September 10, 2013


This photo has been making the rounds on facebook over the last few days. It wasn't until it was posted today that I decided this would be my September 11th post for this year.

Today it was posted by George who is trying to make a going business of his cooking website Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. George has just recently left the Marines after 12 years due to medical issues.

This is what he has to say:

What a Difference a day makes. As soon as I saw this photo, I immediately teared up. After spending 12 years as an active duty Marine and leaving for boot camp shortly after 9/11, this will always tug heavily on my heart strings. Cheers to all my fallen brothers and sisters who I had the honor of serving next to and thank you to all members of all the armed forces who continue to serve.

Perhaps you could have a look and see if you like any of George's recipes. On this day, it seems fitting to remember the fallen and celebrate life. Hard as the enemy has tried to change it, we're still here. That is a victory.

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May 20, 2013


I'm sure, by now, almost everyone knows about the horrible devastation in Oklahoma.  If you would like to help, but can't quite decide how to do it, please consider donating to Team Rubicon.  

We can't be there to help, but they can.  Whatever you can give will go directly to helping a community in need.  

Thank you. 

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April 15, 2013

A Heartbreaking Day

A marathon, many people out enjoying the day. Then bombs. It doesn't get much worse. Too many injured and certainly too many dead. (even one death is too many).

My prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were injured and to those who rushed in to help. All will be effected forever by this day.

I will be staying off the internet and social media like twitter because of the incredible amount of crazy stuff that starts spewing forth. Even those supposedly with editors and that all important vaunted "control over content" the news media insists is good... Here's a perfect example. I posted this on facebook earlier:

Why I don't pay much attention to the news of a disaster the first day... or maybe even the second day. 

Headline tonight from the WSJ at 8:38pm:

Five More Explosive Devices Found in Boston, Counterterrorism Officials Say

Then at 9:40pm also from the WSJ:

Law-Enforcement Official Says Suspect Devices May Not Be Bombs

Alrighty then. That certainly settles things doesn't it. Sheesh. I hate news people in a frenzy. And no, I deliberately did not link either story since I see no point... it will all change again in an hour or so.

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September 11, 2012

On This Day

Remember them.

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May 08, 2012

Well, you are supposed to learn things while in school

Not sure what is really going on, but here's the story

Principal resigns amid accusations of Facebook spying

And now a story emerges from Missouri of a high school head who is accused of creating a fake Facebook profile in order "friend" her students.

Of course the story is not confirmed.  The school district isn't talking and neither is Ms Losos, the accused.  All evidence is circumstantial and could be completely misleading.  It looks suspicious but she could be resigning for a completely different reason.

However, true or not, it is an excellent lesson for students everywhere. Not only to be careful who you accept as a "friend" but  also, the internet is not ever private.  Not even sites that claim to have privacy. 

Of course we all could stand accused of forgetting this very thing.  It is hard to remember on a daily basis... at least until your facebook posts or emails hit the front page of the newspaper. 

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May 04, 2012

This is a good thing

Another step closer to text-to-911

Text-to-911 moves ahead in the US as Verizon chooses partner vendor

Can't tell you how many times I could text, but there was not enough bandwidth for voice.  This would be awesome.  Especially here in the wilds of Massachusetts where the idiot natives refuse to have adequate cell phone service.  (there are currently protest signs in our town because Verizon wants to add cell towers... God forbid we move into the 20th century here - geeze)

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January 18, 2012

SOPA and PIPA - Let's Try and Stop Them Before They Stop Us: Now Updated

Go here read this.

Thank you.

UPDATE: This just in: a NSFW explanation of SOPA and PIPA by the Oatmeal.  I think this covers it.

I drew a Goat...

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January 04, 2012

Map It

One man, two years... an award winning map.

The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See

I think I'll have to order one of these.  It's very cool! 

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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September 10, 2011

The Anniversary

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of a day we will never forget, but always wish had never happened.

There are people we do not want to forget

All these years later it is still heart wrenching and brutally painful. 

As I did all those years ago, I'm going to give the "media" a pass. I will be avoiding tv, the internet, radio, any media that will be continually reliving those minutes. 

I don't need to relive that day.  I never forgot.  I don't think it's possible to forget.

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August 11, 2011

A Riotous Time Was Had By All

Observations on the riots in England.

-- Someone was bound to be caught flatfooted (so to speak) by the advances in communications technology. It happened to be England.  It was quite evident that they were unprepared for mobs that sent out messages to each other to decoy and out maneuver the  police. For that matter they didn't look prepared for any kind of riot at all. Even a small one.

-- It's been quite a few years since we've had significant rioting in the US and the more recent examples have been contained not spreading all over the city where they are happening.   Of course we also have not yet disarmed our police.  I'm sure this plays a role.

-- England should bring in Richie Daley - the recently retired mayor of Chicago. He's not doing anything right now and he would certainly be able to give them the low-down on stopping these things before they start.  I've been in downtown Chicago during a minor demonstration by some whacko group or other. You couldn't go 2 feet without walking smack into a group of cops. Cops everywhere.  With neon glow vests to mark them out and I'm sure there were unseen cops hanging around too.

-- If there is any police chief of a major metro area in the US who has not got a plan in place for dealing with modern technology in mob rioting - that person should be fired immediately.

-- For everyone's sake, I hope they have finally gotten things under control.  It's quite awful to watch the thugs running rampant in those videos and the police being backed down the street. 

BTW - that Theresa May character should be long gone.  But that's just my opinion - I suppose if she keeps busy enough to avoid meeting anyone, they'll just forget she's there until the next riot.

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