January 31, 2008

Pam Thinks I'm Excellent

See - she gave me this award!  Now I'm supposed to give my own awards... geeze how in the world am I going to decide?  And I think I'll do what Pam did and not email anyone - probably not a good thing to find out no one is reading here - but there it is.

1. Sissy Willis (although Sissy doesn't usually do this stuff - I'll still give her the award)
2. Erica
3. Mr. Hairboy himself - Parkway Rest Stop
4. Sarahk
5. Jill
6. Joe Tobacco
7. Eric
8. Redneck
9. Venomous Kate - who's been sick lately, maybe this will make her feel a bit better.
10. The Lemon Stand

That's only 10 out of over 100 blogs on my feed reader.  You have no idea how hard it was to choose just 10.   (even though Pam helped out by choosing a bunch for me )

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January 28, 2008

An Old Meme Returns

I was over at Sissy's where she has a fun post using an old meme. It's one I never did, but since Suzette mentioned recently that The Eyre Affair is on her "to be read" list, I had dug out my own copy.

Of course this book is perfect for such a meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I won't be tagging anyone, but here is the result (albeit a couple more than 3 sentences because the presentation demands such)

He connected up the heavy mains feed to the back of the book and switched the power to "on"; he then started work on the myriad of knobs and dials that covered the front of the heavy volume. Despite the Prose Portal being essentially a bio-mechanism, there were still many delicate procedures that had to be set before the device would work; and since the portal was of an absurd complexity, Mycroft was forced to write up the precise sequence of start-up events and combinations in a small child's exercise book of which - ever wary of foreign spies - he held the only copy. He studied the small book for several moments before twisting the dials, setting the switches and gently increasing the power, all the while muttering to himself and Polly:
"Binametrics, spherics, numerics. I'm--"
"Off!" replied Mycroft sadly. "No, wait...There!"
He smiled happily as the last of the warning lights extringuished. He took his wife's hand and squeezed it affectionately.
"Would you care to have the honor?" he asked. "The first human being to step inside a Wordsworth poem?"

Ah what fun this book is.  I hadn't thought about it for a while.  Yes, I'm glad Suzette mentioned she was going to read it because it's just the sort of lift one needs in the middle of dreary winter time.

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January 27, 2008

Fun With News...

I saw a couple of things online today that made me stop and do a double take, so naturally I must share.

First we have this headline:

WWF group urges halt to Mediterranean tuna sales

For a few minutes I was trying to figure out why Wrestlers would care about tuna sales. Then I remembered that the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) is now the WWE (World Wresting Entertainment) and the headline lost all appeal.

Then this story is popping up all over the place:

Disabled Spy Satellite Threatens Earth

A few of the opening paragraphs made me laugh.

WASHINGTON - A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and could hit the Earth in late February or early March, government officials said Saturday.

"could hit the earth"... so what happens if it doesn't hit the earth?  Where does it go then? 

...and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down...

It might not come down?  If it doesn't come down there's no problem right?

Okay I'll stop.  It was just too silly and a poorly worded article that is being copied everywhere it seems.

What can I say, some days I'm easily amused.

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January 23, 2008

I'm A Super!

Snagged from Richmond...

Your Superpower Should Be Super Speed


You're quick witted and fast to act.
You're mind works at warp speed. From your perspective, everyone else is living in slow motion.
You get so much done, people have accused you of not sleeping.
Definitely not a couch potato, you feel a bit crazy if you're not busy doing something.

Why you would be a good superhero: You're be the first on the scene... and likely to finish the job before anyone else shows up

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Being bored by everyone else. Including other superheroes!

What Should Your Superpower Be?

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January 20, 2008

Play Video Games... Save A Life

Man Imitates America's Army, Saves Lives

It's not always a waste of time to sit around and play games.

"I used a towel as a dressing and asked the man to hold the towel on his wound and to raise his hand above his head to lessen the blood flow which allowed me to evaluate his other injuries which included a cut on his head," Galvanek said in a letter to the America's Army design team.

Galvanek said he learned about controlling bleeding from playing section two of the "medic" class training in America's Army, a game developed by the Army as a recruitment tool.

Go Army!  That's quite the tool you've got there!

Hat Tip Slashdot

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January 17, 2008

It's An Art

It's been a really long day and I have nothing to post about - except - a linky (well 2 of them but the first one doesn't really count) from a friend of mine. 

Apparently there has been a tremendous upheaval in the ranks of Romance Writers.  An author named Cassie Edwards has been caught lifting passages and inserting them into her books without attribution. The back story is here.

But the real story is here.  Hands down - the best and funniest description of a blog swarm I've ever seen. 

Read it and giggle.  I did.  After that I think I may go out and buy one of Gennita Low's books.  If they're as fun as that post it would be worth the read.  Writing well is truly an art. 

BTW - just so y'all know - I love reading a good romance.

Hat Tip: blogless friend Mirm.

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January 11, 2008

Let It Snow... in Iraq!

This made me smile.

BAGHDAD — The flakes melted quickly. But the smiles, wonder and excited story-swapping went on throughout the day: It snowed in Baghdad.
"For the first time in my life I saw a snow-rain like this falling in Baghdad," said Mohammed Abdul-Hussein, a 63-year-old retiree from the New Baghdad area.
Talib Haider, a 19-year-old college student, said "a friend of mine called me at 8 a.m. to wake me up and tell me that the sky is raining snow."
An Iraqi who works for The Associated Press said he woke his wife and children shortly after 7 a.m. to "have a look at this strange thing." He then called his brother and sister and found them awake, also watching the "cotton-like snow drops covering the trees."

Yes, snow is beautiful when it falls like that.  I'm glad they got to see it.

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January 10, 2008

I Voted For the Winner!

In case you didn't know, New Hampshire had "another" primary... maybe it should have gotten more attention than the circus with all the politicians. 

Cat Declared Winner In 'Other' N.H. Primary

The Mount Washington Observatory ran a contest on primary day to name a new mascot -- a new "top cat" -- at the weather station that bills itself as the home of the worst weather in the world.
The winner was a long-hair named Marty, who ran away from the race -- not the observatory -- with more than 50 percent of the vote. Marty beat out two other candidates that had been selected by the Conway Area Humane Society.

A friend of mine sent me the ballot link and I checked it out (don't miss the descriptions of the candidates and the disclaimer at the bottom of the page - they are priceless).  I'm so shallow, I just couldn't resist that gorgeous long coat.

Congratulations Marty!  Have a long happy term of mascotship. 

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January 08, 2008

Much Deserved!

Chris Muir had a fund raiser... it took 24 hours and he raised enough money to keep Day By Day going for another year!  (he was expecting to have it up for 30 days)

Chris is astounded, but I'm not. I've loved his cartoon since it first came out.  What better way to let him know how much we appreciate what he does.

May "Day by Day" have a long and very fun life.  Congrats Chris.

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January 06, 2008

Headline Fun

Because some things just inspire laughter.

Today we have this headline from the Chicago Tribune's online feed:

Showdown in N. Hampshire: Answering the call for change

You know those 2 extra letters just take up way too much space...

Broadcasters Gear Up for Cell-Phone TV

So who can actually see those little 2 inch screens?

Hasbro to acquire Seattle's Cranium for $78 million

But is there anything in it?


Edwards Joined by Medical Victims


And last but not least:

Spam's 'poster boy' indicted

Always fun to see a spammer get the smack down.

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