October 22, 2005

Where Did You Come From?

The Commissar is starting a project... Who's Your Blog Daddy (or Momma as the case may be)?

Because I can't read - I've already left 2 comments there - so I won't leave a third... He want's to know

-- Who's your blog parent (only one please!)
-- What month you started blogging
-- Do you have any known blog offspring

Note to my 2 brand new blog kids - I didn't see the last part until after I commented the second time - oops - don't think I'll leave a third one so go leave him a comment if you want to be known as a family member. *** ducking while my kids throw things at me ***

Hat Tip: Sissy Willis who gets around to more places than I do.

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October 20, 2005

I've Been Memed...

SarahK has memed me with the latest 7 Things going around. Being caught up in moving I've only just now getting to it, so here we go...

7 things I want to do before I die:
-- See the Grand Canyon
-- Go to Ireland and Scotland (among other places)
-- write a novel
-- get a car I really like driving
-- learn at least one other language
-- sail on my own boat - not someone else's
-- live along the ocean

7 things I can do:
-- write computer code
-- tai chi
-- make really good pie crust
-- talk... a lot
-- highly insult people without using a single "four letter" word.
-- make my kids groan
-- lose whatever I put away for "safe keeping"

7 things I cannot do:
-- speak a foreign language
-- the splits
-- run (this is why I took up martial arts - can't run away)
-- push ups
-- live where there are really big bugs
-- live in the desert (visit is fine - live there - no)
-- remember what I was just going to say...

7 things I say a lot:
-- Ummmmmm
-- D'oh
-- like (if I've been listening to teens - I tend to pick it up)
-- really
-- sucks pond water
-- what's wrong with this computer!

7 things i find attractive in a male:
-- Intelligence
-- Keeps in good shape (no matter the body type)
-- hands
-- eyes
-- smile
-- dry sense of humor
-- doesn't mind if I talk too much

7 celebrity crushes:
I don't think I've ever had one. I tried when I was younger because it seemed like everyone else had a crush on someone... only I have no feelings for someone I've never met so I can't get that wrapped up in them and their life. And now days - since we find out way more about celebs than we ever wanted to know - I try not to even listen to what they think or like... as it ruins my ability to concentrate on anything else they do.

7 people I feel like bugging:
I have a feeling I'm about the last person to be doing this meme - I've seen it everywhere and I've seen everyone I'd want to tag - already get tagged for it. So, if you haven't been tagged and feel like doing it - consider yourself tagged by me. :-)

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October 17, 2005

And Another Blogger Returns!

I just found out that Robert Prather has started blogging again! Insults Unpunished is back in business - Yay!

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Pictures Pictures Everywhere

Seems that lots of people are posting pictures lately. If you haven't seen them - you should!

First we have Sieg - with Big Windy in Pakistan. Yay Big Windy - you guys ROCK!

Then Drill Sgt Robb has posted pics of his recent mountain climbing excursion in Colorado... snow in September!!! Gorgeous scenery - but I get cold just looking at them!

Calivalleygirl gives us a peek of her and her sweetie during his recent R&R.

Carla has been posting pictures of her recent weekend in Maine... here and here it makes me want to hop in the car and drive on up there right now. (It's still hard to believe that Maine is now within a reasonable driving distance!)

My blog bro, T1G, is posting a pic of the "stairs" he is using for a workout but don't look at it too long or you'll be out of breath!

And naturally we must add some of Sissy's fabulous cat blogging shots... life would be incomplete without those!

My blog sis Tammi... who appears to be having delusions... I think Cody is keeping her up too late or something!

Last of all... this isn't a picture - but it really SHOULD BE.

There... I needed to lighten up a bit. Too much complaining lately. Enjoy the pictures.

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October 15, 2005

Good News That Even the Rain Can't Make Soggy!

Sgt Hook is back! There are many of us who have missed his blogging since he stopped nearly a year ago. The man has a way with words, no doubt about it. So head on over and say Hi!

As for the rain... it continues unabated. We've just begun Day 9. I'm told there is an end in sight - sometime tonight... I'll believe it when I see it. The fireplace continues to leak - nothing can be done until the rain stops and we can get a roofer over here. There are towels galore covering the wood - trying to soak up the water before it does damage.

In the meantime - it looks like Jim at Parkway Rest Stop has had similar problems with even worse results. As he says - it certainly isn't as bad as the people who have lost their houses or most of their belongings - for this we are grateful - but it would have been nice to have been in the new house for longer than 9 Days before things started happening...

Now I'm going to post this before the power goes out again.

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October 14, 2005

Happy Birthday Eric!

One of my most favorite bloggers is celebrating his birthday today. The Straight White Guy is revving up the engine and taking his Audi and its stereo for a spin. I can hear the tunes pouring out of the speakers now.

So, to a fabulous story teller, a wonderful blogger, one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and a handsome young lad too...

A Very Happy Birthday! May you have a wonderful day.

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