December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Let's hear it for 2007!


Wishing everyone a wonderful Happy New Year.

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December 30, 2006

It's Always Better When You Don't Have To Decide For Yourself!

Richmond has pointed me to a nifty tool that figures out what my New Year's Resolutions should be...

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet Tasmanian devil

2) Eat less garlic

3) Travel to China

4) Study abnormal psychology

5) Get in shape with water skiing

A pet... just what I need.
Less garlic... but I LIKE garlic!
Travel to China... let me get my passport sounds like fun.
Study Abnormal Psychology... I read enough MSM headlines to know I wouldn't like it.
Get in shape with Water Skiing... tried it once - skiing of any type is not for me.

I figure this takes care of my need to think up any other resolutions. Now I can drink Champagne and have fun on New Year's Eve instead of worrying about all the things I need to work on in the coming year.

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December 24, 2006

I've Been Memed Again!

The Venomous One has tagged me with yet another meme. Which is...

The player (me) must list 3 things that I would love to get for Christmas. Then I must list 3 things that I definitely do not want to get for Christmas. Then I tag 5 friends and list their names. The one I tag needs to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes then tag 5 more people. They must also clarify all the rules. When you tag someone you need to leave a comment that says “you’’ve been Christmas tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

This is tough since I seldom think in terms of things I want for gifts. I guess I'll have to be outrageous because nothing is coming to mind.

Three things I would love to get for Christmas
1) A new sofa for the living room, so I could move the leather sofa to the tv room, so I could get rid of the highly uncomfortable love seat we have in front of the television right now.
2) A couple of new laptops to mess about with - one with a Linux OS the other with a Mac OS - just for grins and giggles and cause it would be fun to mess about with different stuff.
3) A cell phone repeater - because we get very bad cell reception at our house. It would be nice to look at the phone and see 4 bars instead of 0-1.5

Three things I don't want for Christmas
1) I like Kate's answer of a robe - I have several and I never wear them.
2) Jewelry, I forget to wear it.
3) knick-knacks - at the moment I have no where to put them

I'm not going to tag anyone because it's Christmas Eve and it's kinda late to be asking anyone else about what they might want.

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December 21, 2006

This Week's Snark Hunt Is Up

Head over to Venomous Kate's and get some snark on.

*** I meant to post this yesterday and naturally forgot all about it when I couldn't do it right that minute. Forget fixing the teeth, I need a memory overhaul.

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December 19, 2006

The Christmas Meme

Tammi tagged me with the Christmas meme that Contagion started... Hmmm... Christmas is not my favorite holiday, but here goes...

1.Wrapping paper or gift bags? Envelopes? No? Okay then bags, I have a serious dislike of wrapping paper, can't make it look nice.

2.Real tree or artificial? Love the smell of a real tree, but I'm more comfortable with artificial.

3.When do you put up the tree? Thanksgiving Friday.

4.When do you take the tree down? Weekend after New Year.

5.Do you like eggnog? Nope never have.

6.Favorite gift you received as a child? Guess it has to be the doll I got when I was a year old. I still have it. My parents were not into getting us what we asked for, they were into getting us what they wanted to get us. Don't remember ever receiving a gift I asked for, which made me stop writing letters to Santa early on... as I recall I gave up after the third time.

7.Do you have a nativity scene? Yes, it's not up this year, don't have anywhere to put it.

8.Hardest person to buy for? My parents. One is blind, one is deaf and they don't go anywhere, nor do they need knick-knacks.

9.Easiest person to buy for? Any child under the age of 5.

10.Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail. Always late, but I get cards out almost every year.

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Pick a year... My mom had (since she doesn't shop anymore) a real knack for picking out some really horrid sweater or socks or pajamas every year. She thought they were cute. Yes, they were accepted with a Thank you.

12.Favorite Christmas movie? The Desk Set, Katherine Hepburn and Spenser Tracy.

13.When do you start shopping? I'm always late - never get to it before Thanksgiving. I have been known to do all my shopping on Christmas Eve day.

