September 30, 2007

I've Got Yer Tree Lined Streets

There has been much discussion between certain parties regarding the trees or lack thereof, lining the streets of their respective cities. 

In the interest of showing these poor city dwellers what real tree lined streets look like... not to mention finally taking my new camera out for a spin... beloved husband and I went for our usual 4 mile stroll "around the block". 

I managed to get half way around before I did something weird to the camera and it went into "video" mode.  Once I got home I figured it out, but I did get a few good pictures on the first half of the walk.

First we have this nice little downhill jaunt into the woods.


It doesn't look quite as steep as it really is. The good part is, it's down hill although what goes down must go up again. 

The next street has some really lovely old trees. 


The other side of the street is a farm so it's open ground.

Then we come to the local pond - of which I took two pics and beloved husband took one. 




Not a bad walk.  I hear the "colors" aren't as good this year because it's been so dry. OTOH - they said last year - the colors weren't so good because it was wet... go figure.

At least the camera works and now you know what "tree lined" streets really look like.

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September 29, 2007

There's This Blog Crawl Thing...


Contagion decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday in style... In this case, the style is a Blog Crawl.   Head over to his place and check out the "rules of the crawl". 

In the meantime, Harvey and Pam have come up with a logo...

As I am not a drinker, I offered to be the Designated Blogger and help people find their way back to their own blogs when they collapse in a heap in someone else's comments. 

That means I'll have to check in late tonight and see who needs to be carted home.

BTW - Happy Birthday Contagion! 

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September 25, 2007

Pixy Rocks!

I have email addy's now.  Yay!  That's just excellent.  (I'm wondering if he slept at all last night - or should I say last night his time)

In other news: If you notice in the Side bar, I've put a link at the top to my most "hit" post.  Yes, from 2005!  Pictures my son sent when he was deployed in Afghanistan - I generally get about 5 hits daily for those, even after all this time! Amazing.

Unfortunately, with the move, the original link is no longer valid and gets an error.  I dropped a comment on it at B5's place, and then put the link at the top of the side bar as it deserves a place of honor. 

Other internal links (links I put in posts to other posts I've written) won't be good either.  I'll either fix them if issues come up about it or ignore them.  Probably I'll ignore them unless someone gets on my case about it.

Also, posting has been very fast. A huge improvement over MT.

UPDATE: I have categories now too!  Yay!!!

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Woo Hoo!!! New Digs

There are a few glitches and I have to figure out a bunch of stuff - but I'm now on Minx.  Which is a good thing. 

I'm not sure who will find me when because the dns propagation has to happen.  I managed to get here pretty quick because I kept flushing my dns and trying again. 

Now we'll see how it all works.

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September 24, 2007

More This 'n That

First of all, according to Pixy, the cookie issue is fixed. Yay! I would imagine the blog will be moving to it's new home within 24 hours - barring anymore setbacks (and if you've ever worked with computers you KNOW there are always setbacks!).

In the meantime I figured I would throw out a few things that have been rolling around waiting to be posted.

I got a new camera. This is the camera I "bought" with my credit card points. It came within 2 days! And since I ordered it on a weekend, I was very impressed with the quick service.

It turned out to be a Nikon Coolpix L12 - a small 7 megapixel camera that looks like it will be ideal for traveling! I've taken about 6 whole pictures with it, but none I'd want to post. I had planned on taking some over the weekend, but that didn't happen because of the headache (no ambition to be the least bit creative). Some day this week, I hope I can get out and take some pictures worth posting. Although that might be asking too much of my "artistic side" (it's nearly non-existent).

From looking at it a bit and fooling about with the settings - it seems this camera is more intuitive than other digitals I've seen. Now I need to get my new prescription sun glasses (just waiting for a call to say they're ready), to see what I can really do with this thing. With my bifocal contacts, I can't see the screen well enough to take pictures - it's too small, with glasses, I can see the screen easily by simply taking the glasses off. But to do this in the daytime, I need sunglasses - so I'm waiting.


Then I have a non-paid endorsement - so to speak... Just in case someone else is looking at this problem and reading web sites and wondering... is it worth it?

I finally got tired of the spam. My email addys for work are very old and naturally they've picked up more and more spam as time has elapsed. Since I work for such a small company, we don't have any cohesive spam filter system.

When I got my Outlook 2003 a while back, the spam filter worked like a charm, it was wonderful. Then suddenly it went insane. (I know I blogged it a while back, but I'm too lazy to find the post). In any case, it started picking up random emails good and bad, and even then, only capturing about 10 a day. These would all end in the junk folder. When I totally disabled the spam filter, one or two spam emails a day would still end up in the junk mail folder, however, with the amount of spam I was receiving, I was having the damnedest time keeping up with it and getting it out of my folders. I was always having to double check that I didn't delete a "good" email. It was taking up at least an hour of time per day to keep things in check - that's not good.

