May 31, 2006

Midwest Blog Meet

I was going to post this earlier and got sidetracked.

Og is trying to set up a Midwest blogmeet. If you're a Midwest blogger or want to head to the Midwest for a big party, click on over here and tell him which weekend is good for you.

He wants 50 votes. Now considering his proximity to the city of Chicago - I must say, go now, vote early and often in the best Chicago tradition.

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May 30, 2006



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May 28, 2006

Touring the Garden

Being the abysmal photographer that I am, I'm hoping these pictures aren't too awful. We do have beautiful plants in the garden, along with (I'm sure) many weeds that I haven't identified as weeds yet. Here are a few of them.

First we have a couple of beautiful ornamental trees. One is green and one is red, but they are the same type of tree. (Click to enlarge)



Then we have this bush out back, earlier in the spring all of the outside leaves were red while those underneath were green.


Now here are some flowering plants

unknown_flower_2.jpg unknown_flower_6.jpg
unknown_flower_4.jpg unknown_flower_5.jpg

Next we have some green plants that aren't blooming yet

unknown_flower_3.jpg unknown_flower_7.jpg

unknown_flower_1.jpg unknown_plant_1.jpg

Then there is the mystery fernlike plant - with a big knob that might be a flower or might be seeds - I have no idea.


And I will leave you with this lovely flowering bush by the front porch.


There is much much more. I had some pictures that didn't turn out well enough to even post. But that's a bit of my garden.

If you like plants I hope you enjoyed the short tour.

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May 27, 2006

In the 80's!

Not bad for Memorial Day Weekend. I even have shorts on! It's pretty warm, VERY humid, and in the low 80's. We had a thunderstorm this morning and have had clouds rolling through the rest of the day, no more rain yet. We just got back from a 6 mile walk. More like a hike because there are a lot of hills around here, but we never left the roads to wander through the trees, thus it is a walk. How do I know it's 6 miles? I got the car out and drove it and used the trip odometer.

I need to do some weeding out in the garden, but I'm putting it off for tomorrow. I'll be posting some pictures of flowers in my garden, because I'm not sure what they are. The people who owned the house before us were true gardeners and they left us with some lovely plants. I've been letting things grow because I don't know what's a weed and what isn't. I'm pulling dandelions and grass and that's about it.

On Monday our town will have Memorial Day Ceremonies at 2 of the local cemeteries, we plan on attending if the weather isn't an outright downpour. Hope everyone else if having a great weekend.

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May 26, 2006

Nearly Done

I'm down to the last of the intense work that's been keeping me busy for the last few days. Although I still have one more thing to do - I no longer have to worry about order and keeping bunches of different things straight so they don't get mixed up.

In the meantime why don't you head over to Cool Blue and check out the latest installments of Star Chores. Here and here. After all, you will really want to know the excuse Matt uses to explain that the Captain can not talk to Starfleet Command.

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Tammi has landed a new job. Head over and give her some high-fives.

I'm nearly cross-eyed with some file stuff I've been working on for the last couple of days. While writing these few sentences I've flipped back and forth between here and my work screens several times. That's why I didn't post anything yesterday - I'm afraid if I stop concentrating for even a few minutes to think about making a post - I'll forget where I am and have to redo hours of work. (it has happened before) For some reason commenting on a written post doesn't have the same effect - I know it's weird.

So... Celebration to follow when all file work is complete.

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May 22, 2006

It's a Crisis!

A mid-life crisis that is. Grau, sweet young thing that he is, thinks that turning 35 means it's time for a mid-life meltdown and he's asking for our help.

He wants his readers to tell him what he should do for his birthday. There is a list of rules (most importantly nothing that might cause his early demise) and the winner will receive a prize.

I'm not very good at thinking up stuff like that, but if you have a devious mind and can think of something within his set of rules - go for it.

BTW - if you've not been to Grau's place before I will issue a language alert. Depending on your work place - it may not be safe for work browsing. So, if you have to worry about that kind of thing - hit him up when you get home.

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May 14, 2006

To All the Mothers Out There

A very Happy Mother's Day.

Being a mom is the toughest thing you'll ever do and most of us try our very best, but always have the feeling that we really do suck at this particular job. I know I do.

At least for today, relax and enjoy the day. If you're raising kids, you've earned it.

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May 12, 2006

They're Everywhere

Just to let the 3 people or so who actually stop by to read** know, I've been busy working.

However, I saw this and immediately thought I should warn Jim.

**as opposed to those googling puma pictures

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