14.Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? No

15.Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? It used to be my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies, but now that she's gone, so is the "recipe" which consisted of a pinch of "this" and a "touch" of that. I've never been able to make them like she did and she could never tell me what she did.

16.Clear lights or colored on the tree? Doesn't matter - variety is good, mixing it up each year.

17.Favorite Christmas song? Silent Night in English and German

18.Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay at home - this will be the first Christmas in 23 years we've been able to stay home. Nothing is worse than traveling at Christmas.

19.Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeers? Yes.

20.Angel on the tree top or a star? Once again - doesn't matter - variety is good.

21.Open the presents on Christmas Eve or morning? All the years we were with the family at Christmas, we did one family set of gifts on Christmas Eve the other set on Christmas morning... then a third set when we finally got back to our own house a few days later.

22.Most annoying thing about this time of year? The constant Christmas music everywhere.

23.Do you have Jebus in your heart this Christmas? I can't say it better than blog sis QW "Usually when I am reading his blog" yep that's about right.

24.What would you like for Christmas? Snow might be nice. A White Christmas is a wonderful thing here in the forest.

Now I'm supposed to tag 5 people...

How about Mrs_Who

Because now her husband is blogging...Bitterroot

Blog father Harvey because he needs something to do.

Then I think Caltechgirl should have some fun with this.

And Rave because her life has been so boring lately ;-)

Tiny update: I realized I left off the link to the Jebus blog... sorry bout that Jebus ;-)

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December 18, 2006

Am I the Only One?

Who thinks of Bill Gates whenever I see a headline like this:

Gates Takes Pentagon Helm

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December 15, 2006

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Jill of Legacy Matters has tagged me with the above mentioned Meme. I remember this one went around a while back, but I never did it as far as I recall. And none of mine will be as interesting as hers... Hit the link and read hers - they're fabulous.

So let me see what I can come up with:

1) The summer between 5th and 6th grade we had a tiny fire in our house. We were about to go on vacation, my parents were finishing up with packing the car and last minute details. My sisters and I were hanging out in the basement (my parent's house has the garage under the house, so we were waiting down there to get in the car) when my father came running down the stairs. This was astounding as I don't think I ever saw my father run up until that time.

My mom had been using the dishwasher and we aren't sure what happened, but the motor caught on fire. My dad came tearing down to throw the circuit breaker. They were able to get the fire out, it was that small, but my dad called the fire department to check it out before we left. The fire department asked if we would mind them using this as an exercise for the men... so we ended up with two fire trucks and a whole bunch of fully geared fire fighters at our house. What fun. My parents had to buy a new dishwasher when we got back. They always said "what if we had left before the fire started!" To this day I will not leave the house with a major appliance running.

2) My mother somehow associated me and the color pink. She dressed me in pink dresses, painted the bedroom pink with pink bedspreads that I shared with my sister, and even bought me a pinkish colored bike. I always hated pink with a passion which she dismissed with the statement "but pink is a good color for you". I no longer want anything to do with pink. For some reason, my other sister always got to wear blue, which was my favorite color, my youngest sister wore yellow, she had darker skin so it worked for her.

3) I have almost no knick-knacks in my house. Not that I dislike them. At first it was because I knew my kids would break anything reachable. Nowdays everytime I look at buying some cute little thing to put in my house, the first thing I think of is - how much dust will this collect? Then I try to decide if the object is worth the cleaning time. Most often the answer is no - so I only have a few things that people have given to me over the years, none that I've bought for myself.

4) I wore saddle shoes until I was in 6th grade. My mother insisted they were better for my feet. Finally I was able to talk her into a pair of penny loafers like the other girls were wearing. To my mother's everlasting surprise, I walked much better in the loafers than in the saddle shoes. I have very high arches and the ties across the top of my feet were painful. This meant I would bend my feet as little as possible when walking, so I walked rather flat footed. With the loafers I finally got a pair of shoes that let my foot bend without causing pain. Amazing how much better a person walks when their feet don't hurt. Even now, I can only wear tie shoes while walking around, if I sit down with tie shoes on (even tennis shoes) my toes go to sleep.

