October 08, 2009

You Have to Wonder About People Sometimes

Rev Paul has a funny post about Wacky Visitors to Alaska and some of the things they ask.  I shall have to tell my sister to go read it. 

My sister lives in NYC - she is a professional dog walker and she gets some really wacky people coming up to her on the street. 

Most of the time she's yelling at idiot parents who want to let their kids "pet the cute doggies".  Good lord!  (yeah, just let your kid wander up to a strange dog... they are unmitigated idiots!) Or people who walk their dogs on those extendible leashes and don't reel them in as they get close to her pack... her four dogs to their one - which set wins?   However, other people come up to talk to her as she's walking. 

One conversation in particular has occurred on more than one occasion!  One of the dogs she walks (or walked - not quite sure if she still works with this dog) is a Bichon Frise - check out the picture if you've never seen one - very distinctive looking. 

Person on the street: Oh how cute, what kind of dog is that?

My sister: A Bichon Frise

Person on the street:  We have one of those.

My sister: *blink*

Yes, people are very odd indeed.  Good thing too because it certainly means more blog fodder for us.

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