January 03, 2013

Because I keep hearing about this - part 4

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.
Part 3 is here.

Let me see if I can get this mostly finished off tonight.  I meant to do so yesterday, but work was a bit busy and I couldn't quite sit down to think about this stuff.

So you've got your AV software, Malwarebytes, and Web of Trust, not to mention Adblock Plus... what else is there?

Run your system as a user not as an administrator.  Windows does not make this easy to do (although Win7 is far better than earlier versions).  If you run as a user, there is quite a lot of malware that can't infect your computer because it doesn't have "permission" to do so.  Simple as that.

Update, update, update! Keep your system updates, up to date.  This will save you from those little nasties that have already been found and patched, but can still get to unpatched computers.  Set your updates to automatic if you can't or won't go get the updates when they are announced.

Update any Windows Office software whenever there is an update.  Makes it harder for your system to be hijacked by clicking a wrong link.

Use Adobe Reader 11 or greater.  If your Reader version is earlier than 10 you are probably already toast.  But check your version and if you have an older one, uninstall it then go get the newest version.  It is a pretty secure version and it automatically checks for updates so you don't have to.   Get it. 

Or use Foxit Reader which is much lighter weight and so much faster to open than Adobe Reader. 

Make sure your Adobe Flash is up to date.  You can check here.  As this is one of the biggest holes for malware to jump through and get on your system, make very sure you are always up to date!

Last of all if you have Java on your system, make sure it is up to date on patches too. 

Of course - do not click links in emails.  Do not ever let a website install some bit of software so you can "watch that video".   The standard stuff you should always do. 

All of this will help keep the crap off your system.  But nothing is foolproof.  Even if you are meticulous, you could get hit with some malware.  So have a backup of the stuff that is important!  Have recovery disks so you can reinstall your OS if it's really bad. 

Then all you can do is hope that you don't end up wasting a weekend trying to rebuild a system or something.  Short of staying off the internet altogether, that's about all you can do. 

As you can see, I'm still here.  But I prefer the world with internet access to being so "safe" I have no contact with anyone else.  We all have to decide what we are comfortable doing. 

Happy surfing.

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1 In case no one's mentioned this recently: THANK YOU for what you do. It may often by thankless ... but not today.

Posted by: Rev. Paul at January 03, 2013 10:38 PM (DkimJ)

2 You're welcome Paul!    I always have minor hopes that some of this of use to someone... you never know.

Posted by: Teresa at January 03, 2013 11:32 PM (hJwgq)

3 "If you run as a user, there is quite a lot of malware that can't infect your computer because it doesn't have "permission" to do so. "

Ahhh...  makes sense, thank you once again for sharing!! I'll change that right now...

Posted by: Pam at January 05, 2013 07:48 AM (VZULe)

4 Pam, on a Windows machine, if you are used to running as an admin, the change can be irritating.  You have to log in to the admin account to do most anything that requires a change.  Sometimes though, you can right click a particular program and do a "run as..." and run as the admin for that program alone.  This is helpful if the particular program has an update to be applied.  Of course other programs will not allow this, so it's something you have to try and see what works. Good luck.

Posted by: Teresa at January 05, 2013 11:31 AM (hJwgq)

5 Found that out, thanks! LOL!

We're going to reload my hard drive soon so I'll set myself up then as a user.

Did you see this?  The implications are huge, especially for hospitals and government; anywhere privacy is a big deal..


Posted by: Pam at January 07, 2013 08:09 PM (VZULe)

6 This particular one, no hadn't heard it, but there's always something like this being reported every day.  It's a never ending circus indeed. 

Posted by: Teresa at January 07, 2013 11:11 PM (hJwgq)

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