5) As a child, I could not sleep at night if it was raining outside. My mother told us kids the story of how my father slept through a tornado when they were living in their first house, long before we were born. The tornado demolished the garage and my dad never woke up. I figured the only way I'd make it through a tornado was if I was awake to get everyone else up. On rainy nights I'd lay in bed, wide awake, straining my ears for that "freight train" sound. It took me years to stop worrying when there were storms predicted. I never enjoyed the rain unless it was daytime and I could see the sky and know that nothing bad was headed my way.

And there you have it. Five things you might not have known about me. I would tag some people, but I think they'd shoot me. So, if you want to play, go right ahead and steal this. Just let me know and I'll link you.

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Happy Birthday

To Sissy Willis of SISU who is another year better. Go wish her a very happy day. And if you haven't voted in the Weblog Awards, could you head over to the Top 250 and send a vote her way as a birthday present.


Here's the closest I can get to cake with kitties.

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December 13, 2006

The Weblog Awards...

Okay, so I'm WAY late posting this. If you haven't been voting, get thee over to the voting booth and cast your ballot. Vote early and often - every day in fact from every computer in the house... voting closes on Friday.

Some of my favorite bloggers are on the list, so go vote for 'em.

In the order that the categories are listed, just to make life a bit easier on myself. Here are my favorites...

Lileks, in the Individual blog section.

IMAO in the Humor section.

Day by Day in the Comic section.

Blackfive and Sgt Hook are in the Milblog section. Now Matt has a commanding lead, so maybe you could throw some votes in for Sgt. Hook to boost his numbers.

Just *dot* Christina in the Diarist section.

SISU in the Top 250 section.

Parkway Rest Stop in the 1751-2500 section

Then, after all that arduous mouse clicking... head over to Dogette's as she has begun the long anticipated 12 Poops of Christmas series. The first two installments are up already. 1P and 2P.

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December 08, 2006

What a Show!

Every year the company that beloved husband works for puts on a "Jam Session". Last night was the big night and it was wonderful.

They rent a hall, set up a stage, provide (what looks to me - although I could be wrong not being technically savvy about musical instruments) an excellent set of drums, a keyboard, microphones, amps, lighting, speakers, people to run the electronics... basically the works. Band members bring their own guitars or other small portable instruments. The show runs from 6pm until midnight!

The entire night various groups of people (company employees) perform. It is, of course, set up ahead of time and an entire evening of entertainment is mapped out. (in other words, this isn't like karaoke night where anyone gets to perform - it's a show) A few were individuals who started the evening, but mostly it was groups of 3 to 12 people. Some of them formed a group just for this show, others get together regularly to play, still others do this as side work. Each group performed between 2 and 8 numbers, and each was outstanding. (most groups did 4 or 5 numbers)

There was classical, pop, rock, heavy metal, rockabilly, big band, jazz and even some satire. The ages of the musicians ranged from 20's to late 50's... maybe a little older.

The standout of the night was the guy playing rockabilly. He joked that he only gets to do this once a year, so he wants to make the most of it... he certainly did that! WOW, can he play. He was incredible on the guitar, it was amazing to watch his fingers move, holy smokes!

There was a young woman in another group doing vocals, she did an outstanding version of Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" - hands down she nailed it. It's not an easy song to perform, if it isn't done right, it would sound stupid - she did it more than right. Then she did several other numbers equally as good.

The big band set had a 12 piece orchestra including trombones, sax, clarinet... and a woman leading them who did vocals. If I'd had a martini and been dressed up, I would have thought I was in a Thin Man Movie. What fun!

And there was so much more. Everyone who performed deserved accolades. The breaks for the change overs and sound checks gave the audience time to move around, get a drink, talk to people. It all worked out just right.

All in all it was a wonderful evening. I am astounded at the dedication and the talent of people who play for their own enjoyment and then share that with the rest of us. It was such a pleasure to watch them play. Can't wait until next year.

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