So, I went "asking" (as in and came up with Cloudmark. I've been using it for about 5 days now. As there is a 15 day trial, I'm going to use the entire 15 days - but so far it's been outstanding! It will be well worth the price if it continues to work the way it has been. I've had 2 "good" emails pulled into the spam filter in the last 5 days (there was a good reason for both of them to be pulled) and about 10 spam emails missed.

It's so relaxing to check my email in the morning and find the spam already filtered.

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September 17, 2007

Are You a Lefty?

Well, it looks like your numbers are skyrocketing.

According to The Telegraph, the proportion of folks fiddling with standard corkscrews and taking their lives in their hands by using right-handed scissors has increased to 11 per cent, compared to three per cent a century ago.

So, does this mean lefties are whooping it up and having more kids? Nope, sorry...

The conclusion is that it is largely down to schooling. Whereas the left-handed Victorian and Edwardian school child would have been soundly thrashed before having his left hand nailed to the desk, today's kids are free to use any hand they want, teachers being pleased they've decided to turn up at all.

However they do have a link to left-handed computer equipment... of course it's UK.

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September 16, 2007

Pictures and Stuff

I spent most of my day not being online. This morning I hit the Natick Mall (or I guess I should say "Natick Collection" since they've changed the name) In any case, they opened an entire new wing with a Nordstrom's and Neiman's along with a bunch of other smaller "upscale" stores and some run of the mill mall stores. Cool stuff - civilization comes to the Boston metro area... about time!

They did a nice job with it - very open and airy. The malls I've seen here tend to be very crowded in and claustrophobic feeling. (at least the ones I've visited... which is a whole 3 of them, not a good sample, but it didn't make me want to see any others). OTOH - everybody and their brother from the surrounding 6 state area decided to drop in for a visit - so other than some wandering I didn't do any shopping. There were even people from Joisey - hey Jimbo don't they have any malls in Joisey? (bet it's a bunch of "greenies" driving up here to see what they can criticize about the large carbon footprint or something)

BTW - the mall builders were featured on one of the Dinner Impossible shows this year. He made lunch for 1000 construction guys. Oddly enough it's the only show I've managed to catch so far this season.

In other news - I "bought" a camera this weekend. I had all these silly point things on one of my credit cards. It's one of those bothersome things. I know that somewhere along the line I'm actually paying for those points so it galls me to see them sitting there. After all, this means the Credit Card company is getting free use of my money (something I don't like one bit). Well, I finally accumulated enough of the little suckers to enter into low end shopping.

This means, I will hopefully be receiving a rather low end Nikon camera - perfect for travel, etc. I don't know the exact model because naturally they aren't going to divulge such mundane information. *sigh* So maybe I can take some real pictures instead of the Treo pictures which are convenient but pretty much suck pond water. I could get to the point of putting out such gems as that posted by Erica tonight. (We're so glad you're back! where else would we get a picture guaranteed to make us smile at the end of the weekend)

I also bought pillows today for my new sofa. I don't know if I like them a lot or not - but it's better than the sofa sitting there being very plain.

Now, before I go, a couple of things.

Major Congratulations to RSM for being an honor graduate in Basic. That is seriously cool.

AWTM reminded me of something I forgot to post a while back. I meant to... and yet again I forgot, so here it is.

If you have not been over to the Victory Caucus and signed the petition - do it now. What petition you ask? Well, if you missed it, it's a Stand By the Mission Petition.

I signed it when it first came out. If you haven't signed it yet - get going!

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September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Harvey!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

As I noted yesterday, Harvey had a specific request for his birthday...

Well, my blog is not NC17-rated unless you count the periodic gun posts (which apparently are adult subject matter according to the rate your blog thing I saw a couple months ago - who knew)

Therefore, my picture for Harvey is probably a bit more "covered up" than he was expecting... but as this is one of the few actress/singers I feel has terrific taste in clothes, not to mention being very well endowed and one of the truly beautiful people in a the land of "superficial pretty" - I decided on this picture. (safe for work - even though I'm leaving it below the fold) more...

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September 13, 2007

Never Underestimate Your Opponent

Or, if you're a stupid criminal... go right ahead and we can all laugh at you.

Does this qualify for Harvey's boob post? Oh, okay... I'll have to figure out something else.

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September 04, 2007

Are You a Gamer?

Many thanks to Sol for pointing me to this excellent... ahem... explanation... yeah, right, explanation... of the console wars.

When I stop giggling I'll have to run out and buy the best game ever invented.

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