May 27, 2005

It's Machelle's Birthday

My blog sis has a birthday today and it seems it hasn't been a very good day so far. She requested pics of men in boots... well it took me a while to find something - I hope this meets the requirements.

Happy Birthday Machelle! more...

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May 26, 2005

The Great White North

I love reading Lileks - he's got a way about him for describing life... the life of middle America... and it's always fun to read what he has to say. (no his stories about his daughter don't bore me in the least *grin*)

Today it looks as if he's on one of his periodic low periods. Those blues that we all experience from time to time... the "why am I in this place when I could be somewhere soooo much better" blues.

I should note that it rained today. All day. It’s cold, too. The time has come, perhaps, to plot the Great Move to Arizona. Not now; not soon. I just ordered a light fixture for the dining room, for heaven’s sake, and I don’t think I’ll be prying it off the ceiling anytime soon. But in five years? Sure. I can take five more winters, five miserable springs, five desperate summers, if I knew I was heading to my reward.

Okay, I'm not in Minnesota, but the Chicago area isn't a whole heck of a lot better. We've had a nice enough few days - very little in the way of rain for spring time (this works for me if not for the grass). On the whole though... it's the cold that gets to me too. The fact that it's May and most days you have to wear a jacket or sweater to go outside.

One thing that he is not taking into account (because Gnat is so young right now) is that in 5 years his daughter will be 9 years old. Doesn't seem like much does it... she shouldn't have a problem if mom and dad decide to move - she's young, she can make new friends... uh yeah right! Unless the move is dictated by where a parent has to work in order to support the family, it's going to be darn near impossible for him to uproot his daughter and move her across the country.

My guess is that he will be in Minneapolis at least until Gnat graduates from High School... and maybe even until she's out of college - so she has a place to come back to and see her friends. Yeah, it's hard to move kids - change places in the country, make new friends, assimilate into new schools. It's not something to be done because the weather is annoying - trust me on this.

This plotting of a warmer life will be the dream he aspires to and may eventually decide isn't worth the trouble after all... but I know exactly how he feels.

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Code Blogging

The other day I received a comment in one of my posts inviting me to play a code game. I haven't had much time to think about it, so until today I haven't even tried to do anything about solving it.

This is not spam.
You are one of twenty bloggers chosen to play the game at aequalswhat.
Your part of the code is d=h.
Let the game begin!

Then I received an email from him apologizing for looking like a spam comment. Yeah some people are pretty touchy and his comment took some people by surprise and ticked them off. There might have been a better way to handle it - but I didn't find the comment offensive.

So I headed over to the site and had a look at what the game was supposed to be.

Twenty bloggers have been chosen to try and break this code, a simple letter substitution code. Fourteen have received one part of the code key, six have received two.




And now, the code.

The words have been compressed to thwart any attempts to guess the answer according to the number of letters in each word, but punctuation has been left intact to serve as markers.

The game begins now. Have fun with it.

yayod.izgvdkgxywwdregkdmfzdegxbrdkytoxuz ytizyldyrmfzyrskgxjgbvwykira!

Today I did some googling on aequalswhat and found a few people had managed to find the time to set up google bombs so they could be found. Well, I figured I better do my bit to get on the list - even though I'm a few days late and it looks like one of the bloggers (at least) already has my piece of the code. So, here goes.


We'll see if that gets me on the list. In the meantime - I'll have to find some time later today to get around to the other blogs and see if I can work on the puzzle a bit. I just need more time in my day!

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May 25, 2005

I've Been Tagged

Blackfive is playing tag and I'm it!

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

Hmm - somewhere in the vicinity of 60 to 70 I think. It would take too much time to count them - but I'm not a huge collector of DVD's

2) The last film I bought:

House of Flying Daggers - I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but it's sitting on the counter waiting for me to open it.

3) The last film I watched:

Rush Hour... Jackie Chan makes me laugh.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no
particular order):

Pirates of the Caribbean - it's fun it's frivolous and Johnny Depp is a tremendous actor

The Fifth Element - having fun saving the world what more could you want

The Incredibles - excellent animation terrific story

The 39 Steps - well I had to pick at least one Hitchcock movie and this is my favorite

The Thin Man - ah to live in one of the most lovely un-pc world ever created. I need to get the rest of these on DVD but they weren't out yet last time I checked. I should look again.

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:

The Cheesemistress
Sissy Willis

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May 19, 2005

I've Been "Nannied"

It's not too often that I look at my referrer logs (sorry I just forget to do it), but I was browsing through the pages of my stat counter today and found out that some poor soul had been blocked from my site by Net Nanny!

