worked on! Amazing.

I wish I thought I could start a business doing this for other people. I know others do this. But I don't think I know enough people, much less how to go about it. It would be a perfect career for me, I feel I am missing out here. Ha.

Oh well, here's to clean and organized closets! Not to mention drawers and cabinets and other such places. It appears I am easy to please.

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July 28, 2013

Look!!! It's a Post!!!

I would like to say I've been doing something important lately, but the fact is, I've been a bit bogged down in some work stuff and haven't had the energy to write a post.

Then I saw this article...

Night owls more likely to have Dark Triad of personality traits

Who knew I had personality traits in common with Stalin and Hitler and even Obama. 

Anyhow,  I thought I should warn you, my faithful readers...  "Take over the world" has just gone onto my to-do list.  Plan accordingly. 

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July 16, 2013

Website Malware - the Mac version

If you use a Mac, you're probably used to thinking bad things will not happen to you as you wander about the internet. Well, this is not the worst thing that can happen, but it can scare the bejesus out of you if you don't know about it.

OS X Users Hit by Ransomware Websites Posing as FBI Notices

No, you have not been hit with a virus and the fix is simple.  So check it out.

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July 11, 2013

And some fun news

If you write, they will answer. At least if you're a kid.

7 Year Old Dreams of Mars, So NASA Sent Him This

Of course they have to start building space ships again...


Sometimes ya just gotta get away...

Impala seeks refuge from cheetah by leaping into tourists' car


Might be quite the hike...

Primeval forest discovered deep off Alabama coast

I am feeling breathless just reading about it.


And last of all...

You can now bet on the sex of William and Kate’s baby in Bitcoin

I am trying really hard to wrap my head around the thought of anyone who uses Bitcoins having the least interest in the latest royal baby.  Even for betting purposes.  heh.

Happy Thursday.

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Some bright news

On the gene-therapy front, I saw this article today at Ars Technica.

Two successful gene therapy trials block inherited diseases in humans

If only most research money was spent funding stuff like this rather than studies such as:

Eating fruits and vegetables tied to longer life

Yes, someone got paid to pull this kind of "study" together and publish it. 


At least someone is doing some much needed real curative work!

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July 08, 2013

Travel Notes

We recently went to Chicago for an extra long weekend.  So I thought I'd share some travel observations.


Headed to Chicago…

So many wheelchairs at the airport. Can anyone walk anymore? 

Dog in the box.  Small dog in under seat carrier, woman gets off the plane, sets it on the floor, opens the top and out pops the dog. 

Short shorts for girls are back. In so many cases this is quite unfortunate.

Flight delayed… twice. I need a glass of wine. Or three.

Plane comes in. People get off. Everyone lines up to board. Crew arrives. Then the announcement:  sorry folks the captain is in another city and won't be here for at least an hour. His plane has not taken off yet.

So when they lined everyone up to board did they not know who was going to fly the plane?  Just a wandering thought.

I also need a perpetual charger for my phone.

Headed back to Boston...

Slowest TSA agent ever. Got a long long look at her because I was in her line while she chatted and laughed with the other TSA agents.  She did periodically stop to have a look at her screen before going back to joking with them again.

Aaaaaand more flight delays because of weather. This time on the east coast.

Lots of kids will be on this flight.  The extra wait time will not make them happier.

Have we lined everyone up just to say... Fooled ya! Not boarding now. You can sit down again.   Nope this one is good to go.

Sitting next to a "wide leg" passenger.  You know... the guys who have to sit with their legs spread wide open taking up both their leg space and part of the next seat.  Delightful.  No I don't want to touch you. 

And back again with a mostly painless if prolonged wait time. 

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July 03, 2013

Tick Tick Tick

Having seen 2 different stories in the last 2 days, I decided someone wants me to pass this on to anyone who is still wandering past here.

It's all about the tick and Lyme disease and... well, here's the story I saw yesterday.

Lyme isn't the only tick-borne illness

There's a new bacteria in town and if you live in tick infested areas, you should know about it as your health may depend on it.

Then today Chris Kresser published a podcast (with transcript) of an interview he had with a noted Lyme disease researcher, Dr. Sunjya Schweig. They talk about Lyme, other Lyme type diseases, the controversy surrounding the disease, and its treatment.

Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease

It's a lengthy interview and very well done. I highly recommend checking it out either by listening or reading the transcript. You will then be armed with information if you have to deal with Lyme disease or one of the offshoots.

Now if we could just be rid of ticks...

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