May 22, 2008

No Time...

Since I don't have time for any real posting, thought I'd give you a segment from the show Top Gear.  (Young son loves this show - I hadn't seen it until he was watching it here on BBC America). 

If you haven't seen it - it's very funny.  Three guys: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May  along with their "tame race car driver" called The Stig.  If you've seen it, you already know it's hilarious.  Usually they are driving cars - this time they're building one.


(each segment is about 9 minutes long)

Part 1:

Part 2:

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May 16, 2008

If You're Gonna Drink...

That cute cheesy Baby Wolf has done it again...

Lookee at my Drinking Profile


Drinking Style
Geminis can drink without changing their behavior much — they’re so naturally chatty and short-attention-spanned that it’s just hard to tell sometimes. They can amaze you by conversing with finesse and allusion, then doing something to belie an extremely advanced state of intoxication, like puking in your shoe. Geminis possess the magic ability to flirt successfully (and uninfuriatingly, which is very tricky) with several people at once. They like to order different cocktails every round — repetition is boring — and may create a theme (like yellow drinks: beer, sauvignon blanc and limoncello) for their own amusement.

Trademark Cocktails
Easily bored Geminis need some stimulation in their drinks — those with two parts, like a black and tan (or just a double), are particularly appealing. Otherwise, they’ll drink all over the map, ordering frou-frou drinks to add to their collection of cocktail monkeys or going for whiskey rocks because they’re feeling rather noir. Gemini rules the herb anise — make some home-infused anise vodka as a gift.

Drinking Buddies
George Bush Sr., Johnny Depp, Rupert Everett, Boy George, Allen Ginsberg, Angelina Jolie, John Kennedy, Ian McKellen, Kylie Minogue, Morrissey

I get to drink with Johnny Depp... okay I'll go for that. 

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Battleship Cove - 3: Features

Last post on this.  It's time to check on a few of the "extras" aboard. 

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Battleship Cove - 2: Big Ships

Okay, so I started with the art work and the signs... but what about the ships? 

Well - they were mostly big...

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Battleship Cove - 1: The Art and Signage

I had no idea I took so many pictures!  Turns out I had about 70 - which is an incredible number for me.   What usually happens is that I forget I have a camera...

This means I'm doing at least 2 posts (since many of the pics aren't worth posting) but I didn't want to put them all in one loooong  post.

Therefore, below the fold we have art and signs.

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May 15, 2008

More Pictures On the Way

Yesterday, before young son left for Chicago, we took him to Fall River's Battleship Cove.

I took a ton of pics which I haven't had time to look at - so I wonder how many, if any, turned out... we shall see. 

New camera in June - must have one.  I'm tired of shooting in a blur. 

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May 12, 2008

So What Are They Trying To Tell Me

Noticed these 2 headlines, one right after the other on my USA Today today feed...

Hundreds flee central Florida fires

Obama looks ahead to Michigan, Florida


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May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I've been a bit busy the last few days.  Darling daughter and young son are here. We are boring them to tears being as we live in the middle of nowhere.

But they are taking it gracefully.  We went out to dinner last night (which was Friday night). Sat at the bar at a local restaurant (a very good restaurant).  The bartender gave young son the first round on the house because he's military - made my night. 

Then we went on to a "townie bar" it's the one here in town that we have been to often... on SATURDAY night.  You may wonder why I stress this.  Well, on Friday they apparently have a woman who "sings".  I use this term loosely.  She has a bunch of the older set around her quasi-piano while she belts out (into a microphone no less) old hits from the 1930's to the 50's.  When she talks her voice is so raspy you know she's been smoking 2 packs a day for the last 50 years.  Holy Crap!!!  I thought my offspring were going to have heart attacks right there on the spot.  In any case, when we found out she would be "singing" until midnight, we had one drink and left.  (she even had maracas... the people around her piano music thing were shaking them in time to the music, another couple got up to dance in a small space next to the bar... Wow)

*** nearly forgot to mention the crowd around her - consisting of mainly blue haired women and no haired men.  One woman in leopard print shoes, another woman in a jean jacket embellished with quilted front panels, another woman in a red velour track suit... oh yeah - high class all the way...

Then it was off to another place which  was a vast improvement.  A bar with a modest crowd and some televisions tuned to the local games being played.  We closed the bar... getting home about 2am.

Today was a bit slow - not being used to the late night partying.  Then off to dinner at another restaurant with a decent bar... but being the burbs they were closing up about 11:30pm.  So we came home.

Darling daughter leaves tomorrow to head back to Chicago.  Young son will be here a bit longer, but may take a side trip to Chicago (which would be good for him because there really isn't anything to DO here in the middle of the forest - heh).

In the meantime I leave you all with best wishes for Mother's Day and a picture set up by darling daughter... her shoe next to young son's combat boot.  That about covers it. 

I think they're all grown up.

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May 05, 2008

Remember The Tree?

A while back I posted a pic of a tree that fell in our back yard.  The saga continues below the fold...

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May 04, 2008

Is This What They Mean By...

The term "boots on the ground"? 

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