January 31, 2009

Twitters from the Past

I saw a tweet by Leo Laporte this morning. He was pointing out a new twitter feed that is very creative in concept. 

Here's the description:

Bio: This is the real line-a-day diary of a young farmgirl in 1937.

It was started on Jan 1, 2009  called Genny_Spencer.

I went and read the entries up until today's (there's one a day so there are only 31 so far) and now I'm following "her" so I can get the daily entries. Looks like fun.

If you don't have twitter, you can either hit the site once a week and catch up, or join twitter and follow the feed.  It might be interesting - or not.  Hard to say.  But I figure one tweet a day will not be overwhelming in the least.

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January 28, 2009

For Those Planning On Driving In the Austin Texas Area

Someone wanted to give you fair warning... 

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January 16, 2009

Hey Kids!

Name the next Mars Rover!

Deadline Nears for Student Contest to Name NASA's Next Mars Rover

I suggest keeping in mind yesterday's enormously important news.  You may want to consider the following... Elsie, Mrs. O'Leary, or Bossie. 

If the rover has a "cow name" it may be able to fool the cows and blend in thus allowing us to keep tabs on them as we gather intel on where they are and what they're doing.  Not to mention helping us figure out the best way to round them up and de-gas them.

I'm just sayin'...

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January 14, 2009

What Is It About Little Swimmy Fish

I splurged today and bought myself a "theme" for my blackberry.  I am not a person who needs to change the backgrounds of stuff on my computer or my phone, so this is definitely noteworthy. 

Really I don't care about backgrounds. 

But I was over reading BBGeek's post today and saw the "Underwater Theme" and  couldn't resist it.  There's something about little fishies swimming on my screen that I find hilarious. Don't know why.  Especially if you stop to think that I won't see it very often.  It's not like I sit staring at my BB screen... (no I don't - too many other things to stare at)

Now, if this theme doesn't cause my BB to freeze up, I'll be very happy with it.  So far I've downloaded a free theme or 2.  the problem is - the icons suck and then the entire thing freezes, causing me to have to pull the battery.  That's about the time I go back to the default plain vanilla theme that came on the BB and delete the crappy theme off my device. 

Sadly for theme writers, I could care less what my screen looks like if my phone is constantly needing to be rebooted.

I shall hope this one is different.  So far it's lasted though my icon reorganization (new themes tend to randomly order the icons and I like them in certain places).  That's excellent.

Only time will tell if I've wasted my money or not.  So far not.  This could change.

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January 09, 2009

I May Be Laughing At This For Quite a While

Just received this from darling daughter via email...


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January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

A slow day, but a few things are going on.

Managed to start the new year the same way I start just about every day - a trip to Starbucks. 

Watched the Winter Classic - outdoor hockey game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings.  It was GREAT!   Just the difference in sound alone between an outdoor rink and an indoor arena was amazing.  I loved it. 

Currently the Rose Bowl is on in the other room and I'll be checking in shortly to see what's up. 

Got a new printer installed today, hopefully it will work - although most printers hate me.  It has a scanner, so I may be able to scan some old pics - first I have to find them - the box got moved with us, I just don't remember where I put it. 

My new toy - arriving next week - is an Asus EEE PC.  One of the little travel netbooks.  It has linux and a solid state hard drive.  This should be fun!  Not to mention way way easier to cart around through airports when I do travel. 

Okay - I'll admit that the geekiness factor of getting a Linux laptop is seriously up there.  Even if it's a "user friendly" Linux version.  I was amused to see that most of the comments (favorable) to this machine were by geeks who bought it and then installed the version of Linux they wanted on it.  Nevertheless, I think I may be able to make do with the existing installation.

Now I need to hunt down a snack.  It's too early for dinner and all this thinking makes me hungry.

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