This makes me wonder what I've written that is so offensive that the Nannies would be out to get me! (sadly it doesn't show the page that was being accessed) I think I keep things pretty much PG here. I don't want to get someone in trouble because they browsed over here from work and the content was questionable. Not to mention, other people do questionable content MUCH better than I do. *grin*

Maybe it's a good thing I don't look at my stats... it's going to really bug me... trying to figure out what I wrote that the "Nannies" don't like... what a hoot!

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May 16, 2005

When Movers Are Unloading the Truck

Here are some words you really don't want to hear...

"OMG - I forgot all about those chairs! Where in the world am I going to put them?"
"I hope no one has to use the bathroom for a while..."
"How are we going to get you out from behind those boxes?"
"What if I need more than 4 shot glasses?"
"Where's Tammi? Do you see her?"

More later...

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May 12, 2005

Next Tammi Update

Just talked to Tammi for a couple of minutes. Yesterday she was in touch with the movers and they said her furniture wouldn't arrive until Monday... so we both said... well at least it has left the state of Florida - this is good. Today, she got a call, and they will be delivering the furniture TOMORROW!!! Holy smokies - this is good, but it means rearranging plans. Anyhow, now she'll have all weekend to get her stuff settled! YAY!

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May 10, 2005

Quick Tammi Update

No, nothing is wrong, just thought I'd let everyone know that Tammi is still alive and kicking... she just isn't typing. The problem? She has nowhere to set up her computer. Her furniture hasn't arrived at the new place yet and with the puppy, she can't put it out on the floor (can we say instant recipe for disaster?).

She just started the new job yesterday and I could tell from talking to her... she's gonna love this job! Oh yeah, this is where Tammi shines - she'll blow their socks off. Once I hear about the furniture delivery date - I will post another update. She's hoping for Friday of this week. So far she hasn't heard from the moving company... we must await events.

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May 09, 2005

Blackfive's New Look

Knew it was coming... didn't know when... Well, it's here today! Check out Blackfive's new look. Excellent job done by Sekimori on the new design. And yes, I will admit to being one of the people who voted for the new HALO wings logo - I think it looks fabulous.

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May 08, 2005

Dinner With Bloggers

Yesterday, I got in the car and drove all over the northern part of the state of Illinois... or so it seemed. A portion of the family was getting together for dinner. As they all live way out in the wild hinterlands, I gassed up the trusty minivan, donned my wilderland exploring outfit, and proceeded to wend my way westward... eventually reaching my goal of T1G's favorite local bar/restaurant after only one lengthy detour.

There I met TNT, Harvey, Tammi, Contagion, Little Joe, and naturally T1G (since he arranged it all). The biggest disappointment was that Grau wasn't able to get to the dinner and I had looked forward to talking with him again.

First of all the bar/restaurant which is a small town family type place. T1G has lots of friends there and he was brave enough to introduce them to a table full of wacky bloggers. He gets high marks for such bravery (must be the Marine in him). The food was excellent as were the people who work there. Unfortunately, per my usual way of restaurant dining, I couldn't finish the dinner and I knew I wouldn't be able to get the food home in a reasonable amount of time - so I sadly had to let the leftovers go.

Contagion and Little Joe were the new guys on the block. Little Joe is actually a part of Grau's Fizzensparks family... which has strange and twisted connections to the Bad Example family... They had some extremely lively and funny stories of growing up together and drinking together and getting into lots of trouble together. Seems they have both done any number of outrageous things with hilarious stories as a result. I never got around to doing too many outrageous things in my life, so I sound like a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to exchanging life stories. It's always much more fun to listen to the stuff other people did... Contagion and Little Joe didn't disappoint.

Tammi took some time to go home and bring Cody (her extremely cute puppy) to meet us. He is just adorable. She thinks he's HUGE - and I just laughed when I saw him because to me, he looks so very small! But he is very smart and TNT had him playing fetch with a small stick about 30 seconds after we hit the little park at the end of the block. He has ears that stand up about half way and then the tips flop over and it's so funny to watch him pounce because the ends of his ears flap.

The best part... this time (third time's the charm right?) I got a chance to chat with TNT for longer than 15 seconds. At the other 2 blog meets we just never seemed to be in the same place long enough to have a conversation. This time we both ended up at the same end of the table and finally got some talk time in - it was great. This meant that Harvey was on his own and had his work cut out for him keeping up with Contagion and Little Joe.

As for Tammi and I - well we end up not talking to each other too much at the blog meets - at least compared to our phone conversations *grin*. But that's okay, hanging out together is good.

All in all it was an excellent time. I had to leave earlier than everyone else because my drive was the farthest and I was afraid I'd end up falling asleep if I waited too late to go. I hear through the cellphone vine that they all stayed another 3 hours after I left. That would've put me home at 3 in the morning... hmmm good thing I left a bit earlier...

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