May 25, 2009

Things You Should Know

This is what I've been doing for the last little while. Of course it's only when I have the time - which has been scarce lately.  I think I've finally gone round the bend... what do you think?


Did you know that "social engineers" (AKA - creepy hackers) are now calling people in an effort to get on their computers?  At least in London they are.  I was listening to a podcast by Leo Laporte.  It's a radio call in show.  About 30 minutes into the show, a caller says someone called his brother (in London) and said they were from Microsoft.  They heard his computer was crashing and wanted to "help".   The brother bought it for a short time, letting the guy connect remotely to his home machine.  Then pulled the plug when things started sounding really off the wall to him.  I'm not surprised, but thought I should pass it on just in case you get phone calls... 

Please note - Microsoft will NEVER call you or email you about your computer.  Not unless you call them first - even then it's  not always a given that you will get a response if YOU contact THEM. 


The baby birds have flown the nest.  They were gone this morning by the time I got down to my office.  I don't see any signs of violence, so I'm guessing it was time and they're off on their adult adventures.


The rose has sprouted some tiny leaves.  Maybe I didn't kill it.  I remembered to water it  which is a good thing.


Last of all... if you don't like Starbucks, just go get coffee somewhere else.  No need to blow it up and ruin things for those of us who do like it!  Geeze.

Now have a good rest of the evening before tomorrow strikes and we're all back at it again.

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May 19, 2009

Working On Something New

More soon.  It may work and it may not. We'll see.  But until it's mostly ready for prime time - I'll be a bit busy. 

In the meantime - let Sam keep you company.

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May 18, 2009

Some Headlines for Late Monday

I was scanning my news feeds on my home page and saw the following:

Tornado hunters roam the Plains

Misread it as

Tornado hunters roam Paris

I thought - well why would they go there?  Have there been tornados in Paris this spring?  You'd think I would have heard about it all over the news feeds... then I reread it...

In the words of Emily Litella... Never mind.


Jon Gruden joins Monday Night Football team, replacing Tony Kornheiser


Gruden vs Kornheiser - no contest. Kornheiser's only appeal was to see how many silly things he could say during the course of a game.

Now if we could only get rid of the stupid stupid stupid "let's invite the celebrity up to the booth in the 3rd quarter and they can plug their latest show". GAK!


Staal brothers shut down communication for East finals showdown

One Staal on Carolina Hurricanes, the other on the Pittsburg Penguins... if you're mom and dad - there is the good and the bad. The bad - who do you root for? The good - one of your boys will play in the Stanley Cup final.


Woman beaten up over asparagus prices

So if they catch the guy and send him to jail, he'll have to tell the others he's in on an "asparagus rap".


And finally:

Ball and chain to force children to study

What could possibly go wrong with this...  I can see we have a ways to go before we're as sophisticated as the British in educating our children...


There you have it, all because I read one headline the wrong way and decided I had to blog it. 

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May 06, 2009

Rock Walls - Part 1

I did say I was going to post more pictures of rocks... well, rock walls.  Probably more than you ever wanted to see.  However, I feel like I need some pics to brighten the place up - I've been remiss lately. (missing my camera which is still on sabbatical having the sensor cleaned).

Well, I found lots of rock wall pics from my earlier walks, so many in fact that I decided I will post in parts because otherwise it will get to be way too long.

Let's begin with some of the walls in our yard. We have many.  I'm not sure how many were created with the house (only 14 years ago) and how many have been around for far longer. This was farm land in an earlier day.  How many were old but rebuilt when the house was built?  I have no idea.  This looks like a rebuilt wall. (I may have posted this pic when we were dealing with damage from the ice storm)

Our walls are what I consider to be the standard rock walls in this area.  They are not cemented together, but neither are they simply a "pile" of rocks.

It's a real skill to build these walls. There are people who create these walls for a living - stone masons.  Originally, they created the walls to clear land for farms in some instances, in others it was to demark territory.  There is a 4 minute video here about New England Stone Wall history.

Tall, short, old, newer we seem to have all sorts of walls on our own property.   Of course there is a wall that runs out into the woods and I do not have a picture of it... I'm sure it's an original wall from when this was a farm, but now I don't have my camera to take a picture. 

These walls are everywhere.  Here are my favorite horses again.  As you can see in the background, there is part of an old rock wall that has been left in place and the fence built around it.

That happens a lot around here.  Like this one where they built the wall around the tree...

I'm pretty sure the plow guy was very glad he hit the tree with his plow rather than the rock wall.  But that's a story for another day.

There will be more as I find time to post the pictures.  It's a lovely feature of the landscape in this area.  Whether the walls are new or old, they have a charm about them. 

OTOH I would not want the job building them or having to move them. You'd find me squashed under the weight of even the smallest looking rocks. 

I'm kinda hard to squash so that should give you an idea of the job of creating the walls in the days before bulldozers and other machines to make the work easier.

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May 02, 2009

Pilates Day

Who knew?  

Not me!  I just found out that today is Pilates Day as declared by the Pilates Method Alliance.  As I am not a Pilates instructor, I have no idea what this alliance is (nor do I greatly care) but hey, I'm all for declaring a Pilates Day.  Why not.

I love my Pilates classes  I make no secret of that.  I also loved my tai chi classes, a totally different method of exercise. And before that my martial arts classes.   I'm all for people just getting up and moving.   Don't sit and freeze into place please!  

Let's state this right up front.  One type of exercise is not going to be for everyone!  If this was the case, we'd have one exercise CD, everyone could do that, and we'd all be very fit.  As this has never been the case for anything in the course of human events,  the thing to do is to find something you like doing.  If you like it, you'll stick with it, you'll make the time in your schedule.  If it's a chore, you may do it for a while, but will eventually find reasons not to and that will be the end of it.

How do you find what you like?  You have to try things.  You'll never find out what is right for you if you don't do anything.  For that matter you may enjoy more than one type of exercise activity. That's great!  You don't have to be a "top" athlete in anything.  But to gain any benefit, you have to actually go out and do it.  Move that body to the best of its ability!

Since it's Pilates Day, let's talk about this form of exercise.    Below the fold for those who want to skip the rest.


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