February 28, 2005

There's Only One Thing to Say About This...

Do Not Mess With Little Old Ladies!

Turn up the sound... and yes it's work safe.

UPDATE: Wow! An IMAO-lanch.

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February 26, 2005

My Computer Angel

Yesterday Sissy was photoblogging her pretty kitty Tiny and SpongeBob watching over her computer. When I noted that I have a Computer Angel to watch over mine... she asked for a picture.

I'm putting it in the extended section for those who might be stuck on a slower connection. I will warn you... it's not a great picture. It's actually the first one I've taken with my camera phone (yeah bad camera to begin with... but I forgot to charge the batteries for the real digital camera - oops no batteries, no pictures ) You may just about be able to make out that I was over at Sissy's page when I took the picture. And yes, my monitor gets a boost from a very old Black Box catalog.

The angel? Well, there she stands on the right side under the monitor right on the Black Box book. Her wings flap when you wind her up and she's supposed to glow in the dark (although I've never seen this myself). And so far, she's kept all the computer nasties at bay. What more could I ask for. *grin* more...

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February 25, 2005

It's Blog Noir - Chapter 4

Yes, if you haven't seen it yet, this week's Chapter is ready for reading. Brought to you by Christina of Feisty Repartee. She stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!!! It's just excellent.

Now if you missed them the first three chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1 - by Jim of Parkway Rest Stop

Chapter 2 - by Key of Key Issues

Chapter 3 - by TJ of Twisty

Everyone has done an outstanding job. And after every chapter I'm saying... it can't be over yet!!! C'mon finish it up! I wanna know how it ends! The hallmark of excellent story telling. Way to go bloggers!

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February 23, 2005

What Kind of Dog Are You?

Well, according to the quiz via Blackfive... I'm

A Welsh Springer Spaniel

Personality: A loyal hardworking gun dog that is excellent at swimming and sniffing. Generally a jock of a dog, preferring the company of men with guns, but under certain circumstances will make a perfectly contented domestic animal.

Go here click on Game. Enjoy...

**** Men with guns *** Heh.

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February 22, 2005

Holy Smokes People!

Second time in 2 days!!! Here's wishing the Insta-wife a speedy recovery now that she's home.

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Hurry... Look Quick...

For at least one day I have attained "Large Mammal" status in the Ecosystem! How exciting. If you don't get a chance to see it today, I'm sure I'll be back to "Marauding Marsupial" tomorrow. What fun for a day though... I'm glad I thought to look at it. *grin*

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February 21, 2005

I Am Amazed!

Thanks to _Jon (who writes emails to Instapundit) I have received my first Instalanch! I'm only one of five "here"s and so far I've had around 1500 visitors! Boggles the mind it does.

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February 20, 2005

Okay - She Can't be the Blog Mom...

But she's married to Harvey who is the Blog Dad...

Meet the newest Bad Example Family blogger... Beloved Wife - better known as Smiling Dynamite! I know, I know, Bou has produced a new Blog Daughter herself (how does she do that? it's amazing! before you know it she'll have more kids than Harvey) So you also have to welcome Sissy from And What Next?.

It's time for me to update the blog roll! And look into buying a house in hillbilly country - we've got a lot of strange connections going on here. Enjoy!

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February 18, 2005

It's Blog Noir - Chapter 3

This week's chapter is brought to you by Twisty... and she certainly inherited her father's talent with story telling!

If you've missed the beginning - here are the first 2 Chapters.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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February 16, 2005

It's the Top 10 List

Since Harvey suggested it, I thought I would give you the

Top 10 Things Things That Surprised Me Most
at the Bad Example Family Reunion

10. The amount of food Tammi bought! Holy smokes girl! We could've fed a small country with all that. But Tammi and Bou are both excellent cooks and seem to have the knack for cooking huge amounts of great food.

9. We had 3 couples at the party and all 3 were HAPPY couples! Do you know how rare that is? It was wonderful to see Harvey and Beloved Wife, LeeAnn and Beloved husband, SarahK and FrankJ... and no snarkiness like I have seen over the years at other gatherings. This is a wonderful thing that makes me feel so good - it's hard to describe.

8. Johnny_Oh and Bou are very quiet. I always tend to think of bloggers as being a bit on the extroverted side and then I have to stop and think... well, the extrovert part is many times just in print. But both of them were about as overwhelmed by the number of people in the house as I was. Which made me feel a bit better... because I work at home alone - I'm not used to lots of people over a prolonged period of time. It was a bit of sensory overload - like too much chocolate.

7. That _Jon not only didn't commit fratricide (Johnny_Oh still lives) but made absolutely heroic efforts to curb his language while SarahK was visiting. He wasn't always successful... but he worked at it so hard. He also made me laugh the most... he's very very funny indeed.

6. This is the second time I've been to Florida... and once again it was COLD! Either there is a special thermostat just for me when I visit or Floridians are pulling a fast one by claiming it's actually warm down there.

5. FrankJ is even smarter than I thought he was from reading his blog (and that's saying quite a lot since I knew he was smart to begin with), and far more chatty than I thought he would be for a guy who's an engineering type person! (no SarahK did not surprise me - I already knew how smart she was before she came to the party) I guess I didn't expect the level of planning and detail that FrankJ puts into his blog... this would be why it's one of the top blogs in the sphere. It was fascinating to listen to him talk about it.

4. Harvey's Beloved Wife... Wow - she is in tremendous shape! I know Harvey had mentioned that a few times, but meeting her in person... not only is she outstandingly friendly (why oh why doesn't she have her own blog???) but I am green with envy over her arm muscles! Sorry folks, but a picture just doesn't do her justice - a beautiful woman all the way around!

3. LeeAnn's Beloved Husband... This man had enough energy to run circles around the lot of us and then more to spare! It was amazing to watch him in action! I'm always awestruck by people who have that much energy. I'm not sure where I was when they were handing out the energy gene - but I missed it! And - he used to be a bartender... so I learned a couple things about mixing some drinks - all I have to do is remember them... right.

2. The conversation was non-stop. Think about that. There weren't any times of sitting around looking at people and wondering what to say. Some people did quiet times where they would take a break from the group - but in essence the group or groups moved and talked and never ran out of things to talk about.

1. I got 1 link from everyone at the party and got 100 extra hits... Heh.

Tammi knows something I never learned. She's one of the rare people who knows: How to bring people together - it's her finest accomplishment. It's the best thing I can say about anyone. Without Tammi - we all would never have met each other and that would be unimaginable now.

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