April 30, 2008

The Things You Can Spot While Waiting

So I'm waiting for a callback about a work thing. Because I don't want to get up and go somewhere else, nor do I want to try and figure out the complicated problem I was working on when I know I'll be interrupted again, I decided to check out the headlines.

London blogger exposes life on the Underground

Cute story - right?  Well, I read it all the way through 4 or 5 times and, unless I'm just not seeing it, there is not a single link to her blog.  The url isn't even given! 

This means Reuters went to all the trouble to tell us all about her blog and then they make you google to find out where it is.  That's hilarious. 

I believe I've been to her blog a long while back.  It would probably have been during one of the award things and I'm pretty sure I went, read it, thought I'd get back to it, and never quite made it.

In the meantime, someone should bring Reuters and their staff into this decade. Perhaps they need remedial web classes starting with "how to post a link on a web site".

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April 27, 2008

Around the Block - A Few Weeks Later

More pictures... aren't you excited?  Okay, I thought not.  Yes, I admit, I NEED photoshop and some time to doodle around with these to make them look nicer, I have no time for such things for at least 6 more weeks.

I also need either new eyes, or an optical view finder on a camera that accomodates old eyes.  The Coolpix only has the LCD and quite honestly, I'm having a devil of a time getting focused pictures with the thing - I simply can't see the display that well. 

In any case, the walk and pics are below the fold. If you have a slow dialup connection - let me know if that makes any difference at all in your load time for the front page (and yes, I do know I have another pic in the very next post...)


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April 19, 2008

Playing With the Camera

Okay, I've started.  Taking pictures and trying my camera in various modes. I want to get the hang of this picture taking thing.  Today's experiment was with the "macro" mode.  I will need to do some real work with this - I can't see the screen very well (at least in the direct sunlight)...

First we have the shoots of some bleeding hearts. I think in a few weeks we'll have flowers, but right now, they are just up out of the ground.

I wonder why they start out with red stems... oh well,  all that will turn green in short order and since there isn't much growing yet, the red is pretty.  It almost looks like rhubarb.

Then we have one of those mysterious green  plants.  I'm not sure what it is and it turned out a bit fuzzy.

It only gets bigger as I recall and doesn't flower (but I might be wrong about that).

Then we have an attempt to take a picture of the teeny japanese maple tree leaves.

I think I need a camera with a somewhat better macro lens for that.

The last one turned out best.  One of the "better protected" bushes on the side of the house has some real leaves showing.

They were big enough for me to get a focus. 

I think I'll need to get hold of photoshop eventually and start playing.  But first I have to figure out how things work.

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April 15, 2008

For Your Travel Enjoyment

A detailed break out of the latest vehicles*** going on sale this November.

****it's the hair - I KNOW it's the hair that inspires such eloquence.

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April 14, 2008

Time For Planning a Trip to Italy

After reading this I'm thinking it would be a great place to go visit.  And they have GREAT food too.

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April 13, 2008

A Walk Around the Block

Yesterday we went for a walk.  Our "block" is a 4 mile loop. Yes, it's just like a block in that it is 4 streets with none between and we end up back at home. 

I decided to take a camera because there are signs of spring.  Faint, but they are there. 

This would be the garden on the side of the house.  Nearly an inch of green!  Of course today the plants are lamenting their boldness in peaking out so early in the season - it's cold. 

Along the way, we go past a very old house (which I will post about eventually). They now keep a couple of horses who seem to be very placid and are outside on the nice days when we walk.

Yes, they are a ways back from the road and I don't have much of a zoom with this camera.  The fun part is that they keep an eye on us as we walk by as if we're the only people they've ever seen walking in the street. 

The woman who lives in the house where we see the horses is also an avid gardener. I love walking past her place because the plants are wonderful.  She must put in hours a week to keep them so nice.  Right now, we have the crocuses in bloom.

I know... I was way too far away when I took that picture (standing right over them).  I really need to learn how to work the macro function that I only learned was available when I read my link to the "coolpix" yesterday. 

If you remember my colorful fall banner,  the picture above is taken from about the same spot.  I'm calling it "pre-spring".  Any green you see are pine trees which grow like weeds in this area. Many of them rooted directly to the granite rocks which we always find to be an amazing thing. In a few weeks I hope there will be some color with new leaves coming out - or maybe we had our summer yesterday when it hit 70 and that's it for the year.

This is one my husband should've taken with a better camera.  He's the one who chose the shot - I don't have the lens set correctly so there's more glare in the water than there should be.  Still it's a nice little creek.

And that's the tour around the block for now. Does practice make perfect?  I guess we'll see if I can start taking better pictures.  It might help just a tad if I had taken the trouble to learn how this thing works.  I suppose better late than never.

Depending on global warmening we may have more nice pictures for spring soon. Either that or it will get so hot we end up with beach front property because of polar ice melting OR maybe we'll succeed in making it so cold I'll have pics of polar bears in my yard.   Only time will tell.

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April 11, 2008

I Know People Who Will Laugh When They See This

Shamelessly stolen from that cute little baby wolf.


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April 01, 2008

I'm In the Wrong Line of Work!

bedroom toysPowered By Miami Limo

I think I could live on that.  

(I need better proof reading skills... really)

Hat Tip Prudence Ponder via Instapundit.

(the Insta-man is on a roll tonight! Lot's of good stuff)

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