February 12, 2008

Who Do You Want To Emulate?

Woman, 89, uses ax to break into home

DURANGO, Colo. - An 89-year-old woman used an ax to break into her own home after she locked herself out on a patio hemmed in by deep snow. "I had to bang the glass four times with the ax before it broke," said Geraldine "Gerry" Palmer, who turns 90 this weekend.


Woman Locks Keys In SUV; Dies Of Hypothermia

MACON COUNTY, N.C. -- Authorities said an Alabama woman whose body was found outside her locked SUV in a parking near a hiking trail died of hypothermia after being unable to reach her keys inside.

Gee that's a tough one...

Hat Tip Jill for the second item.

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February 04, 2008

Today The World is A Much Happier Place

It's the return of the Cheesemistress with her new blog!  Yay!!!

That's the way to start the week. 

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February 02, 2008

That Reminds Me

In my rambling Friday post Redneck said:

While we're on the drivin' beyotchin'... what do people think that little lever on the left side of the steering wheel is for?  I mean, it ain't a cork screw.  Use it damnit!

Last night I saw Shoot 'em Up  

I loved it. 

This is not a non-sequitur. 

Of course the movie is totally and completely over the top.  It starts shooting at the beginning and doesn't stop until the end.  It's gory in parts, but it's hilarious and just so much fun. 

It will also make you think twice about NOT using your turn signals.  You never know who might be following you.  Clive is my hero - he does something I've wanted to do to many drivers over the years... it's a thing of beauty. 
Use your turn signals... I'm just sayin'...

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