November 30, 2005

What Does a Pink Sky Mean?

I was sitting in my office this afternoon at about the time the sun was on it's way to setting. Suddenly I realized that the color in the room looked strange (that penetrated my consciousness around the glow of the computer screen). I looked out the window and the world looked... Pink!

I decided I had to check it out and see if it was a trick of the windows, so I went outside... sure enough... the ambient light was Pink.

We have had fog for the last few days and today it rained most of the day... well, the rain had stopped, but the clouds still covered the sky and I guess the setting sun must have made the entire sky turn pinkish gray and this reflected on everything.

I wish I could have taken a picture that would have done it justice... but I KNOW that no camera - digital or film - could have picked up that coloring. It just wouldn't happen.

So, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever looked outside to see the world was Pink? ... Green I've seen - Pink is a first for me. It was pretty cool.

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November 23, 2005

An Alarming Meme

Okay - so my blog-daughter tagged me with the latest meme making the rounds... This one seems simple enough.

1. Do you use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning?
Well of course I do! Morning is evil... I am definitely a night owl so I could never trust myself to wake up in the morning without a clock.

2. What time do you set it for?
For about an hour after my husband gets up to get ready for work during the week. Since I don't have to leave the house to work, I don't see any point in getting up excessively early. On the weekends - who wants an alarm on the weekend unless you have to be somewhere!

3. Do you hit the snooze button, if so how many times?
Usually I hit it at least once. If I'm really tired I've been known t hit it up to 5 times. If I just turned the darn thing off instead of hitting snooze - I'd sleep half the day.

4. Have you ever abused an alarm clock?
No, no alarm clock abuse here.

5. It's time to spread some "Its Blogcess" linky love.

Rules of the game, as per Sarah:
First, copy and paste #1 - #5
(Make sure to link to: "It's Blogcess", which is the link in #5. Because it is always polite to link the one who started the linky love.)
Second, link to my site (because it's polite to link the site that tagged you)
Third, go and tag 5 other blogs, more if you like.

Pretty dull isn't it. I think I've seen this meme just about everywhere - so I don't have anyone to pass it on to.

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November 22, 2005

Getting Ready to Cook

I did most of my Thanksgiving day shopping today. I try very hard to stay out of the grocery stores on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving... just like I try to stay out of the malls on the Friday after.

This year I was able to get a tiny turkey - YAY! I don't plan on having anyone over - so any turkey over 12 pounds is too HUGE. Last year I got a 12 pounder and we had 4 people - and tons of leftovers... this year I got one under 10 pounds! Wonderful. (my mother would be fainting and telling me I paid too much for just bones... then again I don't want to be eating this turkey next year too! so bony or not I'll go with small) You see I like light meat and dark meat - so just getting a turkey breast is too blah.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday of the year where I go all out and really cook. It takes most of the day. And Thanksgiving is my very most favorite holiday. Nothing but food is required - football is on - the house smells wonderful... what more could one ask for!

Yes, I'm gearing up to cook. It'll be a great day... so long as the oven holds out and we don't lose electricity...

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November 17, 2005

Headline Fun

In the "This is News?" department

Mold levels 'very high' in New Orleans

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November 08, 2005

Belly Up To the Bar

Drinking too much beer? It might not be all bad for you...

Scientists at Oregon State University say a unique compound in beer hops called "Xanthohumol" apparently inhibits enzymes that cause cancer.

It also helps the body make unhealthy compounds easier to get rid of.

But there's a catch: the researchers do not know how much beer you have to drink to get the full disease-fighting benefits.

And there's another catch: most of today's beers are very low in hops. The exceptions are porters, ales and stouts.

Well there you have it - drink the right beer and you can fight cancer and disease... this should give a goodly number of you an excellent reason to join in on Blackfive's Veteran's Day blog crawl. Remember - it's good for your health.

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November 07, 2005

Guest Blogging at Techography

Okay - Bloodspite of Techography has gone on vacation this week. I was invited to be one of the guest bloggers for the week. Sadly, my first real post looks like crap (always a good thing for a first post... right?) but I can't go back and edit it - because I don't have permission. It would have been nice, if I had actually read some of the little things like - the box that said use HTML format... oh well.

Anyhow, head on over and make fun of my attempt at using new blog software....

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November 01, 2005

I Passed Eighth Grade Math...

Can you?

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

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A Little More Fall Color

Here are some more pictures - taken by my husband (who happens to be a far better photographer than I will ever be). I'm going to try using thumbnails this time - just for something a little different.

How about some tree tops against the morning sky.


A little bit of the "backyard"


And last of all - how about looking up the street from the end of our driveway


Hope you are all enjoying a lovely fall day.

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