January 31, 2006

Pam Wants to Join the Bad Example Clan...

So I'm gonna vouch for her. Anyone who can put up with the "Neighbors from Hell" and not yet be incarcerated... well, she can join our family any time. (Did I mention she's a real sweetheart too?)

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January 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is Blackfive's birthday... Here's to a day full of cake, ice cream and lovely presents. (at the moment I can just picture little Pinkfive giving a birthday present to her daddy) May the coming year be full of wonderful things for you.

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January 24, 2006

For the Birthday Girl

Happy Happy Birthday to my blog sis TNT. Someone has let it slip that you like Big Cat pictures...

(click to enlarge)

Have a wonderful day!

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January 17, 2006


Okay I'm really busy working, but I just thought I'd say - after watching last night's 24... I wish I had grown up to be Chloe.

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January 16, 2006

Long Hair - Braided

Football players... you know the ones I'm talking about - they have the really long hair in a myriad of braids.

When they put their helmets on... They look like Predator.

However, instead of being scary - it just looks funny.

I'm just sayin'

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January 11, 2006

Fritz Fest Round-Up

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting about the fabulous blogmeet that was Fritz Fest. I must say it was just an excellent party.

First of all I can not say enough about the terrific job my blog bro T1G did in arranging this. He's a very quiet guy, so I know all the hoopla of arranging things was difficult for him to do. He not only stepped up to the plate - he hit a home run.

Second - I need to send some thank yous to Eric The Straight White Guy he was sorely missed at the party, but he provided the drinks! Thank you Eric! I had my customary Amaretto Sour - it was delightful. I stuck with water after that because I was driving Tammi home and I had over an hour drive back to my hotel.

Third - a huge thank you to Fritz and company for providing the place and the excellent food! I think the next time T1G announces dinner at Fritz's he won't have to ring that honking big bell to get people to go eat. Wonderful food - excellent bartenders. Thank you all!

Since I've been so frazzled lately, I didn't get a chance to go read the blogs of those who I didn't yet know. I had high hopes for doing this at the hotel, but as my wifi connection was so awful - I never made it past T1G's place before everything froze. That was incredibly annoying.

Therefore let me go through the list in the order I encountered people (as best I can remember).

I left early so I could stop by Tammi's new abode before heading to the party. Let me tell you folks - she has this obsession with the color blue... she kept telling me to look for the "blue house". Now I was on a short dead-end street... not one single house was blue - I thought I was missing something. Nope - it's blue on the INSIDE and WHITE on the outside! So, here I am stopped right in front of her house and all I can think of is - I don't see a blue house! She's on the phone with me - laughing her ass off because I'm sitting right in front of the place. Ha!

Laughing Wolf was already there. It was great to see him again - last time I saw him was when the Straight White Guy came to town - is that nearly a year ago already! How time flies. We managed to hang up Tammi's kitchen pictures using string, levels and tape. On trying to use pushpins we found out immediately that Tammi has plaster walls - the pins all bend. But the pictures were hung and they appear to be straight.

We eventually made it over to Fritz's place where the party was on it's way. The first thing that happened was having Contagion kiss my ring as I walked in the door. (yes a picture is available at his place) I finally got to meet his lovely wife Ktreva, who keeps him well in hand, not to mention being very funny. (why doesn't she have a blog again?)

Immediately after that I got hugs from Harvey and the lovely TNT who keeps him in line. And I was so very happy to see Grau had managed to make it. He hasn't been able to blog much lately - to the point that Contagion is threatening to have him declared dead!

Then I saw Matt and proceeded to monopolize his time for at least the next half hour... might have even been an entire hour... oops. It was great to talk to him again. And while I was sorry his wife didn't accompany him this time, I want to thank her for letting us take up so much of his time when he's already so very busy! She is an outstanding woman.

I was luckily able to have some great conversations with Richmond a lovely woman and all around great person. We sat next to each other at dinner. Talula and Friend who I have heard so much about from Tammi. Both very nice people. Og who is extremely funny and a voracious reader.

I only said a quick few words to Omnibus Driver we were both busy talking to other people and rather missed each other - this is a normal thing for blog meets in general. The Freedom Folks were also there... I did manage a short conversation with them.

I think that covers all the attendees. Or I could have very well missed someone. If so, let me know and I'll fix it. What was discussed? Anything and everything! If you've never attended a blog meet - you are really missing out on some great times.

One last thing. There were a number of people very much missed at the blog fest. I'm sure at one point or another we talked about you all that day. I wish you could have been there!

UPDATE... Good heavens - I knew I was forgetting someone - and I was looking directly at her blog... the lovely Sarah who is not only very pretty but very funny too. She's a quiet one so you have to listen for the zingers. I sat next to her for several hours as the party was winding down.

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January 09, 2006

I'm Back!

I supposedly had free wifi while I was at the hotel... it didn't work so good - browse a couple of blogs or answer an email... all comes to a screeching halt making it necessary to delete the connection and start all over again! So, while I managed to get through some emails, that's about all I could do! Sheesh!

I did manage to talk to a Flight Attendant on my flight back home (it was only about 2/3 full) and I asked her about oxygen masks. It seems that this is a very "plane specific" thing as she would only speak about the plane she was working on... hmmm.... Anyhow - that one (CRJ70) has a third oxygen mask for all the rows on one side of the plane. So, mothers holding babies are generally given seats on that side. She did talk about having portable equipment that could be used and the masks in the bathroom... but I hesitated to mention the possibility that the Flight Attendents may not be able to get this equipment to people who need it, in an emergency situation. (it's nice to know it's available though).

The thing is - if you will be traveling with a baby on your lap - be sure to check with the airline about the extra oxygen mask availability in case of need. On the trip into Chicago (full flight) I had a guy next to me who rather scoffed at the need to look for exit rows (something I always do) and my questions about oxygen masks... he seemed to believe that if an airplane gets into trouble... none of those little things will matter as the plane would likely crash and kill us anyway. He may well be right - but I'd still prefer to know how many masks are going to drop down in my face in an emergency... and how many seatbacks I have to go past to get to the exit door (any of the exit doors!). I'm sure it's all paranoia on my part.

Later - Fritz Fest... That's a post unto itself.

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January 06, 2006

I'm Off!

Yes, in about an hour I'm out of here and heading west to Fritz Fest. I should be hitting Chicago at the height of rush hour today - cause y'all know I just missed sitting around on the highways with 10 million other people. (it's cozy don't ya know).

Now, I haven't been blogging it, but my blog sis Tammi lost a football bet - Big Time. And her blog has been taken over by Redneck for the last 2.5 days... it's down to the last day... but it seems everyone is getting in on the act and posting stuff. Soooo just to make her feel a little bit better I'm just gonna say this...

Tammi, I've got a really cool present for you (yes it's small enough for me to carry on the plane) I think your gonna like it. It might even make up for having your blog taken over for 3 days. See ya Sunday!

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