April 27, 2006

Walking Around Boston

Today we visited Boston, which is a great city to see on foot. It was a gorgeous day (a bit chilly for me, but it would have to be 90 before I started thinking it was warm). Years ago we had visited the city and did most of The Freedom Trail tour.

The one thing we missed, because of the huge crowds, was The USS Constitution. today we finally got on board and got the tour. What a fabulous ship. The most amazing thing to me was how solid the deck was. If I didn't know it was wood I would have sworn I was standing on a concrete floor. Since it's a Navy vessel - the oldest commissioned vessel on the water - the tours were given by Navy personnel. The young man who did our tour was excellent, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. If you are ever in Boston, I highly recommend taking the time to see it.

We stopped at Boston Beer Works for a late lunch. Surprisingly, the food was excellent. Since they are a brewery, I expected passable food with emphasis on the beer (which I don't even drink). Husband and son had beer, I had water. We all had excellent sandwiches.

Afterward young son notes - he got a sunburn. This never happened during his entire year in Southwest Asia... go figure.

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April 25, 2006

On Leave

Young son has arrived in town - he's on leave. Which means I've been a bit busy today. But after being awake for the last 23 hours - he's hit the sack. So I decided to see if anything was happening online.

My blog daughter Mathcog Idiocy has been posting some key word searches she's been getting. I thought I'd have a look at mine and here are some of the more... interesting... things people are looking for.

"reddi-whip how it works"

I think we need Harvey to give us a full explanation of that one.

"write compile run undetected keylogger windows xp"

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! Someone is trying to be very naughty!

"velvet painting clint eastwood"

What is it about velvet paintings and Clint? I had no idea this was such a big thing - but this is a frequent search string. Amazing.

"starbucks stupid training class"

This would be the person who flunked... right? The one I DON'T want making my drink for me.

In other news... it looks like Tony Snow from Fox News will be the new White House Press Secretary. It will be very interesting to see how he works out. He's smart enough and he's a quick thinker - both necessary qualities for a Press Secretary. The big thing will be - how does he handle the White House Press jackals? Stay tuned... I'm sure there will be some interesting press briefings.

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April 23, 2006

Multiplying Like Rabbits

The Bad Example Family is growing exponentially! Not only do I have 2 new blog grandkids.... The Other Sister Person who made her way into the blogosphere a couple of days ago. Today my newest grandkid Zephyr's Place has at least managed to put up her own lame first post.

But then I head over to Harvey's place and find out I have a brand new blog brother too - The Wandering Gunslinger! Harvey has the birth announcement up at his place.

Pretty soon the Bad Example Family will rule the blogosphere - just wait and see.

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April 21, 2006

What's Your Personality Like?

Draw a Pig and find out.

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April 20, 2006

It's a Girl!

I've got a grand-blogbaby! My blog daughter Mathcog Idiocy has produced a daughter who is a sister... Or something like that... Which makes me a blog-grandma or is it blog-momma (since they're sisters)... oh it's just too confusing in this family. So, head on over to The Other Sister Person and welcome her to blogging and the Bad Example Family.

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April 14, 2006

Searching... Searching...

Some of the latest searches that I'm finding on Stat Counter...

"free aboutblank removal joe"
"hijacked by cool search"

Sorry guys - you're toast. If you pick up aboutblank or coolweb - just reload your Operating System. Trust me on this, you'll be better off. Especially with Coolweb that has recently incorporated sending out information from your computer to someplace in China. BTW - who is "joe"?

"do you have to be muscular to look good"

Not necessarily, but it helps.

"weird habits"

I don't want to know!

"is it legal for an employeer to monitor employees e-mails?"

YES! Not only is it legal - they can fire you for inappropriate email! Always consider email to be fair game - whether it's on your computer or your company's computer. Never ever consider email to be secure. It's darn near the same as blogging - so deal with it!

One thing I've noticed with Stat Counter - it only gives me the searches from google and yahoo... I get lots from dogpile. This one goes into the Twilight Zone pile

"maybe Natalie Holloway was never there"

You're right! Maybe she was on the grassy knoll...

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April 13, 2006

Someone You Should Know

Go here and meet Tom, the son of one of my friends. Showing once again - no matter the odds - persistence pays off. No excerpts - you have to read the whole thing.

Congratulations Tom!

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April 08, 2006

As Long As It's Not Clothes

Today I was supposed to meet some friends (my blog daughter Mathcog Idiocy and her sister) for shopping a meal and book signing. Unfortunately, at the last minute they had to cancel out. So, I decided that since the book signing was right across from the Natick Mall (in other words pretty close to home) I'd go out there - try to shop for clothes and then hit the signing and get some books.

Well, you all have heard me say it before - I am so not a clothes shopper. Just walking into a store like Macy's makes my head spin. It completely saps all my energy and I want to head to a corner of the store and curl up in a nice fetal position. Needless to say, this in NOT conducive to finding any clothes to wear. I simply can't be trusted to go shopping on my own... I just won't buy anything.

Books... now THAT'S an entirely different story. I can't walk away from books - I love them. I love reading them, I love having them around in huge quantities, I love the way they smell, I love stacks and stacks of them. So, naturally that was the most important and best part of the trip. But first I had to get there!

The problem is that both the Mall and the hotel where the book signing took place are on Route 9 - the only true 4 lane road around this area. It's not a highway, but it is "limited access" which means there is a road divider and left turns can only be made at select spots. Since the hotel was directly across the street from the Mall - and there was no way to go straight across the street - I had to make a right turn out of the mall lot and head down to the next light, turn right into the next large strip mall, make a u-turn there - head back to Rt 9 to make a left... with me so far? (yeah I was lost too). Anyhow - Rt 9 is supremely crowded at that point - I got into what I thought was the only left turn lane... silly me - both lanes turned left - which meant I was forced into the inside lane and had to drive right past the hotel (on the right) head 2 miles down the road, make another u-turn, drive all the way back and try the same maneuver again - this time I was successful... whew - good thing cause I was ready to give up and head home.

Anyhow, I was very happy to finally get to meet Jennifer Crusie who has been a favorite author for years now. I must say that whenever I find myself in a real funk I pick up Getting Rid of Bradley - it never fails to make me laugh. Her latest book is a joint effort with author Bob Mayer called Don't Look Down which I am very much looking forward to reading. Jenny and Bob have a dueling blog which you can find here. I haven't had a chance to read through any of it yet... but I hope to check out some of the posts this weekend. (note - the post currently at the top has a Spoiler Alert for the book). I also got a book signed by Suzanne Brockmann - Unsung Hero which is the first book of hers that I read so it's a favorite. Last of all I got Lisa Gardner's new book called Gone which looks excellent. It's been a while since I've read any of Lisa's books so I'm really happy to have a new one.

I love meeting authors. Everyone of them I've met has been wonderful. I guess I'll always be impressed with someone who can sit down and write an entire book and get it published... but even moreso with authors whose books I enjoy. Now, if only I could be a best selling author... oh right - one needs to be able to create stories for that... never mind!

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April 04, 2006

I Know They Are Supposed to Get Attention But....

Well - what can you say about a headline like this...

Probe into hole at nuclear plant begins

Of course there seems to be a lot this going around today...

India to probe fashion show "wardrobe malfunctions"

Then again I wonder why the officials in India are so bent, after all it's not like their donkey is acting lewd or anything...

"Loyal" donkeys better than wives, says textbook

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April 03, 2006

Harvey Gets Real

Well, I missed it. The weekend wasn't so hot for me and I am only now finding out that Harvey has decided to come out of his shell... he's done holding back...

He is now the Badder Example.

Go Harvey!

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